New Stone Age

• During the Neolithic
Era, people began to
settle in one place.
Review Questions!
1. How is Neolithic culture different
from Paleolithic?
Agriculture is the raising of
crops and animals.
• People no longer needed
to travel great distances
to gather food.
Domesticate - train something
to be useful to people.
• Plants - wheat, barley,
peas, and lentils.
• Animals - wild goats,
cattle, and sheep.
Review Questions!
1. How did the diet change for
Neolithic Man?
2. Why is domestication and agriculture
so important?
3. What types of plants and animals
were staples of the Neolithic Era?
•Ancient charred
wheat grains are
shown in the
picture above.
• Man domesticated wild wheat.
• Thousands of years
ago, an ear of corn
did not make much
of a meal. (top)
• It took thousands
of years of careful
breeding for ears of
corn to reach their
present size.
•axe, bottom, used for clearing fields;
•flint sickles, left, used for harvesting cereal crops;
•flat rock and rounded stone, center, used for grinding
•perforated clay slabs, upper right, probably used to
ventilate bread ovens
• People still used
stone, bone, and
wooden tools,
but some new
tools were
added by using
copper and
Review Questions!
1. What major technological
advancement was made concerning
tools during the Neolithic period?
Why is it an advancement?
New Stone Age Venn Diagram
Create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the Old
(Paleolithic) Stone Age to the New (Neolithic) Stone Age.
Fill in at least 3 ways that the Paleolithic and Neolithic
cultures differ from each other and at least 3 ways in
which they are similar.
You are suddenly told that you are going to have to move
backwards in time and are given the choice of either the
Paleolithic or the Neolithic Age to move into.
You will only be allowed to bring 1 other person with you, 1
item that does not require electricity or batteries, and 1
item of food that will continually replenish (but it can not
be something that would need refrigeration or would spoil).
Which Era would you choose, who and what would you
bring? Why?

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