SENG and Affective Support for Gifted Children

SENG and
Affective Support for Gifted
Teri Emery
Gifted Resource Coordinator
Eisenhower Elementary
Norman Public School
SENG Conference
• Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted
• Founded in 1981 as a non-profit organization
that advocates for the social emotional needs of
gifted children and their families
SENG Session- Living with Intensity
• Presented by Susan Daniels, PhD., co-editor
with Dr. Michael Piechowski of Living with
• Intensity- great energy, strength, concentration,
vehemence of activity, thought or feelingintensity can be internal
• Excitability- capacity or inclination to be roused
to action
Living with Intensity
• Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration
• Overexcitabilities- external and internal stimuli
▫ 1. Psychomotor
▫ 2. Sensual
▫ 3. Intellectual
▫ 4. Imaginational
▫ 5. Emotional
Living with Intensity
• Psychomotor and Intellectual OEs have a high
correlation with a high IQ.
• Positives and challenges for each of the OEs.
▫ Assist gifted students modulate their OEs instead
of suppressing them
▫ Help gifted students with strategies for coping
with their OEs
SENG Session- Disorganized Families
• Presented by Kathleen Crombie, M.Ed.
• Causes of conflict in families over stuff
▫ 1. Shared vs. Private space
▫ 2. Collections
▫ 3. Projects
▫ 4. Time Management
▫ 5. Homework/Chores
Chronic Disorganization
Steps for organizing:
1. Limits
5. 5 minutes rule
2. Choose
6. Attention
3. Good enough
7. Goals and Rewards
4. Focus
8. Schedule
SENG Session- Stress, Anxiety, and the
Gifted Child
• Presented by Vidisha Patel, EdD.
• Institute of Heart Math
• Effective stress management equals emotional
▫ 1. Recognize the signs of stress
▫ 2. Eliminate superficial obstacles
▫ 3. Focus on the emotional response
Heart Math Curriculum
• Test Edge
▫ 12 week curriculum to address test anxiety
• Heart Smarts
▫ Social and emotional intelligence curriculum for
grades 3-5
Classroom Activities for Affective
• What is Gifted?
• Learning to Be a Durable Person
• Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide
• Gifted is…Gifted Means…
• When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All the Answers
Student Responses
• “Gifted means you need a challenge in life.”
• “Gifted means you are very clever and smart.
Your brain works faster.”
• “Gifted means talented and advanced in what
you do. It’s a special talent not just a random
thing. Gifted has many different meanings.”
Affective Support
• Eight Great Gripes of Gifted Kids
• When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All the Answers
• What do you want your teacher and parents to
know about being gifted?
Student Responses
• “Gifted is complex.”
• “We are not perfect.”
• “We need help too.”
• “We need attention too.”
• “We learn a lot more than you think in GT.”
• “We are kids.”
Affective Support
• Stress and Anxiety
• Stress Can Really Get On Your Nerves
• Kids Health website
• BAM! Body and Mind website
• Conference and SENG Parent Group Facilitator
• July 19-21 in Orlando, Florida
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