Traditional games of Easter in Cyprus

Egg tapping!!!
Danger…only use cooked eggs!!!
First to play this game you
have to prepare the eggs. You
need to use hard boiled eggs!
When you do this you are
ready to play the game. The
rules are simple. The first
player has to hit the other
player’s egg. If the first player
cracks the other’s egg that
means that he is the winner or
the second player then has a
This is a traditional
game played on
Easter Sunday and
Monday after Easter
in Cyprus. The aim is
to lift a heavy rock
and hold it over the
head with the arms
WOW!! You really
need strong
• This traditional eggand-spoon race is also
played on Easter
Sunday or Easter
Monday. The
participants must
balance an egg or
similarly shaped item
on a spoon and race
with it to the finishing
line!! We think it is
best if you do NOT
USE real eggs
This is a very popular game in Cyprus!!
Stones are mounted in a stack one above the
other, not less than 5. One person is on as
“skatoulieris" and is responsible for the
stones. He stands on a line right behind the
stacked stones.
The other children stand opposite
‘skatoulieris’at some distance (behind a line).
They take a stone and take turns trying to
knock down the stack of stones!!
Whoever misses goes and stands near the
place where the stone falls. Each player keeps
having a go until one knocks over the stack of
stones and he is the winner.
One very traditional game played at
Easter in Cyprus is ‘ziziros’.This
traditional game is played on Easter
Sunday and the day after.
One person has to cover his eyes while
one of the group of players behind him
hits him on the back, sometimes softly ,
sometimes hard….very hard!!
Immediately after the hit rest of the
players make a "zzzz" sound like a
cicada (ziziros) and wave a finger in
circles, so as to confuse the unlucky one
who is hit.
The person who is hit has to guess who
hit him and if he is correct the person
who hit him takes his place.
‘Sousa’ is more for young girls.
Traditionally all the girls went
together to a house and made a
swing. One girl sat on the swing and
the other girls sang traditional Easter
songs. Today the girls do not do this
anymore. 
A very popular and traditional game is
‘cattomougia’. One child closes and
covers his eyes with a piece of cloth.
Then he ‘blindly’ tries to get one of the
other children and when he catches one
he must try to guess who it is. If he
guesses right they switch places.
‘Shini’ is a very good and
fun game. The children take a
long piece of rope. Then the
children divide into two
teams. One team holds the
rope from one side and the
other team holds the rope from
the other side over a line. After
that the teams must pull each
other until one team gives up
or pulls the other team over
the line!!

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