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The Junior Research Paper (JRP)
Your future depends upon it…
The Basics
 Persuasive Research Essay
 Focused on a Career Interest or Passion
with Purpose
 4 -6 pages
 Double-Spaced
 MLA Format
 6 – 8 Sources
 Is a graduation requirement
 Must get 70% or higher to get approval
for your Culminating Project.
 Need to pass the Yes Test
-First Time: No Penalty
-Second Time: -10%
-Third Time: -25%
-Final Time: Do Not Pass!!!
How do you write a persuasive essay on a
Career Interest or a Passion with a Purpose?
 Career Interest: Consider a career
you are interested in and take a
position on debate within the field.
 Example: I want to be a teacher and I
believe Special Education and ELL
students should be integrated in core
 Passion with a Purpose: Consider a
passion or cause you are interested
in and explore debates within the
 Example: I play soccer and want to
explore the impact Title IX has had on
women’s athletics.
Topic Must be a Reasonable Debate
Good Example: Teachers
should grade SE and ELL
students with different
criteria than students
without accommodations.
Bad Example: The Culminating
Project is a lame graduation
The Architecture of JRP Assignments
 The Foundation:
Flushing out your argument.
 The Architecture:
Synthesizing your research
 The Music:
Presenting your findings.
The Foundation: Soapbox Speech
A Soapbox Speech is an old British term
where Britons would stand on a wooden
box used for shipping soap and rant about
a political conviction they held in a public
Your task is to do the following:
 Deliver a 5 – 7 minute speech on a
topic that your passionate about
related to the JRP prompt.
 Include 5 rhetorical moves (DO NOT
USE ethos, pathos, logos, syntax, or
 Give a hardcopy to Mr. Sun-K with your
rhetorical moves underlined, bolded,
or highlighted.
 Be prepared for a Q&A Session
 Dress professionally or appropriately
related to your topic.
The Architecture: Second Draft, Annotated
Bibliography, and Job Shadow
 Complete a 2nd draft
synthesizing 7 sources w/a
Works Cited Page.
 Research 10 sources
(including a Job Shadow)
and draft an Annotated
 Schedule and complete a
Job Shadow related to your
What’s the deal with the Job
• The Job Shadow is part of the
requirements for the Culminating Project
during your Junior year.
• However, Mr. Sun-K is requiring you to
complete it as an assignment in his class.
• The advantages to completing the Job
Shadow in conjunction with the CP Essay
are as follows:
1. You can complete 2 parts of the CP in
2. You can use your Job Shadow as 1 of your
7 sources on your essay.
3. Mr. Sun-K is giving you permission to take
a day off from his class.
4. If you have already completed your Job
Shadow, you may either redo it for the
purpose of this essay OR do a new one
shadowing someone who is related to
your essay topic.
The Music: 3rd Draft, Final Draft, and
Oral Presentation
 Compose a 3rd draft
synthesizing 7 sources
and including 6 rhetorical
 Complete your Final Draft
and pass the Yes Test
 Make an Oral
Presentation defending
your JRP.
Breakdown of Formative/Summative
Soapbox Speech (Draft 1)
Annotated Bibliography
Job Shadow Packet
Draft 2
Draft 3
Final Draft
Oral Defense
Key Dates
 Soapbox Speeches: Mon. 11/28 –
Mon. 12/5
 Ms. Piper Discusses Job Shadow:
Tues. 12/6
 Ms. Gligorea Discusses
Databases/Annotated Bibliography:
Wed. 12/7
 Annotated Bibliography: Tues. 12/20
 Job Shadow Due: Fri. 1/6
 Draft 2 Due: Mon. 1/9
 Draft 3 Due: Tues. 1/17
 Final Draft Due: Fri. 1/20
 Yes Test rounds/Orals: TBD.
Please Stand for Think on Your Feet

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