REDD+ Manual for Practitioners

Arun K.Bansal
Madhu Verma
Rajesh Kumar
Swapan Mehra
Priyanka Batra
The Manual, intends to be a practical, easy to use guide
to enable forestry practitioners and end users to
implement projects on ground and understand and
appreciate all components of REDD+.
REDD+ is expected to rapidly emerge as a means to
incentivize SFM in India.
It discusses the REDD+ architecture and highlights the need for
information on various physical data pertaining to forest
cover, degradation and deforestation rate, socio-economic
dependence on forest stock, etc. and capacity building of
the State Forest Department for REDD+ readiness, and
eventually to set up REDD + projects.
Developing REDD+ in India: Brief Steps
Baseline Development
Socio -Economic assessment to
identify Project Activity
Calculation of Emission
Sequestration Potential
While international architecture and financial arrangements
for REDD+ are being evolved, the SFDs can start capacity
building activities like:
– develop understanding of the REDD+ mechanism
– developing mechanisms to assess forest condition and biodiversity
– ensuring safeguards for the communities
– Training on GIS-related softwares
– Carbon assessment
Contact information
Mr. Arun K. Bansal, IFS, Director, IIFM
([email protected])
Dr. (Mrs.) Madhu Verma, Professor, EDE,
IIFM ([email protected])
Mr. Rajesh Kumar, ISS, Senior Dpty.
Director (Forest Inventory), FSI
([email protected])
Mr. Swapan Mehra, CEO & Founder, IES
([email protected])
Ms. Priyanka Batra, Consultant (TIFACIIASA Project), IIFM
([email protected])

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