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LDOE Presentation to LSASPA
Fall 2013
LDOE Talent Office
The mission of the Talent Office is to create the policy, conditions
and resources that enable districts to attract, build and retain highperforming educators.
The top priorities of this office are:
• Certification, Preparation, and Recruitment
• Compass Implementation and Support
• Act 1 Implementation and Support
Teacher Certification and Preparation Updates
• Barbara Burke and Regina Poole
Recruitment and Teach LA Website Updates
• Joni Lacy
Compass Information System Updates
• Taina Knox
Question and Answer Session
Louisiana Believes
General Certification Office Updates
Certification Process
• All applications are delivered to the ground floor/mail room of the
Claiborne Building
• Applications are routed to the appropriate floor
• Applications are date stamped and cases are opened for processing in the
Certification database. (Depending on volume this can take more than one
• Cases are assigned to a Certification specialist for processing
• Cases are processed/closed. Either certificates are issued or a letter is sent
requesting additional documents, transcripts, scores etc.
• All paperwork received is scanned into the teacher’s personal electronic
• Updated certificates and feedback letters can be printed at
www.teachlouisiana.net. (Evaluation forms are mailed but are not visible
at the website.)
• When the additional information is received, the process begins again.
(Important to send complete application packets)
Certification Application Turnaround
All certification application materials are to be sent to the
Louisiana Department of Education as a single packet. Once the
materials are received, the application packet will be assigned to
a specialist, evaluated, and processed in the order in which it
was received. Typical turnaround is 15 working days.
• The status of certification applications can be verified at
www.teachlouisiana.net. Double click on the “Certification” Tab
and then on “Check status of application.”
• Updated certificates can be verified and printed at
www.teachlouisiana.net. Double click on the “Certification” tab
and then on “Verify a Louisiana Certificate.”
Certification Updates
Important Update for Certification Visitors:
A certification receptionist is not on duty in the Certification Office
located in the Claiborne Building.
• Visitors may drop their certification applications in the drop box
located at the security desk.
• Applications should be in a sealed envelope/folder before placing it
in the drop box.
• All applications will be date stamped and processed in the order in
which they are received.
• The status of a certification application can be verified daily by
visiting www.teachlouisiana.net and clicking the “Status of a
Certification Application” link.
Louisiana Believes
Constituent Center/Call Center Updates
Tier I Basic/General Certification Information can be provided to educators by:
• Contacting the help desk at 1-877-453-2721
• Visiting www.teachlouisiana.net - Double Click on the “Certification” tab at the top.
Scroll to Bulletin 746, LA Standards for State Certification of School Personnel
Complex/In-Depth Certification Questions or Concerns can be addressed by:
Email a certification specialist directly
• Contact the help desk at 1-877-453-2721 to have a phone ticket opened. Phone tickets are
routed to the appropriate certification specialist and answered within 48 hours
• Visit the “ASK LDOE” link: https://www.louisianabelieves.com/resources/ask-ldoe. Type in
requested personal information. Then scroll to the “subject” drop down list and click on
“Educator Certification” to enter your question. A ticket is opened so that the question
can be routed appropriately. Responses are provided to the email address or phone # you
Louisiana Believes
Submission of Electronic transcripts
Important Update Regarding Electronic Transcript Submission: Electronic
transcripts no longer must be submitted directly to
[email protected]
• The Division of Certification, Preparation, and Recruitment requires the
submission of official transcripts for all certification transactions
processed by this office.
• District Human Resources personnel may submit official transcripts/hard
copies through the regular mail or submit an electronic transcript with
certification applications.
• Any electronic transcript that is submitted from a district will be
considered official and will be accepted for certification purposes. To
ensure your requests are processed in a timely manner, please submit
certification applications and transcripts to our office in one envelope.
• Instructions for setting up an account with E-Scripts were emailed to the
LSASPA group last month.
Submission of Praxis/ACT/SAT Score
• Original score reports are not required in our office.
• If the Praxis score is accessible with your HR login at the TEACH LA
website, no score report is needed with the application.
• District Human Resources personnel may submit copies of
Praxis/ACT/SAT score reports to our office with certification
applications that are signed off by HR personnel. HR can verify the
original score report. We trust you!
Praxis Score Report Update
• Official complete Praxis score reports are available within
15 business days.
• Teachers have 1 year from the score-reporting date to
download and print their official score report from ETS.
• Our office will accept the score report downloaded from
the ETS website.
Certification Applications
• All certification applications are accessible at
www.teachlouisiana.net. Log in with your HR log in
• Click the Human Resources tab at the top.
• The link to all applications is in the right menu.
• Please submit complete application packets to our office
to expedite processing/turnaround time on our end.
• Update: Career and Technical Trade and Industrial
Education Applications (CTTIE) must now be submitted by
HR personnel only– not the individual.
New Certification Records Retention
• Prior to August 2013, all certification records were
scanned, boxed and sent to state archives
• As of August 2013, all certification
records/applications are scanned and shredded.
NSF Checks
• If a check is returned to our office due to insufficient
funds, a letter is sent to the teacher informing them to
submit a money order to cover the NSF check. (No
personal checks or cash accepted)
• An “alert statement” is placed on the certificate and
appears on the TEACH LA website. (“Urgent- Please
contact the Certification Office”)
• Certification processing fees are non-refundable.
• A note is placed in the database to indicate the fee
paid will be applied toward the teacher’s next
certification transaction.
Policy updates
Transition from LATAAP to COMPASS
• September 1994 - May 2010 – Teachers who successfully
completed LATAAP or were approved for “out-of-state exclusion”
from LATAAP and have the required years of experience in their
certification area are eligible for issuance of the higher level
• 09/10, 10/11 and 11/12 school years – Teachers who have
successful local evaluation results on file at the district office during
these 3 years and have the required years of experience in their
certification area are eligible for issuance of the higher level
• August 2012 – present – Teachers are required to have successful
Compass evaluation ratings three out of five years during the
validity of the certificate for issuance/renewal of a higher level
Certification Updates
Bulletin 746 Updates / Adopted Policy:
§305. Professional Level Certificates
Level 1 Certificates:
• Beginning in August 2012, level one certificates are valid for
three years initially and may be extended for two additional
years, if needed, at the request of a Louisiana employing
• Candidates must successfully meet the standards of
effectiveness pursuant to Bulletin 130 and mandated by Act 54
of the LA 2010 Legislative Session for 3 years while holding the
Level 1 certificate to apply for the Level 2 certificate.
Louisiana Believes
Certification Updates
Bulletin 746 Updates / Adopted Policy:
§305. Professional Level Certificates
Level 2 & 3 Certificates:
• Valid for five years initially and may be renewed for another
five year period at the request of a Louisiana Employing
Authority if the teacher successfully meets the standards of
effectiveness for at least three years during the five-year initial
or renewal period pursuant to Bulletin 130 and mandated by
Act 54 of the LA 2010 Legislative Session.
Louisiana Believes
Certification Updates
Bulletin 746 Updates / Adopted Policy:
§305. Professional Level Certificates
Renewals of Level 2 & 3 certificates:
• Level 2 or Level 3 certificates issued between July 1, 2002 and
August 19, 2012 may be extended with successful completion
and verification of 150 hours of CLUs. New ACT 54 renewal
statement will appear on the Level 2/3.
• Certificates issued on or after August 20, 2012, will be
extended only if a teacher has met the standards of
effectiveness for at least three of the five years while holding
this certificate, pursuant to the requirements in Bulletin 130
and mandated by Act 54. (cont. next slide)
Louisiana Believes
Certification Updates
Bulletin 746 Updates / Adopted Policy:
§305. Professional Level Certificates
Renewals of Level 2 & 3 certificates (continued):
• Individual school districts may continue to require teachers to
complete CLUs, in addition to meeting the evaluation
requirements regarding effectiveness. The requirement to
complete CLUs is a local level decision.
Louisiana Believes
Certification Updates
Bulletin 746 Updates / Adopted Policy:
§307. Type C Certificates
Type C certificates will no longer move to Type B or A certificates.
Once teachers meet three years of effectiveness while holding the
Type C certificate, they will move to the Level 2 or Level 3
certificates with the ACT 54 renewal statement.
Louisiana Believes
Certification Updates
Bulletin 746 Updates / Adopted Policy:
Chapter 7. Administrative and Supervisory Credentials
§701, §703, §705, §707, §709, & §710
Educational Leader (EDL) is no longer an add-on to an existing
teaching certificate; it is now a stand- alone certificate.
• A letter of eligibility is issued to the individual when they apply
for the EDL certificate, if all requirements in Bulletin 746 are
• An EDL eligibility statement is placed on the individual’s
teaching certificate visible at the TEACH LA website.
• The EDL certificate is issued when the employing authority
verifies in writing that the individual is employed in an
administrative capacity.
Louisiana Believes
Certification Updates
Bulletin 746 Updates / Adopted Policy:
Chapter 7. Administrative and Supervisory Credentials
§701, §703, §705, §707, §709, & §710
• The EDL 1 holder must have three years of effectiveness to
move to an EDL 2 certificate.
• Effective December 5, 2012, EDL 2 certificates (EDL) will only
be renewed for another 5 years if an individual has met the
standards of effectiveness for at least three of the five years
covered by the certificate, pursuant to the requirements in
Bulletin 130 and mandated by Act 54.
Louisiana Believes
Educational Leader Updates
Teachers in your district that are serving as teachers and have a
provisional principal, principal or educational leader add on
endorsement to a teaching certificate do not apply/transition to
the new stand-alone Educational Leader certificate until they are
hired in a leadership capacity.
1. Upon being hired in a leadership role, the teacher will submit
the Educational Leader application packet, a letter from the
HR director verifying date of employment as a school leader
and the $25.00 processing fee.
Louisiana Believes
Certification Updates
Bulletin 746 Updates / Notice of Intent:
In January 2013, one revision to Bulletin 741, LA Handbook for School
Administrators, removed the requirement that districts must provide
a district educational leadership induction program for new
administrators and that completion of this program is required to
transition from an Educational Leader 1 certificate to an Educational
Leader 2 certificate. Therefore, a revision was made to Bulletin 746 to
align it to Bulletin 741.
Louisiana Believes
Certification Updates
Bulletin 746 Updates / Notice of Intent:
Requirements for issuance of an Educational Leader 2 certificate
will now be based on the following requirements:
• Hold a Ed Leader 1 certificate, LA provisional principal/principal
certification, or a comparable out-of-state Ed Leader certificate
• Have 3 years of teaching experience and 3 years of leadership
experience as Assistant Principal or above
• Meet the standards of effectiveness as an Educational Leader
for three years pursuant to Bulletin 130 and mandated by Act
54 of the Louisiana 2010 Legislative Session.
Note: Districts may require participation in an educational leader
induction program administered by the LEA.
Louisiana Believes
Praxis Updates
Praxis updates
Bulletin 746 Updates
§243. Praxis Exams and Scores:
New Test Titles
Replaces Louisiana
Required Exams
Chinese: World Language
None – new test
School Superintendent
Assessment (#6021)
School Superintendent
Assessment (#1020)
Reminder: Effective July 1, 2013, the World Languages Pedagogy
Exam (#0841) replaced the PLT’s for foreign language certification
(add-on’s and initial certification).
Louisiana Believes
Bulletin 746 Updates
§243. Praxis Exams and Scores:
Praxis has continued to increase their computer-delivered test
offerings. All Praxis exams will be fully computerized by 2014.
The content of the computer-delivered tests is identical to that of
the paper-delivered test. However, Praxis uses different test
codes for each delivery method.
Paper Test
Computer Test
Elementary Education Content
Knowledge (0014)
Elementary Education Content
Knowledge (5014)
Mathematics: Content Knowledge
Mathematics: Content Knowledge
Louisiana Believes
Praxis Exams Up for Approval October 2013
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Praxis I reading, writing and math exams
Middle School Math
Middle School English
English Language Arts Content
Math Content Knowledge
Environmental Science
School Counselor
Special Ed- Early Childhood
Special Ed- Hearing Impaired
Special Ed – Visually Impaired
Note: Final adoption of these exams is anticipated in the Spring of 2014
Teacher Preparation Program Updates
1)Relay Graduate School of Education
• Approved in LA to offer a Practitioner Teacher Program (PL 1).
• Relay will apply for the PL 1.
• Plan to enroll candidates this spring for 2014-15 school year
2) I TEACH Louisiana (online)
• Approved in LA to offer a Certification-Only Program (PL2).
• The district will apply for the PL 2.
3) I TEACH Louisiana Educational Leader Practitioner Program
(alternate pathway 3 to Ed Leader Certification). This program
goes to BESE for approval at the October BESE meeting.
Certification, Preparation, Recruitment
Teacher Certification and Preparation Contacts:
Regina Poole
[email protected]
Celine Zachariah [email protected]
Blanche Adams
[email protected]
Frances Davis
[email protected]
Recruitment and Teach LA Website Contact:
Joni Lacy
[email protected]
Division of Certification Administrative Support:
Rachel Normand [email protected]
Barbara Burke
[email protected]
Louisiana Believes
Teach LA Website
Talent Recruitment System
Teach LA Website Manager and Talent Recruitment
System Contact:
Joni Lacy- [email protected]
Louisiana Believes
Teach LA Website
The Teach Louisiana website serves as a one-stop shop for
information regarding teacher certification, preparation programs,
and employment opportunities.
The Louisiana Department of Education’s Talent Recruitment System
is a free, web-based service that pairs job-seeking educators with
Louisiana districts/schools seeking to hire them.
Louisiana Believes
Talent Recruitment System
Why Use the System:
This cutting edge system was designed to assist you in placing highly effective teachers in your
o New talent pool
o Easy to navigate/works for you
o Identifies candidates interested in hard to staff areas
o Job seekers directed here
o Free advertisement
How to Use the System:
HR Personnel posts job vacancies to the website and the system matches candidates to job
o Allows you to view and share candidate match data via electronic file
o Includes at a glance information: certification, job and geographical preferences/locations
o Candidate profiles viewable within the system
o Generate new search daily
Louisiana Believes
Teach LA Website- Log In
Louisiana Believes
Teach LA Website- Account Holders
Louisiana Believes
Human Resources Tab
Louisiana Believes
Adding/Viewing Job Postings
Louisiana Believes
Job Vacancy Template
Louisiana Believes
Appeal to Candidates
Louisiana Believes
Viewing Job Vacancy Postings
Job vacancies can be viewed 3 ways:
• Geographical Location
• Map View
• Position Type
Louisiana Believes
Jobs by Geographical Location
Louisiana Believes
Jobs by Map View
Louisiana Believes
Jobs by Position Type
Louisiana Believes
Candidate Employment Profile
Louisiana Believes
HR View, Edit and Search
Louisiana Believes
Candidate Match Information
Louisiana Believes
Generating Electronic File
Louisiana Believes
Viewing Candidate Match Data
Louisiana Believes
Closing a Job Posting
Louisiana Believes
Getting Set Up with a Teach LA Account
• Log in to www.teachlouisiana.net
• Register using your work email address
• Next, email Joni Lacy @ [email protected] and let her know that you’d like to be
granted HR rights within the Teach LA system. Include the following information:
 Your name
 Your work email (as used when you registered)
 Your district or charter school name; include site code if you
know it
Louisiana Believes
2012-2013 Exit Interview
Thank you for 100% completion rate!
• All 69 districts
• 6,083 teachers
Portal will reopen in March 2014 for 2013-2014 exit data.
Louisiana Believes
2012-2013 Exit Results
Top 3 Reasons for Exiting:
Retirement, Transferring to another LA District, Personal Reasons
Louisiana Believes
Thanks For All You Do!!

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