Close Reading

Close Reading
Learning Intentions
• Revision of punctuation and how it is
• Answering questions on Punctuation
• Practice past paper
• Read through the punctuation worksheet.
• Punctuate the sentences on the right hand
• Work on the apostrophes in the bottom right
hand box.
• You have 10 minutes.
Colons, semi-colons and dashes
• A colon introduces a quotation or an
EG: Dr Uher told New Scientist magazine:“This
could be related to biological differences
between men and women.”
EG: There can be only one explanation of his
behaviour: he is completely mad.
• A semi-colon marks the edn of a sentence, but
less firmly than a full stop does. It is most
often used where a sentence is closely related
to the one that folloows it. The second one
might provide a contrast or a balance to the
previous one.
EG: My parents like to get up early at the
weekend; I would rather have a long lie.
• A dash can be used in a similar way to a colon – to
introduce an explanation.
• “For centuries women have had a providing role –
preparing and cooking food for their families.
• Two dashes can mark of an extra piece of information
in the middle of a sentence – known as PARENTHESIS.
• Eg “They found that the occipitotemporal cortex – the
area of the brain that monitors and reflects how other
parts of the brain react to food – registered the
strongest activity.”
On Page 21
Every computer games player has dreamt of working in the electronic
games industry. If you are one of those, now might be your chance
to shine: the market is booming and companies need all the gifted
people they can get.
But creating fantastic games takes more than just programming;
platforms are becoming more powerful by the day and consumer’s
expectations have grown – increasing the demand for cutting edge
artwork, graphics and sound.
If you are passionate about games and would rather be saving – or
destroying!- the world on your computer than anything else, that’s
a good start to your career. Ken Levine, CEO and creative director of
US developed irrational Games, says: “if you are giong to come
home from your job or school at night and spend your time
preparing game mods – customised modifications – it’s because you
are passionate about games.
Sentence Structure
• Now you are going to work individually on a
set of questions which focus on Sentence
• For sentence structure questions you are
looking for:
Punctuation, Length, Repetition, Word Order, Lists.
You then write down an explanation of what impact
this has on the passage as a whole.
• For Tuesday the 15th– ‘London: A Timeless City’ p91 -93.
– Read the passage and answer the questions to the
best of your ability.

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