Cro Magnon

Cro Magnon
By Mario,Carsyn,Cam, Emily
Do you want excitement? Do you want
fear? Then watch this! We are going to
teach you about Cro Magnon. Just sit
back, relax, and watch our one and only
Physical Appearance
Cro Magnons’ skulls were long and fairly
low. They also had very noticeable noses.(1)
When They Lived and Where
Cro Magnons lived 40,000 years ago.
They died at the end of the last ice age,
approximately 10,000 years ago.
Cro Magnons lived in Europe.(8)
They used flint-bladed hand axes, awls
for holes in animal hide, bone needles
for sewing, and the first straight-back
knifes for cutting with even finer skill.
Their tools were also better than those
of the Neanderthals.(2)
Description Of Daily Life
Cro-Magnons hunted and brought food to
their family and their village.
They painted on cave walls using paint from
Painting may have been for religious beliefs.
They made tools out of wooden sticks and
sharp stones.(3)
Cro Magnons were luckily able to make
fire. They made it by striking sparks
with flint and pyrite.(4)
Religion And Ceremonies
Like the Egyptians, Cro Magnons thought
there was life after death.
When they died and were buried, they
covered the deceased with red dye, furs, and
jewelry. They surrounded him/her with
weapons, animal bones, and a circle of
Their paintings were linked to their religion.
They believed that everything has a spirit and
believed that painting an animal gave them
some type of power.(5)
No one knows why Cro Magnon men painted
marvelous and astonishing paintings on rock walls
that were deep within caves.
They used natural colors, made out of mineral
pigments, such as iron oxide and black manganese.
They painted stick figures, although the animals they
painted were well-painted. Cro Magnons also filled in
natural colors to give the paintings more shape and
They thought when they painted animals it gave
them powers because it was part of their religion.(6)
Development Of Language
Their language came from and has a
resemblance to the language of the
Masai. Now it is clear to the
archaeologists why Cro Magnons speak
with sentence intonation, which
originates from Africa. (7)
Cro Magnons hunted mammoth, cave
bears, horses, and reindeer; then ate
They wore clothing made from animal
skin from the animals that they
Their shelters were made of rocks, clay,
branches, and animal hide. They were
built to last the dreadful winters.(11)
Interesting Fact!
The Cro Magnon killed the
Neanderthals. (GO CRO MAGNON!!)(12)
We have had a ton of fun researching
Cro Magnons. We hope you have
enjoyed our project! We have learned a
lot and we hope you learned a lot too.
How did Cro Magnons make fire?
What beliefs did Cro-Magnons have
about painting animals?
Of what were their shelters made out?
Answers to our Questions
Flints were found in their caves, so they most
likely struck two rocks to make fire or rubbed
two sticks together to create sparks.
Painting animals was part of their religion,
and Cro Magnons believed that painting the
animals gave the Cro Magnons some of the
animals’ power.
Their shelters were made of rocks, clay,
branches, and animal hide. They were built to
last the dreadful winters.
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