Decontaminate Your Skin Using the M291 Skin Decontamination Kit

Decontaminate Your Skin Using
the Reactive Skin
Decontamination Lotion
PFC Powers, Tifani
Decontaminate Your Skin Using the Reactive
Skin Decontamination Lotion (RSDL)
You are at mission-oriented protective posture (MOPP) level 2 with
remaining MOPP gear available and have been given the RSDL. You find
yourself in one of the following situations where you have:
Been attacked with chemical agents.
Passed through an area contaminated with chemical agents.
Start to decontaminate your skin and/or eyes within 1 minute after you
determine they are contaminated. Decontaminate all exposed skin
and your eyes, if necessary, without getting the decontaminating lotion
in your eyes or uncontaminated cuts and wounds and finish within
less than 2 minutes.
Training and Evaluation
Training Information Outline
Inspect the RSDL for leaks or stains.
a. If no leaks or stains are detected, thelotion is mission ready.
b. If stains and leaks are detected, inspect each packet for leaks.
c. Discard all leaking packets.
d. Reinsert good packets into the carrying case.
Verify that there are at least three skin decontaminating packets in the
NOTE: If there are less than three packets, request an additional
kit, continuing to use your kit until all packets are gone.
DO NOT mix RSDL or RSDL training lotion with solid, undiluted high-test
Hypochlorite (HTH) or Super Tropical Bleach (STB). Heat and/or fire may
result. AVOID contact with eyes and wounds. If contact with eyes or wounds
occur, rinse with water as soon as possible
Decontaminate your skin with the RSDL within 1 minute of the
suspected exposure.
a. Put on your mask without –
1. Tightening straps.
2. Sealing mask
b. Seek overhead cover for protection against further
c. Remove one skin decontamination packet from the carrying
Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion (RSDL)
d. Tear the packet open quickly at the notch.
e. Remove the applicator pad from the packet.
f. Save the packet as the remaining lotion can be added to the
applicator pad if required.
g. Thoroughly scrub the exposed skin of the hand, palm, and fingers
with applicator pad.
h. Switch the applicator pad to the other hand and thoroughly scrub
the exposed skin of the other hand, palm, and fingers.
Scrubbing Hand with Lotion
Death or injury may result if you breathe toxic agents while
decontaminating the face. If you need to breathe before you finish,
reseal your mask, clear it, and check it. Get your breathe, then resume
the decontamination procedure.
AVOID contact with eyes and wounds. If contact with eyes or wounds
occurs, rinse with water as soon as possible.
j. Decontaminate your face and the inside of your mask.
1. Hold your breath.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Grasp the mask beneath your chin.
4. Pull the mask away from the chin enough to allow one hand
between the mask and your face.
5. Beginning at one side, scrub up and down across cheeks, nose, chin,
and closed mouth. Avoid ingesting.
6. Wipe extra strokes at the corner of your nose.
7. Continue across your face to the other ear.
8. Scrub under the chin from the ear along the jawbone to
the other ear to coat the skin with lotion.
9. Scrub under the chin from the ear along the jawbone to the other ear
to coat the skin with lotion.
Scrubbing Jawbone Area with Lotion
Do not apply lotion to lens of protective mask. RSDL may
cause loss of transparency.
10. Turn your hand over and scrub the inside surfaces of the mask that
touch your skin. Be sure to include the drinking tube and canteen cap.
Keep the applicator.
11. Keep the applicator.
12. Seal your mask.
13. Clear your mask.
14. Check your mask.
15. Breathe.
16. Use applicator and any remaining lotion in the packet. Without
breaking mask seal, scrub the Decon applicator pad across the
forehead, exposed scalp, the skin of the neck, ears, and throat.
17. Thoroughly scrub the hands with lotion again.
18. Put on protective gloves.
Do not discard RSDL or training RSDL packaging or applicator
pads into containers that contain HTH or STB. Heat and or
fire may result.
19. Any remaining lotion may be used to spot decon weapons and
personal equipment.
20. Do not put used packets in your pockets. Discard the used packets in
accordance with local standard disposal procedures. Discard the
carrying pouch after packets are used.
21. Discard applicator pad.
22. Remove lotion by washing with water or soap and water when
operational conditions permit.
23. Allow RSDL to remain on skin for at least 2 minutes.

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