Language Arts PowerPoint - Clarke Community School District

With Mrs. Woods
What is Language Arts?? It is…
Visually Representing
Clarke students will be empowered through literacy to access
and evaluate information, to form and express ideas and
opinions, communicate those ideas and opinions orally and in
writing, make informed decisions, and contribute to community
and society.
Our Mission:
The mission of the Clarke Community School District
is to empower students to be life-long learners and
to embrace the challenges of a changing world.
 We
will work toward this mission in language arts by:
 Working
everyday to learn and advance skills in the six
language arts areas
 Involve technology with the six language arts to enhance
21st century learning skills
 Participate in language arts activities that prepare students
to be successful in future community and society-related
Our long-term goal this year in
Language Arts:
Increase the percentage of students performing at
the proficient and advanced categories in reading
comprehension as measured by the Iowa
Assessments and MAP tests.
 6th
grade 66.3% proficient
 7th grade goal: 80% proficient
 What
will it take to meet this goal?
Required Materials for Language Arts
Binder with language arts sections organized and
up to date
Assignment Notebook
Free-read Novel
Language arts book (via hard copy or digital copy)
Classroom Procedures: Class Routine
Be in your seat before the bell and start free-reading
 When time, work on step 1 of the daily task list (usually a
blog entry)
 Turn in any assignments due for the day into the blue box
 Have all materials at your desk and prepare for step 2 of
the daily task list
 Read Language and Content objectives Aloud as class
 Begin lesson
There is no talking during this time unless instructed to do so. A
tardy or failure to complete the beginning of class routine will
result in taking steps of the behavior action plan.
Classroom Procedures: Class Routine Cont.
Unit 5 Week 2
I can……
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Write about a Christmas
past (a holiday experience
you had previously). Talk
about the event in detail
using at least three
adverbs and adjectives.
How does Scrooge feel
about Christmas?
At least five sentences with
5 prepositions underlined
Reading Comp
Audio Listen to Play
P741 – 751
Joint class reading P752-758
Discuss events as a
large group and make a
picture map of events
and understandings
Enact Text
1. I will be able to analyze, evaluate, and think critically about drama including elements of theme and character motivation.
2. I will be able to identify interjections in example sentences and create new sentences with interjections.
3. I will be able to make connections to the characters in a drama.
P. 8 in booklet (p738
about the big question
(at least 5 sentences)
P738 (implored,
morose, destitute,
void, conveyed,
Define each word as a
large group and use the
words in a sentence.
P8 in booklet
Terrell’s Class: Marley
Woods’s Class: Scrooge
Terrel/Woods: Past
Discuss Test
Enact Text
P10 Booklet:
Top: 3 things about setting in
Bottom: How is Scrooge’s
lifestyle inconsistent with his
wealth? (7 sentences)
Prediction: What
changes would you like
to see the characters
make? What do you
think will make the
characters change?
Page 11 Booklet:
Summary of text
Read pages 759-768
Sentence Structure: Find a
simple, compound,
complex, and compoundcomplex sentence,
Underline independent
clauses and Circle
subordinate clauses
Read P 775-785
Booklet pages 14/15
critical thinking p768
P13 Booklet
4 questions about the
Partner answer them to
best of ability
P16 booklet (top:
draw and describe one
of your Christmas’
pasts, bottom: draw
and describe
Christmas’ future
Interjections p770
P12 vocab activity
Interjections p770
New vocab p774
(astonish, compulsion,
severe, meager,
audible, intercedes)
P10 Booklet
Practice A and B
P11,12,13 booklet
P14,15,16 booklet
10 - 15 minutes of individualized reading daily
Classroom Procedures: Turning in Assignments
and getting them back
Students will turn in all papers to the blue box when
they are completed correctly in the appropriate slot
Students will email digital assignments or turn them into
the drop-box on Infinite Campus (as directed) when
completed correctly
During step 1 of the daily tasks list, Mrs. Woods will
return all graded or viewed papers back to students
Students must record scores from their replied email,
drop-box grade, or paper grade on their green grade
sheet in their binder when grades are returned
All graded assignments will be placed in the student
binder or a folder on the iPad after being recorded
Classroom Procedure: Differentiated
All students have been placed in a color group based on
their Iowa Assessment Data from last year (either orange,
blue, or green)
Assignments will be given based on student readiness and
skill level; students will not be given all the same assignment
Some students will be expected to complete more work than
others and are expected to do so without complaint or steps
on the behavior action plan may be taken
Students will fluctuate between assignment groups
throughout the school year based on readiness and skill
Each student will be notified of their color group during the
first week of school
Classroom Procedures: Homework and
Late Work
All assignments will be worth a set number of points
as to be determined by the teacher
Assignments may not be accepted for points until all
errors are corrected
Any late work will result in Intervention Lunch or
Intervention before or after school with the teacher
and steps of the behavior action plan
Classroom Procedure: Homework Help
Help with any homework will be available before
school starting at 7:30 and afterschool from 3:253:55 unless I have a meeting.
Language Arts Section of Binder
Important Documents
Graded assignments
Assessment artifacts
Classroom Procedure: Restroom and
You will be permitted one bathroom/drink break
per week unless special conditions apply
You must have your assignment notebook with you
and a pass completed in the assignment notebook
to leave the classroom
Classroom Procedure: Going to Locker
You will not be allowed to go to your locker during
class. If you forgot paper, pencil, or a pen you will
either have to borrow one from a fellow classmate
or buy one from the teacher for $0.25.
Failure to bring needed materials to class could
result in steps from the behavior action plan.
Classroom Procedure: Going to the
If you are going to the office or nurse, you have to
ask the teacher, then fill out a pass in your
assignment book and have the teacher sign it. This
needs to be done at an appropriate time of the
lesson unless it is an emergency. If you feel like you
can’t make it all the way to the nurse, please take
the trash can with you.
The nurse will not be available 2nd and 3rd period
during the first semester.
Classroom Procedure: iPad
The iPad is a tool for learning. Unless the iPad is
being used during the lesson, it is to remain closed. I
will instruct you when you are to have your iPad
If you are off task or are using your iPad
inappropriately, you will be subject to consequences
as outlined in the student handbook.
Classroom Procedure: Absent
If you are absent it is your responsibility to get your
Extra Copies of assignments will be placed in the extra
copies holder where you can retrieve the needed
You will have 1 additional day to complete the
assignments and tasks missed.
Use the teacher website and blog to work on
assignments when you know you will be absent
Any planned absences require an absent form from the
Classroom Procedure: Bags and Water
 Bags
take up too much walking space and can cause
accidents and harm to students
Water bottles will be permitted unless they cause
learning disruptions
Classroom Procedures: Checking out books
You may check out books from Mrs. Woods’s classroom
library before or after class or during free read time if
you have finished reading your current book.
All books will be checked out via Mrs. Woods’s
computer by Mrs. Woods at the request of a student.
Books should be returned every four weeks so all
students have access to books they would like to read.
Returned books must be placed in the return box
located between the two green chairs
If books are not returned to the return box, students may be
fined the cost of the book to replace the book for others to
Classroom Expectations:
1. Be in the classroom when the bell rings.
 2. Bring necessary supplies to class.
 3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
 4. Follow directions the first time given.
 5. Show respect to others.
 6. Adhere to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
at all times.
Failure to meet classroom expectations will result in
steps from the behavior action plan.
Behavior Action Plan
Step 1: Individual Behavior Documentation
Step 2: Parental Notification of Repeated Individual
Step 3: Conference with parent/guardian and
student to create Behavior Modification Plan and a
detention after school
Step 4: Additional conference with
parent/guardian and student to take further
measures (lack of progress after two weeks of
Behavior Modification Plan)
Behavior Action Plan
Step 1: Individual Behavior Documentation
Individual Behavior Documentation (Action Plan Step 1)
Student: _____________________________________ Grade: _____ Date:___________________
Issued by: Mrs. Woods
Subject: ________________________________
Type of Incident
☐Excessive talking
Incomplete assignments
☐Lack of effort
☐Class Disruption
☐Disrespectful to others
☐Inappropriate language
☐Other: ______________________________________________________________________________
Reason for Incident
Corrective Action Plan
How will I make sure the incident is not repeated?
Student Signature: ______________________________
Teacher Signature: ______________________________
Behavior Action Plan
Step 2: Parental Notification of Repeated Individual Behavior
Dear Parent or Guardian of ____________________________________:
The purpose of this communication is to inform you that I am presently experiencing some problems with your child’s behavior that are not allowing your
child to learn at a high level. I would greatly appreciate your cooperation in working with me in trying to take corrective measures to eliminate these
The habit listed below has been addressed with an action plan made by your student, but has reoccurred and further action is needed in order for your
child to develop to his/her maximum potential:
_____________________________________ created a corrective action plan to address how he/she would not repeat the addressed behavior and
was written as follows:
Because the corrective plan written by the student was ineffective and the behavior has reoccurred, I am requesting the student and parent/guardian to
evaluate the plan and revise it to allow the student to be successful in the classroom. Use the space below to change the corrective action plan that
addresses how the student will make sure the incident is not repeated:
Please sign on the lines provided when the student and parent/guardian agree on the corrective action plan:
Parent/Guardian: _______________________________________________
Student: ____________________________________________________
Thank you for taking the time to address this behavior issue and for ensuring your student’s success in the classroom. If the corrective action plan created
above does not stop the intended behavior, further steps in the Behavior Action Plan will be taken. The next step in the Behavior Action Plan will be a
conference with the parent/guardian, student, and staff and a detention to be served after school.
Again, thank you for taking the time to ensure your student’s success in the classroom and I look forward to communicating growth made by your student
in this area. Please return this document within 24 hours to ensure communication has been successful.
Weekly Vocabulary
Each week students will be assigned 12 new vocabulary
words they are expected to learn how to spell and use
The vocabulary list will be posted on the language arts
board in the classroom and on the teacher webpage
Some activities during the week will be designed to
enhance students’ ability to use the vocabulary words,
but students are expected to learn how to spell and use
vocabulary terms outside of class
Every Monday a vocabulary chart (paper copy or
digital) will be due with the new vocabulary words
Free-Read Time
Students will be given 10 to 15 minutes daily to
independently read a free-read novel
Students are expected to have their novel with them
at all times
Daily and weekly assignments will be administered
over free-read novels
Reading and Writing Assessments
Weekly reading assessments will be charted and stored in
the “Goal Monitoring Language Arts” section of your binder
Monthly writing Assessments will be charted and storing in
the “Goal Monitoring Language Arts” section of your binder
Reading assessments require students to read a passage of
text for understanding (as much time as needed), then
answer 10 comprehension questions about the text without
out looking at it.
Writing assessments require students to use a prompt to
start a writing and write as much as they can, as correctly as
possible, in 3 minutes.
Check out my teacher webpage
Weekly assignment calendars, weekly vocabulary
charts, important documents, important links, and
great student work will be posted to the teacher
Students will be expected to check the page when
absent and navigate the page when given a task
that requires it
Class Blog
Each language arts class has its own blog
Students will use the blog almost daily to complete tasks assigned
by the teacher
Students must navigate to the blog and post responses to prompts
and questions in a timely manner using their iPad or a classroom
If no technology is available to the student, a paper copy must be
completed and shown to the teacher
Students will use their school email information to login and post to
their class blog
Language Arts Portfolio using Google
Grade Monitoring
Goal Monitoring
Novel Log
Student Work
Check out this example:
Curriculum Schedule

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