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In 1972, the main work for the related company, New Shon Development Ltd.,
was to import Japanese health care medicine. The founder of the company
tried the infant care products of Germany Bubchen brand in a trip of Europe by
a chance. The prescription extracted from natural vegetable oil was moderate
and not irritate, and the products were popular in local places. At that time, the
infant care products used in Taiwan generally was produced with the base of
mineral oil. The creation spirit of the original in Germany impressed the founder
deeply. Hence, he started to import the maternal and infant supplies as an
The brand name in Germany is Bubchen which means “primitive, pure like a
little boy”. The name was translated and used in Taiwan with Baan.
Due to the brand of Baan, the company of Baan International Corp was
established in 1989. The main work of the company was marketing task
domestically; and the brand depth was enhanced by joining the brand name.
To fit various requests in the market, New Shon Development Ltd., continually
introduced diverse adult series care products. Therefore, in the overall brand
architecture, main products about 95% are for maternal and infant care.
In facing the opening of the market and the impact of the parallel importation of goods, the
idea of brand creating was started. In 1999, the company cooperated with Germany
Bubchen original and set all new & exclusive clean skin care products, Baan baby care
products series that were suitable for the oriental baby skin. As to Bubchen, the company
started to develop and expand wider department channel different from infant market.
Cleaning and skin care products for the whole family would be the choice with no burden
for adults and seniors.
At present, the headquarter is located in Taipei with main work of import business.
Professional pharmacists and promotion departments can answer and solve the problems
in skin care and product using. The warehousing department is set in Taichung which
dispatches the goods to each agency. The company does its best to develop new
Except for Germany Bubchen, the Baan is also the agent of the high-quality products
manufactured in Japan and countries in Europe and America. For thirty years, Baan
always kept the idea of “service with intentions and courtesy” in mind and emphasized that
“Quality is the superiority”. We believed good reputation will naturally bring stable growth of
the product in the market. We always believe the most important thing is “Superior quality,
innovative products, maternal and infant service”. That’s the reason we develop “Baan
Baby” series products to serve the consumers. In the future, we would continue to develop
more series products for maternal, infant and adult to benefit the community. We think
such insist must achieve the goal of happy and healty growth for “Baan baby, be loved
Strive for Excellent and Sustainable Services
We offer full service and provide additional value of the products to the customers as a
basis to develop new products with high-quality, functionality and comfortability and
maintain the existing leading products. In the phase of operation of business, we are active
and work hard to create new ideas in tradition; create a new road in the market; stride
toward international business, business diversification, commodity diversification and
popularity in the market.
March forward, Meet the challenge and Seize the chance of success
Looking to the future, it will be an age full of opportunities, good luck and success, and an
age that all wishes come true. If you can march forward with endless power courageously
to meet the challenge of a lifetime, you would be sure to seize the change and key point of
success to achieve your dream.
Best Team and Channel Service
For thirty years, this company met the challenges with serious and sincere job attitude.
Clean, healthy and comfortable quality of life was created as the motive power of business
operation. The number of the staff is 30 in the function team with involved departments of
foreign purchases, marketing, merchandise, finance, logistics, and marketing promotion. At
present, the sales channel includes 500 sites of baby room, 520 sites of drug store, 73
sites of discount store (e.g., Carrefour) and 90 sites of department stores.
■1972, New Shon Development Ltd. was established with
import and export business.
■1983, an agent of German Bubchen brand , named with
Baan in Chinese
■1986 an agent of German DREITURM brand for adult
care products
■1989, Baan International Corp was established with the
same name of agent brand an agent of German SESSU
brand for depilatory creams series products
■11991, an agent of USA NY Access Worldwide Ltd.
■1993, an agent of German Dentinox nenedent brand for
the infants and young children oral hygiene products.
cooperated with Japanese Pan Area Corp to develop and
introduce Japanese cleaning and maintenance and daily
■1995, start publication of Baan Family for Baan members
■1997, an agent of Italian Farmavita brand for hair cream and hair
care products.
■1999, led in private brand with name BAAN.
The website, was online.
■2000, led the CIS enterprise image strategy
Revision for Baan Family Quarterly; strengthen the communication
and interaction with members.
■2001, cooperated with German Bubchen-Werk Ewald Hermes to
develop Baan series product for babies with the age from 0 to 3.
■2004, the mascot of Baan Kingdom debut happily.
■2006, Baan cozy center was established in Taipei.
■2007, Baan adult series was available in the market.
■2008, reorganized the self brand of Baan.
Gave new life to the brand and cooperated with Germany
professional and good manufacturers to develop suitable products for
the age from 0 to 99.
About Glory
■2003, won the Baby Favorite award in the large survey of favorite products
for mothers and babies
■2004, won the Best Use award in the large survey of favorite products for
mothers and babies
■2005, won the Most Reliable award in the large survey of favorite products
for mothers and babies
■2006, won the Most Reliable award in the large survey of favorite products
for mothers and babies
Won the Most Popular award in the large survey of women and children
brands for mothers and babies
■2007, won the Most Reliable award in the large survey of favorite products
for mothers and babies
■2008, won the Annual Fine Work award in the large survey of favorite
products for mothers and babies
Baan Glatt Gesicht Lotion won the Optimization product award which was
evaluated by the users of
fashion and beauty website, FashionGuide
Brand System
Self-Owned Brand
Agency Brand
Brand System
Our belief
Quality, Innovation, Service
原生自然 純淨健康
Pure . Nature . Health
Brand Credit
BAAN, The brand that you can trust
Agency Brand
1983 Becoming Agent of Bübchen Germany
German Bubchen series products were created by Ewald Hermes in 1951 and merged into the
transnational enterprise, Switzerland Nestle in 1983.
The production base for Bubchen products is located in Bubchen-Werk Ewald Hermes, Soest,
Nordrhein-Westfalen. Also, it is the center of research and technology development for new product.
From the formulation development to the selective ingredients, Bubchen series products adopt the
natural matter based on the extraction of essential oils. The whole process of manufacturing is
controlled by EDV; the weighing and manufacturing are processed in the area of health care under the
certificate of ISO9001; and the canned products are transported to the warehouse automatically
through automatic delivery system. All the production processes follow the high standard regulations of
German Food and Feed Code to ensure the high quality products being put on the market eventually.
The Buchen products are used and spread by many gynecology and pediatrics hospitals in Germany.
The natural formula contains the essence of precious herbs such as chamomile and marigold which
can make the products being moderate to care delicate skin of women and babies. Bubchen series
products include baby first series for new born baby, pregnant women series, classic line and
calendula series, and kids and sun protection series. The products are suitable for the need of many
consumers and care the skin for all ages. Bubchen is the most moderate assistant that you can trust to
take care of your skin.
Agency Brand
Becoming Agent of
Dreiturm Germany
Agency Brand
1983 Becoming Agent of Sessu Germany
Agency Brand
Becoming Agent of
Dreiturm Germany
Self-owned Brand
1993 Integrating with Pan-Area Corporation Japan
to Research and Develop Serial Brands
Becoming Agent of Farmavita Italy
Self-owned Brand
2008 Introduce CIS strategy
Self-owned Brand ~ BAAN Whole family Serial Products
Self-owned Brand
2008 Self-owned Brand ~ Made in Germany
Babies and Infants’ Caring Serial Products Launching
Baan skin care products series for infant
It is the guardian of infant skin, and a natural skin care product designed by German
pharmaceutical factory, Bubchen for new born baby. More than twenty valuable and
effective natural ingredients are picked from thousands of species of plants; and nonirritating substances are adopted from the essence of plants. It is all-natural, no animal fats,
no mineral oil, and no pigment & preservative added.
This series product is particularly suitable for caring the infant with sensitive, drying and
atopic skin. It can really offer the baby with the most natural and pure care. Also, it is
suitable for adults with sensitive skin.
For the soft effect of sensitive skin, problem skin and dermatitis, Baan series products are
assessed with high value after passing the regular and rigorous testing and get the
certificated mark issued by DHA. Meanwhile, Baan products are regarded as the best
cleaning and skin care products for skin allergy. In Germany, many pediatricians and
midwives recommend it for dermatitis patients to soft and heal the dermatitis symptoms.
German Deutsche Haut und Allergiehilfe eV (DHA) was established in 1984 by German
doctors and allergy dermatitis patients. The objective of the institution is to study the
adaptability of skin allergies, collect the successful cases of healing, announce relational
information, perform special inspection, test and certificate of allergy on skin cleaning and
care products.
Self-owned Brand
2009 Self-owned Brand ~ Made in Germany
Baan Adults Skin Care series
Baan Adult Skin care
Imported from Germany, Professional skin care products for adults, PH 5.5
hypoallergenic and no burden on skin
The principle of skin care is to choose the products suitable for personal skin. However, it
is not an easy job. Women are always troublesome in selecting appropriate skin care
products from lots of skin conditioning commodities. Yet, they forget that the basic care
product is really the choice to protect the skin.
German Baan Die Mi series had passed the inspection and been assessed as well skin
care products by DERMATEST GmbH allergy examination center. Thirty volunteers with
the age from teens to quinquagenarian took the test for 72 hours and no allergic response
was caused.
The superior and natural ingredients of chamomile, bisabolol, aloe and Vitamin E can
comfort the uncomfortable and sensitive skin, repair the skin effectively, fresh & moisture
your skin and prevent from aging to exude brightness in skin. The slightly acidic formula
(pH5.5) is close to the pH value of skin naturally. It is moderate and can condition your skin
without damaging to the sebum layer. Nourishment and moistening on the skin can be
absorbed rapidly. Take care of the body everyday and clean & nurse the skin. Die Mi is
suitable for adult sensitive skin and can be used for mature skin care.
Multi Marketing Channels
Baby care chain store
Professional Service~ Close to customers
We have a group of professional service staff to control the newest marketing
information and develop marketing channel in maternal and infant stores,
western medicine, fine works and articles of daily use for offering the warmest
and professional services. To promote the interaction among members,
consumers and the company, we provide the comprehensive consulting
services and the most comfortable active space to establish Baan cozy center
in August, 2002. We invite child-care expert and professional pharmacists to
offer the consultancy services for maternal, infant and medicine. Welcome
Professionalthose who love to use and family members to visit the center. The
center can provide you with sincere service no mater in consulting, sharing the
use experience, or sharing the parenting tips.
2002 BAAN Cozy Living Establish
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2. Keep Import Functional Products
3. Set up Baan Stores

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