The god-teacher archetype

 Whom
do you believe in (parents, the
President, clergy, teachers, artists, poets,
celebrities, mentors)?
 What
are the sources of authority in modern
 people
 gods
 gods
believed in gods.
held all authority and power.
guided people to live with honesty and
 god-teacher
= a benevolent (kind) god
 Transmits
godlike characteristics to the
creatures of the earth (things that will make
people “the gods” of the earth)
 Transmits:
 the
information and inspiration necessary to
make life on earth similar to the life of the
 the
use of the implements of survival (i.e.,
fire, food, clothes)
desire/chance to realize the long-held
vision of paradise (a Golden Age).
 The
function of the god-teacher is to be a
model for human behavior.
 People
must take the advice of their godteachers if they are to find happiness.
 We
can see a god-teacher as anyone who
gives us gifts, advice, guidance, etc. to help
us through our lives.
god-teacher gives gifts (tangible or
intangible) to people to improve their lives,
help them through difficult times, advise
them on a course of action, etc.
god-teacher shows us…
how we are to behave.
what we ought to think of ourselves.
what destiny to follow.
what traditions to honor.
what rituals to enact.
 Tangible
meaningful object/memento (i.e., jewelry, book)
 Intangible
Who is this character? What gifts did she give? Whom did she help
and how?
Who is this character? What gifts did he
give? Whom did he help and how?
Who is this character? What gifts did he give?
Whom did he help and how?
Who is this character? What gifts did he give?
Whom did he help and how?
 Daniel
LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and his
mother move to NJ
 Several kids, who all attend the same karate
school (the Cobra Kai), bully Daniel and beat
him up
 Daniel decides to learn karate--- but who will
teach him?
 He then meets handyman, Mr. Miyagi, who is
a karate master.
 Mr. Miyagi agrees to help Daniel.
 How/why
is Mr. Miyagi a God-Teacher? List 3
 God-teachers are often mysterious. How is
Mr. Miyagi mysterious?
 Why
would a society (ancient or modern)
need or want a God-Teacher? (2+ reasons)
 Are
God-Teachers necessary to our society
today? Why/why not? (2+ reasons)
 Brainstorm:
who are the God-teachers in
your life or our culture? (List 5-10)

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