General Club Information–Things you should know

General Club Information
Things you should know about being an ASCC club
Being an ASCC Club
 You must attend at least 4 Club Committee
meetings to remain a club
 You must fill out a Club Quarterly Report form by
the Club Coordinator’s deadline to remain a
chartered club
 You don’t have to have Officers for your club, just
a Representative to attend Club Committee
 If you have any questions regarding your clubplease email Club Coordinator at [email protected]
Reserving a Room for Club meetings
 The Form in available in PUB 160
 Take it to your Club Advisor
They will fill it out and submit it for you
You can start meetings when you
receive an email from Haley or Mark
Club Cubbies and Mailboxes
 If you would like to reserve a Cubby, email Club
 Mailboxes are found in PUB 160
 Please check it for information/documents at least once per
 Club Bulletin Board- Found outside of PUB 160
 Mini flyers about your club are found here
 Please check to confirm correct information is on flyer
 Available to all students
Student Life Website
 These and other forms/information can be
found on the Clark College website:
 Club Handbook
 Bylaws and Constitution for the ASCC
 Club Quarterly Report form
 Club Announcement form
 Club Service Funding form
 Club Coordinator’s information
Advertising Events
 If you want your event posters or Club
meeting time/dates on ASCC Monitors:
 Email a PowerPoint Slide to Sami @
[email protected]
 Gaiser Student Center Screens:
 Email the PowerPoint Slide to Mark [email protected]
[email protected]
 All posters or flyers must be approved by
Student Life- they will be posted for you
 There are 17+ bulletin boards where they can
be placed
For Further Information
 Please consult the Club Handbook at
 Or contact the Club Coordinator at
[email protected]

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