Critical Colleagues: Grant development and writing support

Critical Colleagues
Grant development and writing support
Research and Graduate Studies
• Critical Mentor: someone who works with you from grant
conceptualization until you have developed a polished application.
This person will provide careful feedback on all components of your
application through its multiple iterations, up until the time it is
submitted to Research & Graduate Studies two weeks prior to the
Council deadline.
• Critical Advisor: someone who provides constructive feedback
on the way in which you have organized, developed, and written
your application, with a particular focus on its readability, clarity,
organization, and justification. This individual will be less engaged in
the conceptualization and writing of your application, and focus his
or her attention more on after-the-fact critically constructive
Best Practices: Critical Advisors
• Commits the time needed to provide
excellent feedback
• Listens actively
• Maintains strict confidentiality
• Asks open and honest questions
• Provides open and honest feedback/support
(does not look like: “You’re doing great; keep at it”)
Best Practices – Critical
Understands that the role of the critical advisor
is to challenge and encourage
(check your ego at the door)
Models an openness to critically constructive
(active listening)
Best Practices – The
Establish ground rules at the beginning of the
Discuss and agree upon responsibilities and
expectations of advisors and partners

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