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There are many kinds of owls!
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Saw-whet Owl
Click this link to listen to a Saw-Whet---press
the sound icons.
Do you think it sounds like a truck backing-up?
How big is it?
The Saw-whet Owl is about seven inches tall.
Where do they live?
The Saw-whet Owl nests near bogs or swamps, mostly in
coniferous or mixed hardwood forests.
What do Saw-whet Owls eat?
Saw-whet Owls feed primarily on small rodents, insects,
and amphibians.
Free Northern Saw-whet Owl Nest Box Plans
Barred Owl
How much does the Barred Owl weigh?
About one or two pounds.
What is unusual about this owl?
It has brown eyes, not yellow.
Where does it live?
It likes to live in the woods.
Great Gray Owl
How do Great Gray
Owls hunt?
They wait, watch and listen.
Then they swoop down on prey.
What are interesting facts to know about the
Great Gray Owl?
1. They do not build nests,
and use nests of
other raptors.
2. Also, they are the world's
longest owl.
Screech Owl
What helps Screech Owls hunt?
They have excellent hearing which helps them
locate prey.
Why are they named Screech Owls?
They are named for their screeching calls.
How tall are they?
They are about 8 inches tall.
Just for fun page from the Raptor Center at the U of MN has a paper
bag owl project, and an Eagle finger puppet. (scroll down)
Northern Hawk Owl
Why are they named
for hawks?
They have falcon like
wing and tail shapes.
What is special about this owl?
They have such good hearing they can
capture mice under the snow.
Are they afraid of humans?
No, but they will attack humans.
Snowy Owl
What is special
about the Snowy
The alarm call can sound like barking.
Where do they live?
In open areas such as prairies and even
near airports.
How do they eat?
They swallow their prey whole.
Long-eared Owl
Where do they live?
In stick nests of crows,
magpies, ravens, hawks, or
What is an interesting fact about this owl?
Their toes are covered with feathers.
How do the ear tufts help them?
The ear tufts help this owl look bigger.
Spotted Owl
Where do they live?
The Spotted Owl lives
in abandoned raptor
or squirrel nests.
What is an interesting spotted owl fact?
Juvenile Spotted Owls have a survival rate of
only 11%.
How long do they live?
Some live to be 16 or 17 years old.
Great Horned Owl
When do the
young owls
begin to fly?
Young Great Horned Owls fly when they
are about 7 weeks old.
Do they really have horns?
Baby Great Horned Owls
No, their "horns" are not ears or horns. They
are only made of feathers.
What is interesting to know about this owl?
Instead of turning their eyes, they turn their
Burrowing Owl
Where do they live?
Burrowing Owls can be
found in grasslands,
rangelands, agricultural
areas, and even deserts.
What are some things they eat?
They eat beetles and grasshoppers,
and other things.
What is special about them?
Burrowing Owls of all ages have longer legs
than other owls.
Boreal Owl
How big are they?
Boreal Owls are
similar to Saw-whet
Owls, but they are
Where do they live?
This owl will live in a
nesting box that people
hang up.
What color are the babies?
They are chocolate brown.
Photo of owl house being put up by C. Wilhelm
Owl Pages--for the teacher
A magnificent site from Australia.
(this is the site with the owl sounds)
Owling.com--for the teacher
This is the largest US website
dedicated totally to owls.
Interactive Owl Site with games for
children and more. Teacher resource.
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