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Tyler Perry
By: Kayla McDaniel
About Tyler's life
 He
was abuse by his father.
 At age 16 he change his first name to
 He separated his self from his father
 His mom died
 He also dropped out of high school
 He loves to make movies
Tyler Perry quotes
Tyler Perry sayings
The company
 About
His Company International
His Company International is a dynamic
dance and arts ministry devoted to
spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ
throughout the world.
 they
ended up centered at Portsmouth,
Iowa the government financial aid 1929.
 His
education continued at a school in
nearby Madura, a center of education in
Roman North Africa fifteen kilometers
(twenty miles) south of Thagaste.
Frist company located
Tyler Perry Studios is the first AfricanAmerican owned studio in the country and
had its grand opening on October 4, 2008.
Located in Atlanta, Georgia,
How much his business worth
and him
 Tyler
Perry earns over $100 million per
 TV shows who has a net worth of $400
 Tyler Perry is worth 80 million
Birth date/dead
 September
14 1969
 He is not dead
Were there any failure
 No
there were no failure
 Pictures
of him
THE EHD !!!!

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