How EEF supports manufacturers

EEF the manufacturers’ organisation
How we support Manufacturing in the South West
Lindsay Lewis
Membership and External Affairs Manager
About EEF
• Originally formed in 1896 as the
• A national professional services
Engineering Employers Federation
business with international reach
• Major employers’ body focused on
• Over 400 employees - UK and
• Owned by our members
• HR & Legal, HSCE, learning
• Profits reinvested on behalf of
advisory and training services
• Representing over 6,000
• Employing in excess of 1m
• Further network of over 600
specialist associates
A selection of our members
A closer look at EEF
• Year round access to expert support from local named advisers:
• HR and Legal
• Health and Safety
• Climate and Environment
• Networking events and best practice sharing
• Advantages through combined purchasing power
• Information and research capability
• Forums for your voice to be heard
• Membership team to ensure you receive value
Something holding you back?
We have service offerings that can help
• HR consultancy work
• Employee Relation advice
• Learning and Development
• Health and Safety consultancy
• Climate and Environment support
• Corporate Social Responsibility
Struggling to be heard?
Policy and Representation
• Voice of manufacturing
• Work with policy makers at all levels:
• EU, National and Local
• Industrial Strategy
• Survey and analysis of the sector
• Raise the profile of manufacturing
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Lindsay Lewis
Membership & External Affairs Manager
Engineers House
The Promenade
Clifton Down
0117 9064809 (direct dial)
0783 3050163 (Mobile)
[email protected]

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