CPTG Essential Oils vs. OTC Drugs Have Natures Medicine Cabinet

Emergency Preparedness with Essential Oils
Empowerment to aid in Self Reliance with your families health!
Natural aromatic
compounds found in
Protection from
disease & predators
Steam distilled or
cold pressed
50-70 Times more
potent than dried
Essential Oils
are AntiBacterial and
Perfume /
Health Benefit
GRAS Standard
Purity equals Potency
Fast and Effective
CPTG Essential Oils vs. OTC Drugs
Have Natures Medicine Cabinet in your home!
Deep Blue - Ben Gay, Aleeve, Tylenol, Motrin
Lavender - Neosporin, Elidel, Motrin, Aleeve, Tylenol, Pepto Bismo, Imodium AD, Solercain, Elidel, Ear Drops
Oregano - Freeze away, Nyquil, Dayquil, Tums, Tylenol, Aleeve, Pepto Mylanta
Breathe - Niquil, Benedryl, Vaporizor refills, Mentholatum, Shower Soothers, Dayquil, Nyquil
DigestZen - Imoodium AD, Pepto Bismo, Tums, Mylanta
Lemon - Tylenol, Motrin, Childrens Motrin, Children’s Tylenol, Tums, ear drops, Immodium AD, Pepto Bismo,
Melaleuca - Ear Drops, dandruff shampoo, Elidel, Cloriseptic, Dayquil, Nyquil, Neosporin, Ricola, Elidel
Peppermint - Icy/Hot, Pepto Bismo, Imodium AD, Tums, Motrin, Tylenol, Aleeve, Dayquil, Nyquil, Mentholatum,
shower Soothers, Tylenol cold, ear drops
Cost Comparison:
OTC drugs - $255.70 (approx)
8 Essential Oils - $209.50 (approx)
Note: There have been NO cases where the use of essential oils has caused serious injuries or death. Yet the American
Medical Association reports that thousands of people die every year using prescribed medications incorrectly.
Main Differences:
• Essential Oils are safe for each family member
• No negative side affects
• No expiration date
• Safe, Effective and Natural
•Emotional (nose)
• Respiratory (mouth)
• Purification / AntiBacterial (diffuser)
•Localized to area
of pain or injury
• Bottom of feet
when in doubt
•Digestive issues
• In water
• Gargle/swallow
• Capsules
• May be used
without dilution on
most people
directly on area
• May want to
dilute for some.
• May cause
sensitivity when
used often
• Dilute with a
carrier oil.
• May be hot or
Essential Oil
Main Overall Use
Can help with:
relaxing, stress,
many uses
bruises; burns (can mix w/melaleuca); leg cramps; herpes; heart irregularities; hives; insect bites;
neuropathy; pain (inside & out);bee stings; sprains; sunburn (great w/ frankincense); sunstroke;
relieves insomnia, depression, and PMS; is a natural antihistamine (allergies or asthma); insomnia;
relaxing; psoriasis
cleansing, uplifting
arthritis; colds; constipation; coughs; cuts; sluggishness; sore throats; sunburn; wounds; lifts
moods;reduces stress and fatigue; internally - counteracts acidity, calms upset stomach; antioxidant; Corns, Calluses, Bunions (avoid sun/UV rays for 12 hrs. when applied to skin); cleanses
liver; improve circulation; cold sores; anti-inflammatory; uplift mood
muscles/tendons &
bones, cramping
sore/cramping muscles; charley horses (w/peppermint & plenty of water); warm feet in winter as a
warmer; natural cleanser; fever; insecticide; digestive system; regulates parasympathetic nervous
system; cleanse blood & liver; regenerates connective tissue (tendonitis, carpal tunnel, tennis
elbow, sprained ankle,etc.);
anything skin, little
sister to oregano
first aid ointment; athletes foot; aids immune system against throat/respiratory pathogens; bug bites;
coughs; colds; cuts; deodorant; eczema, fungus; infections (ear/throat/nose); microbes (internally);
psoriasis; rough hands; slivers (use w/ clove to draw sliver out); sore throat; wounds, herpes;
immune support,
heavy duty antibiotic
support immune system; anti-biotic/viral/fungal (internally w/ capsule or on feet (follow up w/
lavender & peppermint; reduce pain & inflammation of arthritis; backache; bursitis, carpal tunnel;
rheumatism, sciatica; cleanse regimen for GI track; whooping cough; pneumonia; marjoram is a
good alternate if you need it long term - oregano should be used for about 10 days (always dilute)
topical pain relief for bumps & bruises; circulation; fever; headache; pain; indigestion; motion
sickness; nausea; nerve problems; vomiting; nerve pain; increase energy; cooling (sunburn, heat)
boosts stamina; help restore mental awareness (ie. when driving); massage; increases oxygen
uptake; allergies & sinus congestion; invigorating;
Carrier Oil
dilute oils especially fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil; almond oil, olive oil, helps slow absorption into blood system
for children/elderly
as well as spread the essential oil to a larger area if needed
Aroma Touch
relaxation & calming; relaxation & stress relief; sooths and helps inflammation; enhances all aspects of massage;help
increase blood circulation; neuropathy; pain; Deep Blue alternate; blood sugar; joint pain; relieve
tension of muscles; soothe irritated tissue (sprains, bruises, spasms, sore muscles); fatigue; head
allergies; anxiety, asthma; bronchitis; congestion; cough; colds; flu; respiratory stress; bronchitis;
Deep Blue
muscle pain relief,
pain relief; arthritis; bruises; carpel tunnel; headaches; inflammation; joint pain; migraines; muscle
pain; sprains; rheumatism; following up w/ peppermint enhances effects; back pain; shin splints;
all digestion issues like bloating; congestion; constipation; diarrhea; food poisoning (internal);
heartburn; indigestion; motion sickness; nausea; stomach ache; IBS; diaper rash; acid reflux;
spastic colon; acid reflux; colitis; colic;
On Guard
protective, natural
immune support
disinfect surfaces; eliminate most and viruses; boost immune system (bottom of feet or internally
daily), inhibits MRSA; stops bacteria & virus growth; helps mold inhibition; kills airborne pathogens;
help knock out cold or sore throat; (comes in oil, soap, lozenges. and wipes)
“Go-to” oil; enhances Enhances the effect of all other oils; clarity of mind; accelerates skin recovery issues; decreases
all other oils,
anxiety/mental/physical fatigue; decreases hyperactivity, impatience, irritability, and restlessness;
focus concentration; concussion; inflammation; skin tissue recovery; soothe hyperactivity &
restlessness; helps w/clarity & focus of mind; sever coughing; depression; stress related issues;
calming in traumatic experience (physical/emotional); tantrums; epilepsy; thyroid issues;
neurological; treat shock;
airborne pathogens; cleanse cuts & germs; insect bites; itches (all types/varieties); cuts/scrapes;
wounds; boost to immune system; topical disinfectant; bug bites; uplifting;
topical pain, toxins,
topical pain relief; drawing salve (pull toxins/infections from body- apply to feet/location); acne;
constipation; headaches; nausea; toothaches/teething (numbing cortisone feeling); gingivitis; has
phenol-eugenol (up to 85%) that is protective against cancer; food poisoning (in capsule/water);
digestive aid & stomach problems; sore throat (gargle w/water to numb); nerve tonic
insect/ bug repellent deters all flying insects and ticks from human bodies and pets (ticks/fleas); feelings of hope
(not in
Emerg. Oils Kit)
stops bleeding,
asthma, bronchitis; whooping cough; headaches; liver problems; skin disorders; draw out metallics,
chemicals, & toxins; lymph drainage; pancreas stimulant; sciatica; skin conditions (eczema,
dermatitis, psoriasis); sun screen; blood cleansing; stop bleeding; improve hearing; acute pain;
relieve respiratory conditions; reduce scarring; regenerate tissues; varicose veins; treat shock;
Dealing with Natural Disasters
When dealing with natural disasters (whether they be earthquake, hurricane, tornado, fires,
tsunamis, or floods) the disruption in basic infrastructure is the same. This includes water supplies,
electricity, natural gas, and fuels like gasoline as well as disrupting sanitation facilities and disposal
of sewers and garbage all posing biohazards. This also means that access to hospitals and health
facilities may be down for a time and maybe even destroy our homes. Having an additional supply
of essential oils and knowing how to use them will be very useful to you and your family in
purifying your air, cleansing your body as well as helping with emotional and physical needs.
Other Emergency Ideas
Water Purification - If you're in an area where the water is suspect, add two drops of lemon oil to a
glass of water and stir. Let it sit a couple of minutes, the pollutants will come to the top. Skim them
off with a spoon or place a clean napkin or paper towel over the top of the water and let them
absorb into the napkin. For bacterial and other severe water concerns - OnGuard, cinnamon,
clove, peppermint, and oregano (kills giardia & E. coli) may work as well.
Reducing Radiation Exposure
from Dr. Hill
1) Nutrition is essential to protect & fortifying tissues: continue with LifeLong Vitality
2) Use oils that are protective of individual tissue structures and body systems as a whole:
Frankincense, under the tongue 2-3 drops am & pm & rub over thyroid
Patchouli, topically apply over the thyroid
Zendocrine, topically apply over the liver (to cleanse so in good shape)
Oils to support Thyroid (regulates metabolism, produces hormones to regulate blood pressure,
heart rate, body temperature, and energy production)
overactive thyroid - myrrh (TA) (can use 1 drop of each myrrh & lemongrass applied to base
of throat and reflex points on feet
sluggish thyroid - peppermint (TA), clove (TA) (can use 1 drop each of lemongrass &
peppermint or clove applied to base of throat and reflex points on feet
Oils to support Liver (digestion, produces cholesterol to make hormones and cell membranes,
metabolizes harmful substances and toxins
clove (TA) for cleansing applied over liver area and on reflex points on the feet
secondary oils: geranium (TA), helichrysum (TA), myrrh (TA)
Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils, 2nd Edition, 2010 Abundant Health,
Emergency Oils rip-off from Abundant Health, www.aromatools.com
http://builddoterra.com/ - Emergency Preparedness - Webinar Rebroadcast 8/17/2010
http://builddoterra.com/ - doTERRA Mood Matrix - Webinar Rebroadcast 8/16/2010
Laura Jacobs Webinar - 7/31/2010
Emotional/Mood Enhancers
One thing many people may not think of, and yet is a real part of
emergencies/disasters, are emotions and moods such as stress, anxiety, fear, grief/sorrow,
depression, anger, hopelessness, discouragement, etc. The essential oils may be helpful to a person
in dealing with these emotions and moods and can help provide needed balance and focus both daily
and in times of crisis.
Our sensory system is stimulated by odors (i.e. essential oils) through receptors in the
olfactory system in your nose. Once stimulate, the reaction goes through the olfactory bulb and into
the limbic system which is the part of the brain that creates emotional responses, memories, and
hormones. The brain has two parts of the nervous system that it works with (sympathetic &
parasympathetic). The sympathetic is known as the fight or flight that helps us deal with stress,
frustration and unhappiness. When we are in conflict (emotional, physical, spiritual or emotional) we
have these feelings. When this is done for a long period of time our body is in a chemical burden and
begins to mimic disease or other health problems (ie. increase in cortisol (helps deal w/stress) means
higher blood pressure, slow body’s inflammatory response, higher glucose levels, and altering our
Aromatherapy is a simple, powerful, and effective way to help deal with those
emotional issues. Whether it is Lavender or Serenity to help a fearful child fall asleep, or Citrus Bliss
or other citrus oils to uplift a mom who lost a husband and yet still needs to keep up positive spirits
for her children in the midst of a disaster, the oils will not take away the ‘problem’ but help the
person emotionally be able to cope as well as help the body with it’s natural physical responses.
Mood Matrix

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