BOLA Profile Presentation

Stuart and Williams ( BOLA )
6 Brookfield Road,
Tel: 0117-9243569
Company History
• Established in 1984 by Nye Williams and Michael Stuart. Nye is still
the MD today.
• Initially established to provide Ball Throwing Machines to the market
predominantly Cricket.
• All product manufactured and repaired at our Manufacturing site in
Cotham, Bristol.
• We have a Showroom Net at the Office where the product can be
• Selling throughout the UK and into Overseas market.
BOLA Profile
Over 7,500 Machines sold.
Used by all 18 English and Welsh County Cricket teams.
Used at MCC Indoor Cricket Centre at Lords.
Used at ECB National Academy at Loughborough
Used by County Boards.
Used by over 1500 Schools and Colleges throughout the world.
Is seen as essential practice kit for Clubs. An ideal coaching tool.
Used at the MCG in Melbourne, at the SCG Sydney in Australia.
Used at the Mumbai Cricket Club in India
Can be used by Individuals
BOLA Professional and Club Machine
Can create any kind of delivery a Coach requires, variable pace with swing
as well.
Provides accurate and reliable delivery every time.
Replicates the trajectory of the ball in match conditions.
Easy to operate. Adjustable speed in increments between 15 and 95 mph.
Spin, swing and pace bowling with 19 different spin and swing settings.
The Professional comes with a with a random delivery mode and a
sophisticated speed control system.
BOLA Merlyn Spin Machine
• The ‘Merlyn by BOLA’ project was conceived at the request of the
ECB who were searching for a means to extend the experience of
first-class players against top class spin bowling. The ECB ordered
twenty of the new machines for each of the Counties but insisted on
a very specific set of performance criteria.
• When England go on Tour BOLA ship a Spin machine for them to
BOLA Ball Trainer
• New Product. BOLA Ball Trainer. Multi purpose machine aimed at the
Junior Market suitable for Cricket, Tennis and Rounder’s.
BOLA Fielding Rig
• BOLA Hockey Ball Machine mounted on a gimballed swivelling
turntable. Instant adjustment of direction and elevation. Designed
for Hockey goalkeeper training the turntable is excellent for a wide
range of Cricket fielding and catching exercises.
BOLA Balls
• BOLA Moulded Polyurethane Practice balls are produced in three
colours. Standard balls (5oz) are red or yellow and bouncier balls
(3oz) are orange.
BOLA Hockey Machine
• BOLA have produced a machine that can consistently produce a cross or
shot and give coaches the facility to train their players.
• The first BOLA 'Hockey' machines were built in 1989. BOLA have continued
improved and developed the machine that is in use with National Squads,
clubs and schools around the world.

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