Process of Online Digital Signature application

Process of Online Digital Signature
Step 1 : Login to and click on the DSC Apply Online Link.
Step 2 : Download the DSC request form (Hard Copy) & send this form to applicant ,applicant will fill this form and send back to
you for online apply of DSC, you have to check whether it is duly filled & ID, Address proof available or not.
Step 3 : Click on + sign to select the class 2 or class 3, you have to choose class-2 for CHOiCE Project.
Step 4 : Just Select the first link :1 RCAI class 2 for Individual-signing 1 year validity
Step 5 : Fill the online form data as it is provide by applicant and before start the process you have to plug in the USB
Token of VASCO or e-Pass whatever is available. After this process sent the Hard copy of DSC to CHiPS office
Step 6 : Download process : DSC will be send to you by Sify on email ID that you have provide on req. form a PIN will be
send by Sify to download the DSC just put this on Registration no. Text box plug the USB token and download the DSC
on USB token Directly. After the downloading of DSC just map it to CHOiCE ID. Now USB token & DSC is ready to use .

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