• Two Turbomeca TM-333-2B2 engines are
installed. The TM-333-2B2 engine is a FADEC
• free turbine turbo shaft capable of developing up
to 801kw (1073 SHP) at take-off rating. Salient
features of the engine are detailed below:
• Power output : 801 kw (1073 SHP) at take off, Sea
Level, ISA conditions.
• Weight : 166.5 kg. (Dry engine with equipments
• The Advanced Light Helicopter termed as
“Dhruv” is a twin-engine,
• multi-role helicopter of 5.5 tonne class,
powered by TM 333-2B2 Turbomeca engines
• Power from both engines is fed to the Main
Gear Box (MGB) and transmitted to the main
Start-Up Page
• Engine Automatic Control - FADEC System (Figure 7.3-5)
• Each TM 333-2B2 engine is governed by a Full Authority Digital
Electronic Control (FADEC) System. There is no ‘cross-talk’ between
the left and right engines’ FADECs
• (except for free-turbine over speed interlock).
• The FADEC System for each engine consists of:
• • Digital Electronics Control Unit (DECU), which monitors all ratings
and power from STOP to maximum limited value.
• The DECU box is fitted below the engine deck.
• • Hydro mechanical system components installed on engine.
• • Engine sensors.
• • Helicopter interfaces.

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