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The ISO 20022 adoption mApp
Brought to you by the ISO 20022 Registration Authority
ISO 20022
Download the mApp on your iPad!
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The ISO 20022 adoption mApp
Brought to you by the ISO 20022 Registration Authority
A free IOS tablet app,
that provides an overview of initiatives
adopting ISO 20022 around the world
ISO 20022
Facilitating adoption
and fostering dialogue
> 70
> Information provided by
initiative* owners
> Covers all regions &
business segments
> Easy to use, contribute to
and maintain
* Initiatives who plan to adopt the official ISO 20022 messages registered on
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Which initiatives can you find in the mApp?
The initiative classification
ISO 20022 initiatives *
North America
South America
Trade Services
Migration type
Big Bang
All the initiatives have given their agreement to be published in the ISO 20022 adoption
mApp. At this stage, more than 70 initiatives are included in the mApp. More initiatives will
be added on a continuous basis.
* Initiatives who plan to adopt the official ISO 20022 messages registered on
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Why an ISO 20022 adoption mApp?
After the success of the ISO 20022 for Dummies book which focuses on
‘What is ISO 20022’, there is an increasing demand to know
‘Who is adopting ISO 20022’ as more communities are selecting
ISO 20022 as their financial messaging standard
Market Infrastructures want to take informed decisions to select the right
standard and to prepare their ISO 20022 adoption project
Users having to implement standards are looking for up-to-date
ISO 20022 adoption information to decide, prepare and plan. A lot of this
(public) information is scattered and usually only available through the
initiative’s site.
A free app that provides a global
overview of initiatives adopting ISO
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How can you access this
new ISO 20022 adoption mApp?
The app is free of charge and can be downloaded by anyone interested in ISO 20022
adoption from the App Store
Links to the app are provided from the ISO 20022 website
The app can be used online and offline
Its role is to foster the dialogue about ISO 20022 and to facilitate its adoption
The app contains information about ISO 20022 initiatives which are ‘live’, ‘planned’, in
‘roll-out/testing’ and ‘under discussion’
The app is only available for iOS tablet devices.
New information is updated automatically in the app when accessed online
A PDF with adoption information can be downloaded for each
ISO 20022 initiative
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How can you contribute to the mApp?
Becoming part of the community of ‘published adopters’ is easy:
Provide the initial info regarding your initiative:
If you would like to show your initiative in the mApp please access or contact the ISO 20022
Registration Authority ([email protected]). You will then be
provided with further instructions on how to ‘feed’ the mApp with
your initiative information.
Maintain your information:
Send us your updates when you want and we will publish the
updated information in the app.
As a health check, the ISO 20022 Registration Authority will contact
you once a year to validate your information.
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Information you can share about your
Name of the initiative
A high level description of the initiative:
Drivers for this initiative
Network (services) used & involved countries
Status of adoption (i.e. Live, roll out/testing, planned, under discussion)
(Planned) live date
Migration type (i.e. Big Bang, migration or phased migration)
Community of users (Category of players, number of users, volumes of messages)
Owner/organisation of the initiative
URL link to the official webpage
Data about ISO 20022 messages (if already known)
Adopted messages sets
Required Business Application Header
Adopted messages & version
Required implementation guidelines
URL link to place where implementation guidelines are published
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The ISO 20022 adoption mApp
View on world map
Possibility to filter on
specific group of
ISO 20022 initiatives per
business domain, region
or adoption status
Possibility to zoom in
immediately on region
or country level, by
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The ISO 20022 adoption mApp
View per region
Zoom in on initiatives
per country, by a
simple ‘tap’
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The ISO 20022 adoption mApp
Detailed view per initiative – description
Possibility to
share an initiative
via Twitter
Possibility to
information in
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The ISO 20022 adoption mApp
Detailed view per initiative – message level
If the initiative is ‘live’ or
‘planned’, message information
can be provided (i.e. the list of
messages which are part of the
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The ISO 20022 adoption mApp
Information screen
Including a
description of the
mApp and a legal
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More questions?
Download the ISO 20022 adoption
mApp from the
App Store!
Contact [email protected]
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