BiteMeDublin - Irish Hotels Federation

24th – 27th October 2014
Sun @ 6pm
Meeting House Square
Sun @ 8.30pm
Meeting House Square
Mon @ 2pm
Brooks Hotel Cinema
Fri-Sun @ 10-5pm
Wolfe Tone Square
Sat @ 2pm
South City Centre
Der Vampyre
Sat @ 4pm
St Anne’s Park, Clontarf
Sun @ 4pm
Meeting House Square
Sun @ 11am - 6pm
Generator, Smithfield
City Centre street from @ 5pm
Ending in Dublin Castle
Sun- Mon @ 11am - 2pm
The Ark
Sat @ 11am - 5pm
Project Arts Centre
Mon @ 3pm
The Ark
Sat @ 12.30 and 3.30pm
Cooks Academy
Sun @ 5pm
Meet at Connolly Station
All Weeked
The Science Gallery
Sat @ 7.30pm – 2am
Online Event
Sat @ 8.30pm
The Mercantile
Friday Festival Club
Sunday Festival Club
Monday Festival Club
Sunday @ 2pm
Samuel Beckett Centre,
Saturday @ 3pm
Oak Room, Mansion
Saturday @ 12pm
Oak Room, Mansion House
Sunday @ 4pm
Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity
Sunday @ 2pm
Chapel Royal, Dublin
Sunday @ 11am
Irish Film Institute
Saturday @ 12pm
Oak Room, Mansion
Saturday @ 7.30pm
Smock Alley Theatre
Follow-on event, Halloween weekend
24th – 27th October 2014
• Experience offer
- featured on your site, ours and jointly through social media
• Social media interaction
• Go red
–Light your business
–Gel your windows
• Competitions
• Summonsing the vampire
• Bunting
• Decorate your business
–Go gothic and be nominated for an award at
Raise Your Spirits
• Menu items
– Let the blood flow
• Website
– Support the festival by festuring it on your site
• Got an event? Let us know…
– Other events on
– All halloween events on
• Staff engagement…
– Dressing up?
– How much do they know about the festival?
• Zipwire
– Fully engaged with the festival? Get a golden ticket for
the Zipwire
Audience focused strategy…
What is happening in your area?
Who are your target audience?
Culturally Curious
Social Energisers
Next steps
• Register your interest, and commit to involvement next
week via data-capture registration form(to be sent early
next week)
– Standard opt-ins
• Social media, bunting, special menus, turning red, businessdressing, character summons, zipwire, festival feature on site etc
– Custom opt-ins
• Tailored offers & events, sponsorship,
competitions, offer codes etc
It’s not just about 2014
Monitor & report
Set benchmarks for next year
Developing interactions to use in future
• Build momentum for 2015 this year…
24th – 27th October 2014

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