Clinical Strategic Plan

MUSC Health
Strategic Plan
Mission 2015
Strategic Plan ~ Mission 2015
Vision: MUSC will be nationally
recognized as a premier academic
medical center
Intent: Top 25 among academic
medical centers for reputation,
quality, service, efficiency and
financial performance by 2015
MUSC Health
Mission 2015
To enable highest quality patient care, improved population health , and cutting
edge research:
Strategy A:
Unify & Align
Strategy G:
Strategy B:
MUSC Health
IT Strategy
Expand MUSC
Health Brand
Strategy F:
Strategy C:
Build Human &
Financial Capital
Expand Access &
Strategy E:
Strategy D:
Grow Primary
Care &
7 Driving Strategies
38 Tactics
46 Sub Tactics
Strategic Planning Results
• Driving Strategy A
– Clinical Leadership Council (CLC) –
formalized Jan 2012 to closely integrate
and align MUHA, COM and MUSC-P
– Established Clinical Enterprise –wide goals
– Created performance metrics with a
common dashboard unifying MUHA and
Strategic Planning Results
• Driving Strategy B, cont.
– Nationally Ranked Specialties
• Ear, Nose & Throat
• Nephrology
• Rheumatology
• Pediatrics: Cardiology & Heart Surgery
• Pediatrics: Gastroenterology
• Pediatrics: Nephrology
Strategic Planning Results
• Driving Strategy C
– Improve patient access
• Department of Neurology
– Opened new patient ACCESS Clinics
– Decrease in New Patient Appointment Lag by 42%
– Added additional 576 new patient appointments
• The Division of Cardiology
– Plans to expanded clinical capacity by
standardizing :
– The division added 2.0 FTE of clinical activity
(without hiring any additional faculty)
– Added an additional 1800 new patient
Peter Zwerner, MD
“Just say, ‘Yes’!”
Strategic Planning Results
• Driving Strategy D
– MUSC Primary Care participates in
Patient Centered Medical Home
(PCMH) Recognition Program
• 1st year = $250K annual increase
• Subsequent years = additional $s based
on continued performance improvement
Strategic Planning Results
• Driving Strategy E, cont.
• Deepen existing relationships and develop
innovative new relationships with payers
and state agencies
– PEBA, revised contract for MUSC employees
– Boeing meetings
– Signed new quality contract with SC BCBS
Strategic Planning Results
• Driving Strategy G
• Telemedicine and Telehealth
– Developed governance and integration;
appointed a telehealth medical director
– Coordinating hospital based consultations
– Developing a telehealth web site
• Enhancing communication among MUSC
– Achieved 90% utilization of on call “hand off” system in
– Incorporating inpatient H/P and D/C summaries in Epic
Strategic Planning Results
• Driving Strategy G, cont.
• Enhancing communication among MUSC
caregivers, cont.
– 2-way text technology purchased; with full roll out
April 2013
• Integrating MUSC’s in/outpatient eRecord
– Kaleidoscope live as of July
– Enterprise milestones on target

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