Geologic Time Activities

Geologic Time Activities
Trinidad Evolution Education Workshops
October, 2013
PBS Evolution Resources
• Over 100 documents, videos, animations and web activities
focusing on several aspects of geologic time:
Adaptive Radiation
Earth’s History
Major Transformations
Punctuated Equilibrium
Toilet Paper Timeline and
The Deep Time Walk
• Toilet Paper Timeline – Important events in Earth’s
history are marked off on a roll of toilet paper to
demonstrate scale
• Deep Time Walk – Similar conceptually to the Toilet
Paper Timeline, but on larger scale
– On a football field:
– Gymnasium:
– Parking lot:
• Free web-based program
• Superimposes events in
Earth’s history over a Google
Earth map
• Gives a sense of scale to
geologic time
• User decides on start and
end points
HHMI Biointeractive
• Tells story of dinosaur disappearance at K-T
boundary, Chicxulub meteorite crater
• Spans geology, physics, biology, chemistry and
• Free on DVD or via streaming, download
• 33 min. long in three ~ 11 min. segments

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