Expanding your Sleep Center Neuro

Expanding your Sleep Center
with Neuro-Diagnostic Testing
Presented by:
Mirsa K Nieland, R.EEG.T
Factors to Consider Before Expanding
Factors to Consider Before Expanding
Would your current contracts
allow you to bill for
Neurodiagnostic services?
Factors to Consider Before Expanding
Do you have the physical
space within your current
facility to add services?
1. Can you use preexisting space?
2. Do you have the
option to expand ?
Factors to Consider Before Expanding
Will the equipment you
currently have accommodate a
dual purpose?
Will you need to purchase
additional equipment or
Factors to Consider Before Expanding
Is your current technical staff
cross-trained in more then one
Do you have enough support
staff in place. (i.e.) Day time
receptionist, scheduling, billing?
Do you have a Physician
available that has the time and
expertise required to assist you
in this expansion?
Factors to Consider Before Expanding
Where will your referrals come
Will your current marketing
plan work for Neuro and sleep ?
Do you have an established
relationship with a Neurologist
that can help you promote your
new services?
Neurodiagnostic procedures that
are most commonly added to sleep
Electroencephalography (EEG)
Long Term Monitoring
Video Monitoring
Ambulatory Monitoring
Evoked Potentials
Electroencephalography (EEG)
If your sleep equipment can be used to
perform EEG studies and you have cross
trained personnel you have the
opportunity to increase your income
1. Most centers have day staff for MSLT’s
and other studies, why not add EEG’s?
2. This is a great way to retain good
employees as well.
Neurodiagnostic procedures that
are offered in Sleep Centers with
24 hour staffing.
Long Term Monitoring
 Extended Video Monitoring
Neurodiagnostic procedures that
can be added to your center but
may require additional scrutiny.
NCV/EMG – Recent decreases in
reimbursement may require you to
review your business/financial plan.
Evoked Potentials - Very narrow
market with highest financial
investment in equipment and staffing.
Ambulatory Monitoring (EEG)
From a business perspective adding
Ambulatory Monitoring should be high on
your list.
Equipment can be a purchase or lease.
(Based on your budget)
Staffing – minimal time commitment
from staff.
Contact Information:
Mirsa K. Nieland R.EEG.T.
[email protected]

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