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 Company Overview
 Customers and Partners
 Sanako’s Language Learning Technologies
Company Overview
Why Language Learning is so Important?
The nations are in interaction with each other. So they need
people able to communicate across borders. Language
learning has become essential. And ability to speak fluently
even more so.
Improved learning results and efficiency in teaching
translates into more competitive institutions and enhanced
national competitiveness.
Using technology in teaching like language labs enables
better speaking abilities for the students. But using
technology must be easy, intuitive, inspirational and fun to
be effective.
That’s what Sanako provides.
Sanako at a Glance
 Sanako is the global leader in providing inspiring teacher led
language learning and teaching software and language labs
 We have 50 years of experience in innovative educational
technology with over 30,000 classroom installations
 Sanako headquarters is located in Finland
 Sanako’s own R&D department includes several software
researchers, developers and testing specialists with wide
experience in technologies and applications used in a
language lab
 We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for our dedication
for quality
 Sanako has over 200 channel partners in more than 70
countries which ensures we are always close to our
 We have a strong balance sheet due to sustainable and
profitable growth
Our Vision and Mission
We provide the most inspirational teacher led
language learning experience in school and
Enabling personal achievements by improving
language communication skills.
Our essential promise:
Sanako’s Journey
Sanako’s ownership is divided between Nordic Venture Partners, Eqvitec
partners and a number of other investors, including Sanako management.
since 1960s
in pedagogy,
customer needs
Forerunner in
classroom based
inspirational and
result driven
language learning anywhere.
Sanako Customer Value Promise
 We have worked closely with our customers towards a single goal: to enable
better comprehension, speaking and communication skills for language
 Customer values, such as efficiency in education, better motivation and
competitive advantage guide our development as a company
Value for
Value for
Value for
Value for an
entire nation
learning results
Ease and
efficiency in
Higher quality
of education
Flexibility and
language skills
for future
Customers and Partners
 Satisfied customers in over 100 countries on 5 continents are using Sanako products
to make language learning efficient and inspiring
 Every week ~ 6 million individuals are getting better education by using Sanako
language labs
 Our customers include many of the leading education institutions in the world as well
as smaller institutions; we strive to exceed the expectations of all our customers
 Sanako has helped also national governments and ministries of education to achieve
national education goals by delivering large scale solutions
Ministry of Education
Universidade do Vale
do Rio dos Sinos, Brazil
Defense Language Institute
Foreign Language Center
University of Cebu,
Katedralskole, Norway
BHCC, Boston,
Kings School, Ely,
Ministry of Education
EBS, India
Towards better end-user value
 Close cooperation with education and ICT professionals ensures continuous
development towards better end-user value
 We utilize advisory boards, comprising education sector experts, to ensure
our concepts meet the needs of our customers
 Sanako is a WorldDidac Quality Charter Member and a corporate member of
the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®)
 To maintain our technological advantage we are constantly developing our
global value network with such ICT industry leaders as Intel, Microsoft and
 As a Microsoft® Certified Partner all Sanako solutions are compatible with
Windows-based applications making our products a future-proof investment
Microsoft, Dell and Intel logos are registered trademarks and property of their respective owners
Sanako Language Learning
Technology for Effective Language Learning
 Sanako specializes in creating innovative
technology for effective and inspiring
language learning experiences
 We support learners and educators with
state-of-the-art digital language labs and
software that help inspire and educate future
 Focus in all Sanako products has been
placed on high quality, ease-of-use and
compatibility making them a low-risk, futureproof investment
 Customer values, such as efficiency in
education, better motivation and competitive
advantage guide our development as a
Sanako Speak!
 Many of the benefits of a language lab available wherever a computer and
an internet connection available
 Activity-based learning – all core skills can be developed: listening,
speaking, reading and writing of a language
 Choice and flexibility: teachers can use whatever content, whenever they
want, and deliver it in the type of activity they want.
 Individualisation: exercises can be assigned to any number of students from
one student to the entire class
 Based on cloud computing providing to the user institution scalability,
accessibility and agility.
Sanako Study Software
 Innovative and flexible software for language teaching
 Fully compatible with Microsoft applications and platforms
 Offers a broad range of activities for inspirational learning
For students: user friendly GUI allows
focusing on learning, only necessary
functions are available
For teacher: easy to manage the whole
classroom, language teaching activities
are one click away
Sanako Language Labs
 A fully digital language teaching center
 Offers control for effective interruption-free teaching
 Enables the use of wide variety of content from different content providers
and sources
For teacher: the only PC
needed in the classroom
allows easy class control and
easy language teaching
For students: user audio panels
and headsets enable each
student to learn and practice
more without distractions for
better results
Thank you!

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