MPN partner brief juni 2014

Office 365 &
- Top Customer Workloads and Scenarios
Windows Azure
LOB Application
Saved VM
StorSimple Cloud-Integrated Storage (CIS)
Primary Volume
Extended Primary
Additional primary data
stored in Azure
Cloud Snapshots
Copy of full data and
incremental snapshots
Washington D.C
13.-17. juli 2014
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Washington D.C?!
Michael Jacobs – Administrerende Direktør Microsoft
Morten Meier: Public Sector Lead
Jan Kiese – Partner Sales Lead
Ole Roterud – Small and Medium Businesses Lead
Christian Almskog – Windows Lead
Anne Gretland – PS&P Lead
Thomas Peder Bakken – Corporate Accounts Sales
Jens Lauenborg – Partner Lead, Small and Medium
Hilde Lervik– Anti Piracy Lead
Jørn Seglem– Dynamics Lead
Arne Hartmann- Produktsjef
Truls Starckjohann – Partner Sales Executive
Vladislav Kazanski – Partner Sales Executive
Cathrine Nymoen – Partner Sales Executive
Lena Friberg Sørensen- Partner Sales Executive
Anders Borchsenius- Partner Sales Executive
Tor-Willy Weberg – Partner Sales Executive
Eirik Berg– Partner Sales Executive Disti
Andre Johnsen- Partner Sales Executive
Klaus Borling- Partner Sales Executive
Linda Stefansdottir- Software Asset Management Manager
Cathrine Golf– MPN Program Manager
Advania AS,AIMS Innovation, ALSO Norway AS, Amende AS, Atea
Norge AS, Axdata AS, Bouvet Norge AS, Capgemini, CGI, Commaxx
AS, Communicate Norge AS, Compello AS, Computas AS, Crayon AS,
CRM Insight AS, Decens AS, Evry ASA, Glasspaper AS, Global
Knowledge Norway AS, Inmeta Consulting AS, ITet AS, Junglemap AS,
Knowit Amende AS, Lumagate AS, Norsk Data Senter AS, One Stop
Reporting, Peanuts, Serit AS, Skill AS, Software Innovation AS, Tech
Data Norge, Telenor, Visma Software International AS, Webstep AS
[email protected]
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