Celebrations Around the World - Saddle Peak Elementary Music

Celebrations Around the World
Celebrations around the world. Come join us and
Celebrations around the world. Come on and
celebrate now!
Many holidays in many lands. Come along with me
and take my hand. Travel around the earth to different
worlds. See the flags unfurl!
Come and join us as we move along, learning customs
as we sing a song.
New traditions we can celebrate. We can hardly
Celebrations around the world. Come join us and
celebrate! Celebrations around the world. Come on
and celebrate now! Come on and celebrate now!
Carnival (Galiger)
It’s the biggest party, what a festival!
In Rio de Janeiro, they really have a ball.
All the pretty costumes everyone enjoys.
No, it’s not just for grown ups, it’s for all the girls and boys.
Carnival, Carnival You can call it Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras.
Carnival, Carnival. It’s the wildest, merriest, happiest festival.
You can do the Samba, drummers play the beat.
Just wear our fancy costume while dancing down the street.
Bands and floats competing, the crowds will cheer them on.
Now everybody join in, everybody come along.
Crop Over - Benson
Cutting de sugar cane haul to de mill.
Plenty of work done, talk of it still.
Harvest is over now so let us sing.
Dance de calypso, choose queen and king,
Crop over, crop over, crop over, crop over
Down in Barbados, down in de islands,
All of de little ones, they off from school.
Learn of de old days, sugar cane ruled.
So, have de feasting now, dance in de street.
Dress up de animals. Oh, what a treat.
Boxing Day - Goulet
Come on, mates, don’t hesitate, ‘cause there’s a
special way;
to celebrate a lass or bloke who worked on
Christmas Day.
From Britain to Australia and points along the way,
There’s a day the workers play, they call it Boxing Day.
Boxing Day, Boxing Day. It’s a very, very, merry day for
working folks to play.
 Not a day to punch or fight, oh, no don’t get that
wrong. Well, it’s a day for charity, or restin’ all day
long. And if your boss is comin’ through, this is what
he’ll do: give a box to open up with somethin’ nice for
Fiesta Del Grille – Galiger
Join me maestro, come to Florence, singing
crickets tell of springtime.
Get your cages, bring a picnic and your cricket;
Now it’s springtime!
Fiesta del Grille, Fiesta del Grille. Join me maestro,
come to Florence, for Fiesta del Grille.
 Mamma mia, come to see a, all the crickets, luck
comes with them.
Day is over, sun is setting, crickets fretting; We
must free them!
Fiesta del Grille, Fiesta del Grille. Mamma mia,
come to see-a the Fiesta del Grille.
Deuska Moroz – Goulet
On New Year’s in Russia we wait up to
see if Deuska Moroz will leave gifts ‘neath
the tree.
Look for Grandfather Frost, now. He
should be here at midnight. See the white
snow maiden standing by his side. Ah! Play
the balalaika, dance the pereplyas. Then,
when it’s midnight we will go outside.
Sakura - Smith
Sakura, Sakura, Cherry Blossom Festival;
Haru ga kita, spring has come, spring has
Now is the time, smell the fragrance if
you please. Capture the beauty of flowers
birds and trees.
See cherry blossoms in park of countryside. Taking the time to be there when
spring arrives.
Kivuno - Smith
Eeh, Kivuno, the time of harvest. Now we
reap what we have sown. Eh, Kivuno, the
time of harvest. Thanks for all the
(fruits/grains/foods) which have grown.
Odwira (ALL)
Odwira, Odwira, Odwira, yi yi, Odwira, Odwira,
celebrate with me.
Ghana’s where they’re celebratin’, even those who
It’s a time when everyone’s returning to their home.
In our country, in September, this is what you’ll see.
Make amends with all our friends, our tribe and
Everybody gather round to cook delicious food.
Drummer poundin’ people soundin’, puts you in the
 At the end, family, friends, hear the sound, drummers
Remembrance Day (Benson)
Remember to wear a poppy on Remembrance
We must honor those who stood and fought for
us in countries so far away.
For those who gave their very all when answering
the call.
We think of them all on Remembrance Day.
 Remember to wear a poppy on Remembrance
The eleventh hour of the eleventh month, and on
the eleventh day.
A wave of silence ‘cross the land for those who
took a stand, both woman and man on
Remembrance Day.

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