Images of Mary

Images of Mary, handmaid of the Lord
Natum de Maria Virgine
 .. Born of a woman... Ga 4:4
A woman of many Titles
 Mirror of Justice, Seat of Wisdom, Cause of
Our Joy, Vessel of Honour, Singular Vessel of
Devotion, Mystical Rose, Tower of David,
Tower of Ivory, House of Gold, Ark of the
Covenant, Gate of Heaven, Morning Star..
 Drawn from Jewish and Christian devotional
language, with some basis in the Gospels’
portrayal of the mother of Jesus
Protevangelium of James
 2nd century devotional text
 Largely imitating the infancy narratives
 Online at
01. Joachim's Grief at being Childless
02. Anna Mourns her Childless State
03. Lamentation of Anna
04. Angel's Promise to Anna
05. Joachim's offerring; Anna gives birth to Mary
06. How The Infant Mary Was Blessed by the Priests
07. Aged three, Mary is Joyfully Presented for Temple Service
08. After Nine Years in the Temple, Mary has to leave it at Twelve
09. Finding husband for Mary: Joseph at first reluctant
10. Mary in the Temple, weaves curtain for the Holy of Holies
11. Annunciation to Mary, at the Well
Mosaics in Chora, Constantinople
Do not fear
to take
Mary home
as your
Visitation (Giotto)
Families meet (Veronese)
Brother and sister and mother to me...
Not mentioned in the Ministry
Except one episode: John 2
But there at the end
To receive a future mission
Ephesus tradition
Greek tradition

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