PowerPoint Presentation - Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

The mission of the Emmanuel
Cancer Foundation is to
provide a variety of specialized
services, at no charge, to any
New Jersey family facing the
challenges of caring for a child
with cancer.
We accomplish this through:
professional in-home counseling
advocacy on behalf of the
material support such as food,
clothing, toys, and household
emergency financial relief
Joey was just turning five months
old when he was diagnosed with
neuroblastoma. His young
parents, Brian and Eileen, were
both teachers at the time, but in
order to provide the care that
Joey’s condition required, Eileen
had to give up her part-time job.
And after Brian was laid off he
had to accept a lower salary and
a loss of medical benefits. As a
result, this West Orange family
began to suffer extreme hardship.
ECF sent a Caseworker who immediately began to
attend to this family’s needs, but at one point Joey’s
doctor did not allow the Caseworker to visit him in
his home due to his fragile condition from
chemotherapy and fear of infection.
Caseworker services soon resumed, and fifteen
months later, after surgery, diagnostic tests, and
chemotherapy, Joey was finally off treatment and
life started to become a bit more normal.
At some point during their ordeal, Eileen wrote the
following, “You guys are the greatest. I can’t wait ‘til
we’re back on our feet again so we can help you
out. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
And 24 years later, Eileen
found us on Facebook,
and is living up to that
Meanwhile, Joey is now
a young adult in medical
school. He is currently
interested in orthopedic
Our income is well diversified,
thanks to our fundraising efforts
and the support of the community.
ECF’s team of
Caseworkers are the heart
of the services we provide.
The bond they form with
families is often very deep.
The distribution of
groceries is just a
small piece of what
we provide from
ECF’s four Regional
Centers. We
distribute holiday
and birthday gifts,
gift cards, toys,
clothing, and attend
to special needs.
For example,
volunteers had a
piano to donate,
the Caseworker
knew that Gianna’s
family wanted one
but couldn’t afford
to buy it, and the
Regional Director
found a company
to move it for free.
Working together is
what we do best.
In addition to generous
financial support, the
Independent Order of
Odd Fellows has been a
driving force for the
Southern Region’s
annual holiday party.
Giza just turned two,
and the bilateral
retinoblastoma she
was diagnosed with
shortly after her birth is
finally in remission.
She had a total of
eight tumors on her
Rebecca is Giza’s
single, military mom.
She is so grateful for
the services provided
by ECF that she
recently brought her
daughter to one of
our fundraisers where
she spoke about how
ECF helped her, and
continues to be there
for them.

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