Introduction overview October 2013

Introduction to Salmon Software
Salmon Software
October 2013
Salmon Treasurer
30 Years of Knowledge – Founded in 1985
Founded in 1985 in Dublin Ireland, Salmon Software Limited
Independent company and has over 25 years specialist experience in Treasury knowledge.
Main shareholders; J Byrne & J O’Brien
8% Owned by Enterprise Ireland (Irish Government) who support R&D funding
Built on Microsoft to take advantage of the continued evolution of technology.
Heavily focused on development and customer feedback.
Functionally rich for ‘future proof’ treasury operational growth.
Simple and effective user interface for logical system navigation. ‘Treasury kept simple’.
Large reporting library and simple report adjustment tools.
Strong data integration tools and a single MS SQL DB
• Offices: Dublin, Ireland & Olomouc, Czech Republic
Functionality across all levels
Automated File Import
Bank Communication & Reconciliation:
The scheduled batch for downloading
Electronic Statements for all banks is set
up as a automated process.
MT940 Import file
Mapping your files:
The ability to automatically import or
export data files in or out of the TMS is
made simple with Salmon’s ‘Import
Shown is an example of a MT940 import
mapping from a bank file.
• This is a once off configuration
• Simple to update or change should a
new bank relationship be made.
MT940 Import
Mapping made easy
User Friendly System
“The User Cockpit"
Planned Cash Flow "Cash Flow Worksheet"
The user can review group wide Cash Management, check on non reconciled Items and review
multiple, multi tiered cash forecasting across groups, regions, divisions and subsidiaries.
Any Downloads of Zero Balance Transactions (ZBA), Notional & Multi-Tiered Physical Cash Pooling
or any Centralised or De-Centralised web based user interaction and reporting can also be
Using the ‘What-if ‘Scratch pad functionality the user can simulate any Leveling of Accounts/Cash
Pools, money transfers and/or FX movements as well as loans and deposits required.
Function examples
System walk throughs'
Automated Account Statement Upload
Cash Pooling made easy
Scratch Pad – Simple management of accounts
Cash Sheet – Build a group wide overview
Liquidity Planning – Forecast/Actual/Budget comparisons
Dealing & eTrading,
matching integration
In addition from the ‘Scratch Pad’ and ‘Dealer Pad’ functionality,
any Controls, such as Dual Authorisation or
reject/confirm/counter processes or Segregation Of Duties for
Front, Middle and Back Office workflows that have been set up
will also take effect and can be overviewed in the ‘daily activities’
workflow function.
Salmon Treasurer can also be interlinked with your trading
platform so any trading decisions that have taken place will
automatically feed through to execution and back as
confirmations. Alternative quotes, provided by various banks etc
can also be automatically read in.
Transactions generated from dealing activities such as Payments
and Daily Deal Activity Logs are automatically updated. As well as
critical Logs of significant events such as Limits Breaches etc. You
are also comforted by the fact that automated email server
warnings are linked into these workflows.
On trade execution, Electronic Matching to Mysis or other
confirmation matching systems automatically takes place.
Salmon Supports automated Intercompany Position
Updates, calculation of Interest due or calculation of
accounting accruals.
A summary and position detail reporting with multi
currency conversions to all currencies required is also
available to you.
All of this includes Centralised or De-Centralised web
based user interaction to support your Intercompany
workflows for departmental, regional or subsidiary
Data & Graphics
Exposure & Risk
See your current
position (Mark to
Review your
trading &
positions FX,
MM, IC….
Review your Risk, Hedging and Exposure with our full range of flexible reporting capabilities.
Counterparty & Intercompany limits
Full Hedge Accounting: Compliance reporting & Stratergy confirmation reporting.
Review Mark To Market Valuations
Cash & Counterparty Exposure.
Intergrated Data Feeds to Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Patria or your preferred supplier.
In House Banking
Salmon Treasurer enables the users to nominate Hedging
Ratios for their FX positions.
These ratios then generate in house FX deals with
Treasury who effectively ‘Buy’ the subsidiaries positions
to create a Global Treasury Position. It also facilitates Net
Settlement between subsidiaries.
This facilitates much lower trading volume with external
counterparties. This in turn reduces Currency Risk and
Dealing Costs for Treasury.
These modules are unique, highly sophisticated and very
Salmon Treasurer
The Assistant Treasurer
‘Salmon is a cost effective, comprehensive Assistant Treasurer.
Primarily focused on simplicity and user friendliness. If it can be
done automatically, it does it. For the rest of a Treasurers working
day it offers a pleasant environment and a range of functionality
allowing you clear relief and support during your working day.’
Petr Jablonský
Treasury Manager
Net4Gas, Prague.
The future of Cash Forecasting
Salmon Treasurer
Experience & References
Salmon Treasurer
Overall Benefit
Salmon Treasurer provides extended treasury management functionality enabling you to
centralise or decentralise treasury operations and manage unlimited accounts, facilities,
books, funds, dealers and companies.
By automating the majority of treasury management processes, including automated bank
statement upload and reconciliation, Salmon Treasurer effectively eliminates the need for
manual data collection & reconciliation, spreadsheets and late, reactive reporting .
In turn, allowing the Treasury team to focus on adding value in other areas while the CFO &
Management team have an up to date, pro active oversight with a complete overview of
cash and activities across the group, entities, divisions, departments and accounts.

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