Investment Opportunities in Kwale County

Investment Opportunities in Kwale County
Safina Kwekwe Tsungu
CECM Industry, Trade and Investment
County Government of Kwale
Destination Kwale
• It’s one of the six counties in the coastal region.
• Borders Taita Taveta County to the North West,
Kilifi County to the North East, Mombasa County
and Indian Ocean to the East and United Republic
of Tanzania to the South.
• A gateway to Eastern and Southern Africa, both
by land and sea.
Destination Kwale
• has an area of 8,294.9 km2 of which 62 km2 is
under water and boasts of a 250km long coastline
plus a 200 miles Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
• Has significant youth population with 26% being
people between ages 15 and 30 years
• total population of 713,488 persons in 2012
comprising of 346,898 males and 366,589
females as per 9.8 per cent increase from
649,931 in 2009 national census.
Destination Kwale
Why invest in Kwale
• The Kwale County Public Finance Act 2014 is investor
friendly and supports business establishment and
• Relatively cheaper land and the Land banking project by
county government guarantees availability of land for
• Kwale is one of the three counties earmarked to host a
Vision 2030 Resort City project at Diani Beach which
currently hosts about 25 tourist hotels and several
Destination Kwale
Investment opportunities in Kwale
1. Industrial parks including ICT ICT infrastructure
2.Water and sewerage
water purification & reticulation;
storm water drainage systems and
sewerage services
3.Energy - generation of power both from
renewable energy especially solar, wind and
waste and non-renewable energy especially
Destination Kwale
4. infrastructure development -roads and bridges
Destination Kwale
Shimoni Habour and marina
Natural port as a result of deep
waters in Shimoni
Huge lime deposits around shimoni
in Tswaka area for cement
production; increased mineral, oil
and gas activities; sugar production
in Ramisi only 15 kms away hence
the demand for a port to facilitate
export of such commodities
The designation of Diani Resort city
as a vision 2030 project hence the
opportunities presented for cruise
ship services
Shimoni marina already advertised
as a PPP project hence political
goodwill already geared to the
Destination Kwale
5. Investments in the education sector
• Establishment of tertiary
institutions- Medical school,
hospitality colleges, marine
studies, aviation school
• Establishment of specialized
technical schools- fishing
techniques, technical skills
in extractive industries,
operation and maintenance
of heavy, industrial
equipment etc
Destination Kwale
6. Sports and Entertainment – Sports,
Culture, music and film industries
Talent academies to
nurture and develop
the diverse talents in
sports, music
performing arts and
culture in the county
 Establish Cultural
centers at strategic
locations in the
Destination Kwale
Water and beach sports as an
investment opportunity
Destination Kwale
7. Extractive Industry
• Quarrying activitiesIndustrial production of
products from
quarrying duruma
slates, silica sand,
building sand, coral
stones etc
• Mining- Base minerals,
Lime, Cement, coal,
rare earths, gemstones
Destination Kwale
Existing investments in extractives
• Titanium mining by Base
Titanium- Zircon, Ilmente,
• Gemstones mining in Kuranze
• Silica sands in Ramisi
• Quarrying of duruma slates in
Lungalunga and Kinango sub
• Limestone quarrying along
coastal belt
Destination Kwale
quarrying- Interior finishes
Destination Kwale
quarrying- Exterior finishes
Destination Kwale
8. Housing
• Residential housing unitsAlong the L/lunga- Msa
highway, L/lunga- Samburu
rd, Mabokoni near the
Technical University of
Mombasa campus, all towns
• Office blocks- Kwale, Waa,
Tsunza, Ukunda, all Sub
county HQs etc
• Holiday homes- Golini
heights, Mbuguni and along
the coastal line
Destination Kwale
9. (a) Investments in Agriculture
• fruits, coconut, bixa and
cashew nuts
• Ranching- breeding,
fattening and marketing of
livestock and livestock
• Commercial tree
production including
bamboo through
plantations for timber and
posts especially in
wastelands/idle land.
• Manufacture of fertilizers
Destination Kwale
9 (b) Agro-processing
• food processing,
• fruit processing,
• processing of
coconut, cashew nut
& bixa products,
• livestock products
especially dairy,
meat products and
• Fish processingDestination Kwale
10. Tourism
 development of new
tourism products,
 provision
accommodation and
eco-tourism services
amongst others,
 establishment of
tertiary institutions for
hospitality industry in
Kwale county.
Destination Kwale
Treasures of Kwale
Destination Kwale
11. Health services
• Manufacture of
medical equipment
and supplies
• Establishment of
recuperating clinics
• Private retirement
homes for elderly
Destination Kwale
Invest today, tomorrow may be too
Destination Kwale
Welcome to Kwale County, the
investment destination of choice
“Turning potential into wealth”
Thank you all
Destination Kwale

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