Joseph Smith -

Noah and the Flood
The Man Noah
Moses 8:13, 18-19, 27
Joseph Smith
(Teachings, p. 157–58)
“Noah, who is Gabriel ...
stands next in authority to
Adam in the Priesthood; he
was called of God to this
office, and was the father of all
living in his day, and to him
was given the dominion. These
men held keys first on earth,
and then in heaven.”
Timeline of Noah’s Life
Born about 1,056 years after Adam
Ordained to the Priesthood (D&C 107:52)
Begat Japeth (Moses 8:12)
Begat Shem (Moses 8:12)
Begat Ham (Moses 8:12)
• 120 year ministry (Moses 8:17)
• The flood occurs
950 Dies (Gen. 9:29)
The Sins of Noah’s Day
What Were Their Sins?
• Moses 7:32-34
• Moses 8:14-15
• Moses 8:18
• Moses 8:20
• Moses 8:22
• Moses 8:28-30
Spencer W. Kimball
(The Miracle of
Forgiveness, p.248249)
“Through the scriptures we
have a fairly clear picture of
the fate of the people of
Noah's day who, like many
people today, ignored the
testimonies of written
scripture and of living
prophets.... They were
drowned in their sins. Their
marriages were for time. They
reveled in worldliness.
Spencer W. Kimball
(The Miracle of
Forgiveness, p.248249)
“They were possibly like many
in the world today who place
no curb upon their eating,
drinking and licentiousness.
Their ignoring the laws of God
and the warning of the
prophets continued until the
very day when Noah and his
family entered the ark. Then it
was too late. Too late! What
finality in that phrase!”
Divine Justification
for Annihilation
What’s the Tipping Point?
The Pattern of Destruction
4. Spirit Ceases Striving with Man
3. Prophets are Rejected/No Repentance
2. God Sends Prophets to Warn
1. People Ripen in Iniquity
John Taylor
(Journal of
Discourses 21:113-116)
“[God] destroyed the
antediluvian world … because
they were not filling the
measure of their creation. They
had corrupted themselves to
such an extent that it would
have been an injustice to the
spirits in the eternal worlds if
they had to come through such
a corrupt lineage to be subject
to all the trouble incident
thereunto. And therefore God
destroyed them.”
John Taylor
(Journal of
Discourses, 19:158–59)
“[I]s it right that a just God
should sweep off so many
people? Is that in accordance
with mercy? Yes, it was just to
those spirits that had not
received their bodies, and it
was just and merciful too to
those people guilty of the
iniquity. Why?
John Taylor
(Journal of
Discourses, 19:158–59)
“Because by taking away their
earthly existence he prevented
them from entailing their sins
upon their posterity and
degenerating them, and also
prevented them from
committing further acts of
Neal A. Maxwell
Quorum of the Twelve
(Sermons Not
Spoken (Salt Lake City:
Bookcraft, 1985), p.91)
“Being a loving Father, though
deeply devoted to our …
agency, there are times in
human history when He simply
could not continue to send
spirits to this earth who would
have had virtually no chance.”
God intervened “when
corruption had reached an
agency-destroying point that
spirits could not, in justice,
be sent here.”
Neal A. Maxwell
Quorum of the Twelve
( We Will Prove Them
Herewith, p.58)
Noah’s Day Returns
Joseph Smith—Matthew 1:41-43
Ezra Taft Benson
(Teachings of Ezra Taft
Benson , 108)
“In striving to prepare a people
who are ready to meet the Lord
for His impending second coming,
we are faced with wickedness
which has never been as well
organized, extensive, and subtle.
Our day is becoming comparable
to the days of Noah, when the
Lord had to cleanse the earth by
flood—only in our day it will be
cleansed by fire.”
Lorenzo Snow reported a
day when someone came
and asked Joseph Smith,
“Who are you?” To which
he replied, “Noah came
before the flood. I have
come before the fire.”
Joseph Smith
(Madsen, Joseph Smith the
Prophet, p.105)
Spencer W. Kimball
(Ensign, June 1976, 3)
“Iniquity seems to abound….
Evil seems about to engulf us
like a great wave, and we feel
that truly we are living in
conditions similar to those in
the days of Noah before the
“We live in a world of
temptation—temptation that
seems more real and
oppressively rampant than
any since the days of Noah.”
Howard W. Hunter
Quorum of the Twelve
(Ensign, Nov 1976, 17)
Bruce R. McConkie
Quorum of the Twelve
(Ensign, Nov. 1980,
“We live in a day of evil and
wickedness…. Crime,
immorality, abortions, and
homosexual abominations are
fast becoming the norm of life
among the wicked and ungodly.
The world will soon be as
corrupt as it was in the days of
Latter-day Warnings
John Taylor
(Journal of
Discourses 21:113-116)
“Plagues and pestilence will
stalk through the earth because
of the iniquities of men,
because of some of these
corruptions.... namely, the
perversion of the laws of nature
between the sexes, and the
damnable murders that exist
among men.”
Marion G. Romney
First Presidency
(“The Tragic Cycle,”
Ensign, November 1977,
“In America two great
civilizations, the Jaredite and the
Nephite, were completely
annihilated because of their
rejection of the laws of
righteousness which God
revealed unto them.
In both cases, the Lord, through
His prophets, pointed out their
iniquities, warned them, and
predicted their destruction if
they did not repent. This they did
not do. Consequently they were
totally destroyed.
“We today are approaching the
close of a similar cycle. We have
been warned that we are
ripening in iniquity and that we
will be destroyed if we do not
Marion G. Romney
First Presidency
(“The Tragic Cycle,”
Ensign, November 1977,
Joseph Fielding Smith
Quorum of the Twelve
(Doctrines of Salvation,
“When the sacredness of the
marriage covenant is lost, and
the vows are broken,
destruction is inevitable…. No
nation can survive the abuse
of this principle. Rome,
Greece, Babylon, Egypt, and
many other nations owe their
downfall to the breaking of the
sacred covenant of marriage.”
“Further, we warn that the
disintegration of the family
will bring upon individuals,
communities, and nations the
calamities foretold by ancient
and modern prophets.”
What’s Our Ark?
Boyd K. Packer
Quorum of the Twelve
(“The Key to Spiritual
Protection,” Ensign,
Nov. 2013)
“Parents today wonder if there
is a safe place to raise children.
There is a safe place. It is in a
gospel-centered home. We focus
on the family in the Church, and
we counsel parents everywhere
to raise their children in
“We call upon responsible
citizens and officers of
government everywhere to
promote those measures
designed to maintain and
strengthen the family as the
fundamental unit of society.”
All the water in all the world,
No matter how hard it tried,
Could not sink the smallest ship,
Unless it got inside.
And all the evil in all the world,
The darkest kind of sin,
Cannot hurt a single soul
Unless we let it in.
2 Nephi 14:5-6
D&C 115:6

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