CSIRO`s Data Access Portal Sue Cook

CSIRO’s Data Access Portal
Sue Cook | Research Data Services Support
18 March 2014
What we have done:
Data Access Portal (DAP), data.csiro.au
• Developed by CSIRO Information Management &
Technology (IM&T) and research partners
• Secure repository
• Enables external publication but options for other access
• Self serve and enterprise wide
• Options for searching, retrieving and downloading
2 | CSIRO Data Access Portal| Sue Cook
What can the DAP mean to CSIRO
• linking of data to publications
• recognition of data producers- attribution statements, data
citations in same way as publications- DOIs for public
• deposit of data to preserve it
• discovery and reuse of data- exposed to multiple discovery
points, web services
• management of data
• sharing of data with collaborators, internally and externally,
nationally and internationally- flexible access and
permissions framework, choice of licences
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What worked?
• DOIs opened ears and eyes. They resonate!
• DAP was built for self service but we needed to incorporate help
with metadata creation and data preparation into our support
• Catching people at the right point in their data/research lifecycle
• The project is current or very nearly
– people quickly move on to the next project
– no time or resources to revisit
– IP/ownership issues become more difficult to unravel
– data format/structure issues harder to resolve
• There are motivating factors eg. funder requirements, journal
policies, discipline data sharing culture
CSIRO Data Access Portal| Sue Cook
What’s next?
Enhancing the system
• Object (file) level metadata, discovery, downloads
• Support for larger collections – numbers of files + overall size
• Linking to other data repositories within CSIRO
• And reviewing DOI business rules so that ALL CSIRO data has
the capability to be cited easily regardless of location
• Data collections as reportable outputs
• Publications and data links in media releases, news items
• News items on data reuse
• Google Analytics reports to notify top-viewed, top-downloaded
CSIRO Data Access Portal| Sue Cook
What’s next? Making connections
• Data + Software + publications + visualisations +
• Collections – presenting data as an organisational asset
that reflects our research strengths
• Integrating provenance
• Linking to internal systems- eg staff profiles, research
profiles, connecting data outputs to research activities
• Connect the data to HPC eg Pulsar pipeline
• Increasing auto ingest
• Feeds into other external portals eg TERN
CSIRO Data Access Portal| Sue Cook
What’s next?
BIG data:
Linking DAP to CASDA
 CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive
 CASDA will become the primary point for storing,
managing, sharing and using processed ASKAP data
 Project to expose CASDA data via the DAP
CSIRO Data Access Portal| Sue Cook
The rest of the CSIRO Research Data Support Team past
and present:
Cynthia Love
David Benn
Anne Stevenson
Dominic Hogan
John Morrissey
CSIRO Data Access Portal| Sue Cook
Janet Applegate
Anna Borg
Gerry Ryder
Kathryn Holt
Tricia Kelly
Meredith Hepburn
This project is supported by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS)
ANDS is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative
Research Infrastructure Strategy Program and the Education Investment Fund (EIF) Super
Science Initiative
CSIRO Data Access Portal| Sue Cook
Thank you
CSIRO IM&T Research Data Service Support
Sue Cook
Information Specialist
t +61 8 64368532
e [email protected]
w www.csiro.au

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