AXIUM on Android devices - USC Dental Technologies Club

on Android devices
Dental Technologies Club
Revision 01.22.14
Goto Google play store and download:
1. “Cisco AnyConnect”
(Download AnyConnect ICS+
unless you have a Samsung device
then download the Samsung AnyConnect)
2. “Microsoft Remote Desktop”
Click “Add VPN Connection”
Click Axium
• Username is your USC email WITHOUT
the “” part
1. Return back to your home screen and
load “RD Client”
(Which should take you to this screen)
2. Click +
Connection name “Axium”
PC Name:
User name is your 5 digit student ID
P/W (usually contains a symbol and number)
P/W is not always the same as your e-mail P/W
or your Axium password.
1. Load Axium
2. Id is your 5 digit student number
3. Your AXIUM password goes here
*Note* your remote desktop password (to log into
Windows remotely), generally is NOT the same as your
AXIUM password.

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