Induction structure
Preparing new starter for employment at the University
Example of activities: New starter- complete HR required forms; familiarise with key policies; and
overview of University . Hiring manager - organise necessary equipment; set up meetings; arrange
lunch/morning tea; assign buddy; develop induction/training plan for first couple of weeks
University value, working culture, priorities/goals and services
Example of activities: work of the University and value in society; University organisational structure; values and culture
incl. Sustainability and equity & diversity; how to navigate in the University and get things done; key people;
priorities/goals; services available to staff on campus
Overview of department and business unit within the University context
Example of activities: department & business unit structure; business units interaction with other areas in the University;
key stakeholders; goals & challenges; roles/responsibilities of individual team members; departments contribution to
achieving University goals;
Introduction to new workplace area & co-workers and set up workstation
Example of activities: Tour of office & University; meet team & key people in office area; OHS orientation i.e. Fire &
evacuation procedures, first aid, ergonomics etc; order stationary supplies; steps for arranging systems access and
workstation set-up; compliance training e.g. EEO, harassment, OHS
Expectations, importance and challenges of the role
Job Orientation
Example of activities: overview and challenges of role; where the role fits in relation to achieving the University goals;
discuss probation and set objectives; introduce buddy; hiring manager assign work for new starter to complete; provide
necessary training

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