AMP DTC 12-09-2014

Measures of Progress
District Test Coordinator Webinar
December 9, 2014
James Herynk
Webinar Logistics:
• Audio will be streamed through Adobe Connect.
Audio is also available by calling 877-278-8686 Pin: 961449
— If using the phone as the audio source, MUTE the Adobe connect sound to prevent
feedback. On the phone, press *6 to mute yourself.
• Please hold questions until the end.
• All questions must be asked through the chat box in the bottom right corner.
Preface: Three Test Types
— Defined
— Rollout
— Setup
— Ticketing
— Monitoring
— District Test Coordinator View
Report Data Extracts
Paper/Pencil, Braille, and Large Print
Coming Soon…
Upcoming Webinars
Preface: Three Test Types
• Technology Practice Tests
—Generated by AMP (for all to access)
—Currently available
• Testlets
—Generated by teachers (for rostered students)
—Expected January, 2015
• Summative
—Generated by the system (for TEST records)
—March, 2015
• Distinguish between KITE Client and KITE
Educator Portal
• Upload 4 types of .CSV Templates: Users,
Enrollment, Rosters, and TEC
• Add Users, Students, and Rosters manually
• Edit Users, Students, and Rosters
• Three test types
• AMP Website
• Educator Portal Manual
– Test Administration (Chapter 7)
– Reports (Chapter 8)
Testlets: Assessment for
• Designed to provide teachers and students
with information to help gauge the level
of students’ understanding.
• 8-10 item testlets with items clustered by
concept for grades 3-10 in ELA and math.
• Teacher selected.
• Immediate feedback to teacher and
• Flexible use: formative tool, pre-test,
check for understanding.
Testlets: Rollout
• Begins on or just after January 5th, 2015
• The current goal is for 1-2 testlets to be
available for every grade and subject.
• Rollout will continue through January and
February of 2015.
Testlets: Setting Up Test
Sessions as a Teacher
p. 7.2
• Test Session defined
—In Educator Portal, a Test Session is the
combination of:
a single testlet,
students assigned to that testlet,
a name given by the person who creates the session,
tickets generated with the student username and
password, and
• the testlet populating the assigned students’ KITE
Client account.
• Quick Links
—Add New Test (Testlets)
—Generate Tickets
—Monitor Test
District Test Coordinators’
• Test Management (sub-Test Management)
Report Data Extracts
p. 8.1
• Report Data Extracts
Current Enrollment
Access Profile (PNP or Accessibility Profile)
• Go to:
1. Educator Portal
2. Click on Reports
Report Data Extracts:
Coming Soon
• Test Records Report through TEC Extract
—Will show Current Test Records
• Overwrites
—Can be re-uploaded with corrections and
additional data
TEC: Paper/Pencil Test
Record Deadline
p. 3.22
1. January 5th is the deadline for
assigning students to a Paper/Pencil
summative assessment. (P test_type in
the TEC)
2. The PNP (Access Profile) will also need
to have Paper/Pencil, Large Print,
Braille, and Read Aloud checked if
being assigned as an accommodation.
Coming Soon: December
19th for Educator Portal
• Test Record/TEC Report Data Extract
• More robust documentation in the EP Manual,
including a appendix on error messages
• Demonstration videos on Vimeo/Youtube
(January 5th or sooner)
• PNP settings adjustments “Spoken Audio”
—Non Visual (no longer an option)
—Text Only (no longer an option)
—Subject selection for Read Aloud
• Math only
• Math and ELA
—All students will have Read Aloud for directions
Upcoming Webinars
Technology Director
District Test Coordinator
January 8th, 2015
January 12th, 2015
January 13th, 2015
Help Desk
• Hours
—5:00 am to 4:00 pm Alaska
—8:00 am to 7:00 pm Central
• Email
—[email protected]
• Phone
—855-277-9752 (toll-free)

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