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Welcome to NAU!
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Our Graduate Students report:
• They received exceptional mentorship and
professional partnerships
• 87% of Graduate Alumni said they would
recommend NAU to someone considering their
field of study.
• 83% of Graduate Alumni stated they were
satisfied with their graduate work as
preparation for their current positions.
• 89% of Graduate Alumni reported that if they
had to do it all over, they would enroll at NAU
NAU ranks among top institutions in the nation for
minority students earning degrees.
The Graduate College – What do we do?
• Formal admissions to the university
• Tuition waivers and assistantships
• Academic success, monitor degree progress, process petitions
• Thesis and dissertation policy and process
• Graduate policies and procedures
• Graduation applications, Graduate commencement
Graduate Education at NAU
• Graduate education is conveniently offered
– Flagstaff Mountain Main Campus
– Extended Campuses (online, statewide
• Graduate Degrees
– 13 doctoral degrees
– Over 50 masters degrees
– More than 20 graduate certificates
Northern Arizona and Flagstaff Campus
• Flagstaff Campus is the main campus, nestled between
the San Francisco Peaks and Coconino National Forest
• Thriving arts community
• Strong vision of sustainability
• Surrounded by natural wonders: Grand Canyon, Sunset
Crater, Meteor Crater, San Francisco Peaks
• Premiere outdoor excursion location for hiking, biking,
skiing, rock climbing, camping and more
Northern Arizona and Flagstaff Campus
Extended Campuses - Statewide and Online
• Distance learning education leader since the 1970’s
• Students can learn from wherever they live
• Extended Campus
– Online
– 35 statewide campuses for local education
– Blended online and campus programs
• Over 30 percent of NAU graduates earn their
degrees through Extended Campuses
Extended Campuses - Statewide and Online
Finding the Right Program - Admissions
You should consider the following when investigating your
programs of interest:
• Admission criteria for each program
– GRE, GMAT, or other standardized tests
• Are these tests required for your program?
• What is the score range of previous successful applicants to your program?
• What was the GPA range of previous successful applicants to your program?
• Do you look at major GPA, or cumulative GPA, or both?
– Clinicals, Work experience, Internships
• Are previous work experience, clinicals, internships, research, etc included as part of
the admission criteria?
• Do previous successful applicants to the program have any of this experience?
– Recommendations
• How many letters of recommendation are needed, and from whom?
• Start making connections with your previous faculty and let them know you may
need a recommendation.
Finding the Right Program - Funding
Know your financial future!
• Enter your degree type, field of study, and preferred
Results Show
• Median debt of students
• Starting, median, and expert salary levels in desired
Finding the Right Program - Funding
• Available financial support
– Scholarships (departmental, national, program-related, etc)
• Does your program offer any scholarship to graduate students? How
do you apply?
• Are there national scholarships that are available that your department
knows about?
• What sources of funding have previous graduate students secured?
– Tuition Waivers
• Are tuition waivers offered in your department?
• How do you apply for them?
• How are tuition waivers allotted to students each year?
Finding the Right Program - Funding
– Graduate Assistantships (Teaching, Research, and Service
• Does your program offer graduate assistantships? If so, how many,
and how do you apply?
• At NAU, we offer 10 hour and 20 hour assistantships
Graduate Assistantships
• Teaching, Research, Service*
• 10 hour – 50% tuition remission, stipend
• 20 hour – 100% tuition remission, stipend, major medical
Teaching and Research Assistantships are given through your department.
Service, or Non-Academic Graduate Service Assistant* positions and
other types of funding here:
Finding the Right Program – Department Questions
Degree Requirements (what does it take to finish the degree)
How many credits/hours is your program?
Is there a core set of courses? Can I create an emphasis?
Is the program thesis track or non-thesis track?
Do you have an opportunity to research, publish, do clinicals, etc.
When do you take my comprehensive exams and what preparation do you
Potential for employment
– What are graduates doing with the degree?
– Are graduates employed in the field or outside of the field?
– Are graduates going on to doctoral programs, and where?
Speak with your professors regarding good program matches
– Utilize your previous faculty to discuss different programs and whether they
would be good matches for your academic and career goals
Finding the Right Program - Fit
• Geographical Restrictions – where you can and cannot live
– Size of city, university
– Environment and local amenities
Housing in Flagstaff
Off Campus Housing
• Most graduate students live off campus
– See the following sites for housing in our
• Check Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
for visitor/relocation info
Housing in Flagstaff
• Join our Graduate Student Housing
Listserv for up-to-date housing info from
fellow graduate students and home
• Click on Grad Life
• Click on Housing
Housing in Flagstaff
On Campus Housing
• Very limited for graduate students
• Family Housing is available at NAU
Family Resources
• Childcare (
– Daycare directory information
– Childcare assistance
• Campus Health Services
– Insurance
• Variety of options
• Major medical included in 20 hour GA positions
– Healthcare Needs
• Primary and Urgent Care
• Radiology
• Pharmacy
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David Spivey
Associate Director
Graduate College
[email protected]
Box 4125
624 S. Knoles
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

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