Tan Darosti

Our Prayers
Tan Darosti
Why do we Pray?
• Prayers are healing – heal body & mind
• Name of our Prayer Book? – Khordeh Avesta
Our Religion - Zoroastrianism
• Zoroastrians call their God “Ahura Mazda”
Ahura = "Lord" and Mazda = "Wisdom".
• Zoroastrians believe that Ahura Mazda is their
• Zoroastrians pray at fire temples. They respect
fire because it is the symbol of Ahura Mazda
Praying in an Agiary
Lets talk about a very Important
Prayer called:
Tan Darosti
Doa e Tan Darosti
• Tan = Body
• Darosti = Healthy State
Doa e Tan Darosti
• Why is it a Very Important Prayer?
• The prayer focuses on the well-being and
good health of man, who, as God’s finest
creation, must be healthy in both the
body and mind, in order to weaken the
power of evil and thereby bring about
greater goodness and virtue in this life
Doa e Tan Darosti
• Prayer of blessing said
at the end of all
Eg. During a Navjote, the
ceremony ends with the
child and priest opposite
one another, and the
priest offering blessings praying that the child
may enjoy a long,
healthy and righteous
life full of grace
Doa e Tandorosti - English translation
"May my family and friends live happy, healthy
and long!
May they live for thousand years!
May Ahura Mazda grant health to all those who
follow the Good Religion!
A hundred thousand blessings to them and to
my family!"
Tan Darosti = Keeping your Body
in Good Health
• Our ancestors
were noted for
their love of the
outdoors and
being in touch
with nature
• Healthy state –
physically and
Tan Darosti = Keeping your Body
in Good Health
• Urban Iranians and Zoroastrians in particular
constructed baghs or gardens on the outskirts of
the city - sanctuaries to which they would retreat
on weekends and holidays
Tan Darosti = Keeping your Body
in Good Health
• Gardens serve as
a sanctuary and
play an important
role in healing –
especially lush
green areas with
flowing streams
Recap - What did we learn
Tan Darosti = Keeping your body in
good health
Tan = Body Darosti = Healthy State
Tan Darosti is a prayer of Blessing
said at the end of a ceremony
Gardens play an important role in
staying healthy
Tan Darosti = Keeping your Body
in Good Health
• Lets say Tan Darosti prayer with the names of
all kids present

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