Mini-Roos, Junior Div, City Men & Women

How To Complete the Program
Package for Mini-Roos (SSF), Junior
Divisional, and City Men/Women
Redlands United 2015
Head to - click on the register now link
If you know your FFA Number select “Click Here to Proceed to Login Process” & head to slide 14
If you have forgotten your FFA Number or password select “Click here to find your FFA Number” & head to slide
If you do not have an FFA Number select “Click here to create an FFA Account” & head to slide 5
To create an FFA Account check the “I
agree” box and click next
Complete all the relevant details and
click “Create Account”
Once complete you will receive this message and your account
details will be emailed to your nominated email address
You will receive an email that looks like this.
Make a note of your FFA Number and Password the click “HERE”
to register as a player
If you know your FFA Number and password enter them and click “Login” & skip to slide 14
If you cannot remember your FFA Number or Password Select “Need your FFA Number” and
head to slide 10 or “Need Password” and head to slide 11
To retrieve your FFA Number enter your “First Name”, “Last Name” and “Date of Birth” and Hit
If you have an active FFA Account the number will appear in the box below. Click on your name to
return to the login screen.
If you have forgotten your pass word
click “Need a Password?”
Enter your FFA Number and email
address and click “Proceed”
You will receive a message like this.
Click “here” to head back to the FFA
Login page
To log into myfootballclub enter your FFA Number and
Password and click “Login”
Click “Make a Registration”
Check all your personal
details to make sure they
are current.
Click “Next”
Step 1 enter “Redland” into the text box and click on
the “Redlands United Football Club Inc” name that appears.
Do not SELCET “Redlands United FC - NPL (club)” as registrations for NPL programs are closed.
Step 2: select “Player”
Step 3: select “2015 (Program/age group) Add On”
Select “Add Packages”
Your registration package will appear in the box below.
Click “Next”
If you have played for any Association team overseas you MUST have
completed an International Transfer Clearance. If the answer is “No”
go to slide 22. If the answer is yes select “Yes” an this process will
automatically be triggered via myfootballclub.
Disclaimer – It is the responsibility of each player/ guardian to declare their previous playing history. Players failing to declare overseas
playing history may have their registration from Redlands United FC cancelled
If your most recent playing experience was overseas select “Yes”
and provide details of the relevant “Country, Club and Year”
Read the terms
and conditions
and click
“Acknowledge All”
then “Next”
(Please note it is a requirement or
registration that all players agree
to the terms and conditions
outlined in this page)
Select “Pay Online”
Enter your credit card detail and email
address and click “Next”
Enter the automatically generated code.
Click “Next”
A payment receipt will be generated.
Click “Next”
Complete the additional questions regarding playing
history, school (players who are not at school must
select “No School”), volunteering opportunities and
sponsorship opportunities.
You will receive confirmation of your

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