District Grant Slides - Rotary District 6960

 Fund Development Remains The Same
 3 Years, 50% DDF, 50% World Fund
 More Money For Local Projects
 50% of DDF now available for District Grants
 Simplified Grant Processing
 Online processing
 Larger Projects – More Impact
 $125K Maximum Global Grant Match Increased
to $200K
 $30K Minimum Project Size ($15K grant)
 More Club and District Responsibility
 Stewardship and Record Keeping
 District Simplified Grants are simply called
District Grants and can now be used for both
local and international projects
 Matching Grants are now called Global Grants
 Packaged Grants
 http://www.rotary.org/en/grants/grants-
 Attend the District Grant Management Seminar
 Agree to the Club Memorandum of
Understanding and submit a signed MOU to the
Prior Year’s Grants Completed or Current
Club is in Good Standing with RI and the
District, all SARs and dues current.
Club/Membership Actively Contributes to the
Annual Programs Fund of The Rotary
President Elect or Club Representative attended
current year’s PETS – or was excused by and
received training approved by the GovernorElect.
 Club Memorandum of Understanding
 If a Club wishes to participate in Global or Packaged
Grants, it must agree to implement the financial and
stewardship requirements in this MOU.
 If a club wishes to participate in District Grants, it
must agree to implement the financial record keeping
and retention of required documents. (application
and final report w/receipts)
 Setting up these procedures now, even if a Global or
Packaged Grant is not foreseen, will expedite future
grant participation. It’s just a good idea.
Peace and conflict prevention / resolution
Disease prevention and treatment
Water and sanitation
Maternal and child health
Basic education and literacy
Economic and community development
 Will the project continue to serve community
long after Rotary has walked away?
Home Phone
Work Phone
941-355-7637 x 409
Cell Phone
[email protected]
 Clubs Must Apply For Grants by September 1st.
 Club applications drive the District Spending Plan
 Clubs May Apply For Up To $5,000.00 in DDF
Match, but requests cannot exceed 50% of the
per project budget.
 Dictionary Project as currently accepted does
not apply against the club limit.
 Remember your smaller international projects!
 District Grants Committee
 District Rotary Foundation Chair, District Grants
Chair, Governor Corps, representatives from the three
top per capita giving clubs and the two top giving
clubs, immediate year prior.
 Dictionary Projects, as currently accepted, will be
approved prior to any other application provided the
application is received by September 1st and the club
is qualified.
 Has the Club met the qualification criteria?
 If applications exceed available funds:
 Does the project fit in to one of the six areas of focus?
 Is the project sustainable?
 Impact!
 Date of application.
 Club Qualification Criteria
 Club Memorandum of Understanding
 Rotary Foundation Grant Terms and
 Online application for a District Grant
 Progress / Final Report
[email protected]
 Global Grants can be applied for on an
ongoing basis.
 In order to qualify for a Global Grant, a project
must have a minimum budget of $30,000.00
 The District will match club dollars 1-1 up to
$7500.00 while funds last.
 Funding the minimum project of $30K
 Club(s) contribute $10K / TRF matches
$5K = $15K
 District contributes $7,500 / TRF matches
$7500 = $15K
 Total Budget of $30K reached
 Online Application for Global Grant
 Online Progress Reports for Global Grant
 Online Final Report for Global Grant
 Complete the online application
 Save the DRAFT to a PDF file and email to
the Global Grants Chair, Sandy Scoggins.
Sandy will review the application to confirm
its eligibility and offer suggestions for
improvement. She will also let you know if
DDF is available for this project and, if so,
how much that is
 After receiving confirmation of DDF from
sandy, the application can be completed and
appropriately submitted
 Only the Primary Contact for the Host and
International Partner is allowed to edit the
application once it is saved.
 Under the Authorization Tab there is a check
box to signify the grant application is
complete. Do not check that until you are sure
as the application cannot be edited after.
 Checking that box automatically notifies the
District that there is a grant application
waiting to be authorized.
Home Phone
Cell Phone
[email protected]
 This is where your club enters its goals for the
 Goals must be entered for club/service/TRF
 Many items will self propagate based on actual
changes, such as membership and TRF giving.
 Member Access, in particular, Rotary Club
Central, should be your go to place.

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