Workshops 2014 - Institute of Medicine

The Forum on
Investing in Young Children Globally
A collaborative learning community of
diverse experts working to identify and
facilitate applications of the most
promising evidence and practices
around the world on how to invest
effectively in early child development
• Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally
– Launched January 2014
• Institute of Medicine & National Research Council
– IOM Board on Children Youth and Families
– IOM Board on Global Health
• Year long planning process
– Planning grants from Bernard van Leer Foundation &
the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
– Contributions from diverse participants
• Surviving and thriving
– progress and promise
– raising the bar
• Exciting new evidence
– science of early childhood & lifelong well-being
– links of child well-being to society & productivity
• Convergence of goals among stakeholders
– addressing ongoing threats to children globally
– integrating best evidence for best investments
iYCG objectives
• identify
– best evidence on strategic investments in ECD
– highly promising integrative programs for investment
• integrate
– knowledge across sciences, contexts, & generations
– sectors of health, nutrition, education, & social welfare
• inform
– policy-making and practice across sectors and scales
– a global evidence-based vision of healthy development
• Dialogue
– diverse stakeholders
– multimedia
• Workshops
– 3 a year with webcasts
– workshop reports
• Communication
– reports, news, video
– website, infographics
Workshops 2014
• Washington DC
– Investing in Young Children Globally: The Cost of
• New Dehli
– Financing Investments in Young Children Globally
• Sao Paulo
– Scaling Program Investments for Young Children
Globally: Evidence from LAC and Other Developing
Workshops 2015
• Hong Kong
– Using Existing Platforms to Integrate and Coordinate
Services for Children
• Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
– Supporting Family and Community Investments for
Young Children Globally
• Eastern Europe
– Reaching and Investing in Marginalized Children:
Refugees, Immigrants, Roma
Welcome to a unique learning
• Evidence driven
• International
• Collaborative
• Visionary and practical

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