2014 Summer Teacher Training

Community Partners
 13-14
o LA Seafood Money
o ProStart Teacher Grant
o Chapter Support for Events/Meetings
 14-15
o Will remain the same
July 1st deadline for how the money was spent
o Photos Appreciated
o Seafood
o Fieldtrips
Funds will be sent out at the start of the school year to the
ProStart schools we have W9’s on
End of Year form due by July 1st
o Applications will be sent late Fall
o Funds letter will be sent in January
o Checks cut afterwards
Foundational Resources
o ProStart I & II Testing
o ServSafe
o Textbooks
Need to know what is needed to make program better
As Stated in the ProStart Agreement (School):
Implement the ProStart® curriculum and materials in their
Schedule only juniors and seniors with minimum 2.0 cumulative
grade point average (“GPA”) for ProStart®;
Purchase current ProStart® materials for school and student use;
Require students to take the national ProStart® I & II
examinations as the final examination for each class;
The educator(s) teaching the ProStart® Program must have or
achieve the following industry-based certifications:
o ServSafe Instructor
o NRAEF Certified Secondary Foodservice Educator;
Educator must teach ServSafe as part of the ProStart®
Maintain over a 50% completion rate with the ProStart®
Certificate of Achievement and/or ServSafe Certification;
Educators must attend LRAEF ProStart Trainings
Instruction will be taught utilizing commercial kitchen equipment for
the ProStart® Program;
The School’s administration must allow the educator(s) to be given
release time to attend the following ProStart® or LRA industry-related
• Professional development workshops
• Educator-employer networking meetings
• LRAEF ProStart Student Competition
Any funds or materials provided by NRAEF, industry sponsors or
LRAEF must be used exclusively for ProStart® Program and deposited
in interest-bearing accounts with such interest accruing and payable
to the ProStart® Program.
As Stated in the ProStart Agreement (Educator):
Managing, monitoring and maintaining program goals and objectives as defined by the LRAEF;
Recruiting students for ProStart® I & II;
Teaching the entire curriculum and giving the national ProStart® I & II examination as the final examination for
each class;
Placing students in mentored worksites in accordance with LRAEF internship criteria;
Coordinating foodservice industry guest speakers and job shadowing opportunities;
Teaching ServSafe as part of the ProStart® curriculum;
Maintaining at least a 50% completion rate with ProStart® Certificate of Achievement and/or ServSafe
o Attending the following ProStart® or LRA industry-related activities:
o Professional development workshops
o Educator-employer networking meetings
o LRAEF ProStart Student Competition
Communicating with students, parents, counselors, employers and administrators on
the requirements necessary to complete the ProStart® Program;
Signing agreements with employers, parents, and students specifying roles and
Providing program updates to the LRAEF ProStart® Coordinator, including, but not limited to:
Annual program profiles;
Tracking/Graduate report; and
Mentor and student surveys; and
Serve as a liaison to the LRAEF staff
In Addition:
Let us know what is going on Positive and Negative in your Parish
Testing needs to take place – especially with Teacher Grants
Competition as a Competitor or Spectator
Chapter Events
o Networking for you and your students
o LRAEF or Chapter will pay
NRAEF Certification, 5 years to complete
o Level 1,2,3 and internship
o Optional Level 4 available
Work Hour Tracking
New (Career & Basic) Diploma
Our Vision is ProStart
o Share it, ask questions, provide ideas, talk about it
What have we done:
o Taken the WIC research and corrected it to support our
o We have fought to have ProStart on the Approved IBC list
o Working with Post-Secondary to write a Pathway
o Communicate with your CTE to share our ideas
o Attend Regional Meetings
o Stay on top of DOE news
August 2-4
August 2, 2014
New Orleans Morial Convention Center
Hilton Riverside Hotel, New Orleans
Early Fall 2014
September 1, 2014
LA Seafood Money
ProStart Documents
Sent to ProStart programs
ProStart School Standards Agreement, School Profile, ProStart
Course size, W9 forms for new schools or schools with changes
September, 2014
COA Documents Due
October, 2014
December 2014
Teacher Support Grant
NRAEF Summer Institute
13-14 school year COA docs must be submitted with workplace
verification form, checklist and proof of 400 hours, submitted to
Coordinator for submission to NRAEF
Grant Document due to LRAEF
Summer Institutes registration opens
December 5, 2014
January 2015
February 2015
Winter Training
Teacher Support Grant
NRAEF Summer Institute
Louisiana Culinary Institute, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Funding letters returned to teachers
Professional Development for Educators Scholarship application
March 3-4, 2015
Louisiana ProStart
New Orleans Morial Convention Center, New Orleans
April 18-20, 2015
National ProStart
The Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland in Anaheim, California
May 2015
EEA Award & NRA Show
End of Year Support Grant
NRA Show – Chicago, IL
Retuned to LRAEF

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