FINAL Role of Volunteers in Happy Schools - Rotary T-E-A-C-H

(Directed to Volunteers)
To make “Happy Schools”, we need your help in:
1. Surveying Government/Government-aided/municipal/zilla
parishad elementary (class I-VIII) or primary (I-V) schools
2. Setting up libraries in selected schools (including schools
which may not be included in the Happy Schools Project
3. Cleaning and painting school buildings under HSP
4. Periodical monitoring of schools made “Happy”
1. Your
prospective schools
(Government/Government aided Municipal/ZP elementary
schools for the HSP:
Meet the Club President (CP)/Club Literacy Committee Chair (CLCC)
of the Rotary club you have decided to work with and understand the
selection criteria for the HSP
As advised by the CP or CLCC, select 3 schools of any of the types
mentioned above in the town or villages near the club
Acquaint yourself with the School Information Form No. H1/3
available on the website at (
Get a letter of introduction from the CP/CLCC with request to the
Head Teachers of the schools to allow you to do the survey.
Speak to the concerned authorities (head teacher) and request
permission to conduct the survey in the schools. Explain intent of the
survey in simple, clear terms.
It is advisable not to make commitment about the Happy Schools
Project, since all schools surveyed might not be adopted under the
Happy Schools Project
Conduct the survey using this form, after speaking with the Head
Teacher, some other Teachers and undertaking a physical inspection
of the school
Take pictures of the school and its facilities. This will help
substantiate the survey information
Submit the completed survey forms and pictures to the CP or CLCC
An Introduction to Library Creation by RILM
 Libraries are the means for children to draw fun and excitement
from education and learning.
However, several Government / Government Aided Schools are
not furnished with effective libraries. They may be in the Head
Teacher’s room, thus discouraging children from uninhibited
access, or the books may not be suitable/ engaging for the
 In the month of July, 17,76,357 story books/ encyclopedias and
other books, for all classes, in vernacular languages which are
not related to school syllabi, were collected by Rotary Clubs
across India.
 RILM believes that children should have easy access to books and
thus with help from the Akanksha Foundation the concept of
classroom libraries in library jackets was adopted. The picture of
the library jacket follows
Thus, RILM will create classroom libraries in this way where
possible, or traditional libraries in separate rooms, as decided
by the Clubs in collaboration with school authorities.
2. Your Role in
Setting up libraries in selected schools
(including schools which may not have been selected for
You will be invited to attend an orientation session to understand
the GROW BY method of colour coding to segregate books in 6
categories, according to levels of difficulty in reading and
comprehension. You are requested to understand the technique
thoroughly and seek any clarifications required. You can tutor
yourself in this method as well by looking at the presentation and
video available at
Start sorting the books by the GROW BY method. Try to sort 50
books in an hour!
Start creating book sets once you finish sorting the books given to
you. The table that follows will show what class-wise book sets
should contain
Class Strength*
Number of
Number of
Type of Books/ Book Set
G and R
G,R, and O
G,R, O and W
G, R, O and W
G,R,O,W and B
G,R,O,W,B and Y
G,R,O,W,B and Y
*The class strengths are hypothetical. The book sets are to be created, assuming three
books are needed per student.
iv. Go ahead with installing the class-wise book sets in either library
jackets or as traditional libraries in cupboards or book racks.
3. Your Role in Cleaning and Painting School Buildings:
Go to the schools adopted to be turned into Happy Schools and
encourage the children to come up with ideas and paint a wall or a
section of a wall of the school building
Check with the CP/CLCC if a group of volunteers can be formed to
conduct a cleanliness drive in the schools. Set an example, encourage
children and teachers to join in.
If you are good at painting, it will be a good idea to paint some
meaningful/fun pictures related to education and which would
appeal to children, along with some interesting slogans, on the walls
4. Your Role in Periodic monitoring of schools made “Happy” :
Obtain a list of the schools made “Happy” by the Rotary Club and select
two schools, to undertake a post completion survey
After 6 months of completion of a Happy School Project, as directed by a
Club, conduct a physical inspection of the schools and talk to the
students and teachers about the facilities and take photographs/take
videos if permitted.
Ask questions such to assess the condition of the new facilities installed in
the schools.
a. If you find the facilities are well-maintained and there is a sense of
satisfaction among the users, you could ask for the reasons
behind this.
b. If you find that the facilities are not well maintained and there is
dissatisfaction among users, ask for reasons for the same as
All this information gathered has to be then handed over to the Club
Presidents / Club Literacy Committee Chairs.

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