Gibson CES Press Kit

While long associated for creating iconic guitars, the Gibson family of brands
now includes such tech giants as Onkyo USA, Stanton, Cerwin Vega, KRK,
Baldwin Pianos, Slingerland Drums, Epiphone Guitars, and many others.
309 Plus Park Boulevard
Nashville, TN
Are you looking for a CES story that has never been told? The Onkyo, Stanton, KRK and Cerwin Vega brands are
now part of the Gibson family! We cordially invite you to visit the Gibson tent (CP-30) and discover where
technology, sound and lifestyle unite.
Take this opportunity to learn how our innovative products are changing the world of music– from the way it’s
played, to the way it sounds and the way it feels.
Experience how Gibson fills your life with music− Onkyo will debut their new line of headphones, Cerwin Vega will
present its revolutionary new P-series speakers and Gibson will be unveiling the Min-ETune, the hi tech wonder
that keeps your guitar in tune.
Mix and mingle with celebrity guests, jam with legendary performers and play our vintage and futuristic guitars.
Throughout the show, guests will have the chance to win our legacy Gibson guitars along with other prizes and
In addition, we invite you to unwind daily at Gibson’s legendary 4–7 pm happy hour where the drinks are on us.
We know you have a very busy schedule at CES. That’s why we at Gibson thank you in advance for taking the time
to stop by and celebrate our past, present and very exciting future.
If you would like to schedule an interview, please contact Fred Yager at [email protected] or call/text his cell
phone, 203-918-0884.
Gibson introduces the Min-ETune, a tuning
system for everyone.
Spend less time tuning and more time rocking
— your world will sound better. Play with MinETune’s possibilities and tune in to your
creativity. Gibson’s innovative Min-ETune is
available on a wide range of guitars so you can
find one that is just right for you.
Still A Classic Gibson!
Min-ETune is a small compact battery powered tuning unit attached to the back of the guitar —a mighty
enhancement to an already great instrument. No need for screws, wiring or routing. In fact, the system is
hardly visible from the front of the guitar. You can adjust the tuning pegs manually or turn on the MinETune to choose from 12 popular tunings or program 6 of your own.
Always In Tune!
A guitar with Min-ETune looks the same, feels the same, plays the
same and rocks the same — it’s just always in tune. Perfect for
home, studio and gigging — it even adjusts your guitar's tunings to
match other instruments' with the reference tuning feature. Rock
longer with the fast and accurate Min-ETune, quickly tuning your
guitar 80 to 100 times on one charge.
In Perfect Harmony!
Digital tuners that emulate open tunings are available, BUT because the Min-ETune
physically turns the tuners, the system is always natural. There is no delay, no
dampening and no dead sound — just the natural vibration of guitar strings in total
harmony with the amp producing ringing harmonics and powerful sustain.
Connect With Your Rockability!
Min-ETune is available for the guitar you want and style of music you
choose to play. In the mood for some retro rockabilly? Get the Les Paul
‘50s Tribute with Min-ETune. Digging the quintessential Les Paul but
prefer a slim neck? Get rocking with the Les Paul ‘60s Tribute with MinETune. Want to get heavy? Try the SG ‘70s Tribute with Dirty Fingers and
Min-ETune. Looking for edgy and modern? You will love the playability
and speed of the Future Tribute. No matter what your taste, one thing is
for sure — the 2013 Gibsons with Min-ETune will up your coolness on
every tune.
With the new Min-ETune equipped guitars all you have to do is PUSH the button, STRUM, get TUNED
and ROCK out. Min-ETune is a huge boost to the live performer, the touring professional, the
experienced enthusiast, the beginner and novice player alike.
Save time and money in the studio with this fast and accurate tuning system. It is a priceless tool for
writing with instant access to the sounds your creativity demands. Perfect for the professional – MinETune will have you rocking around the clock.
Travel light to your next gig or across the globe, just one guitar does the work of multiple guitars in
different tunings – perfect for the enthusiast. Keep on rocking and experiment with a wide range of
alternate tunings or create your own and save it forever with Min-ETune.
Spend less time learning to tune and more time learning to play the guitar. Perfect for the beginner –
Min-ETune puts a variety of tunings at your fingertips. So you are ready to rock!
More than just efficient, affordable, versatile, and powerful, Min-ETune is truly a creative tool that you
can’t do without.
In the Studio
When laying down tracks, everything must be perfectly in tune — especially
when dealing with punch ins/outs and recording loops. With a normal tuning
system, it takes a considerable amount of time to maintain this threshold of
accuracy. With Min-ETune you stay perfectly in tune, so you can make better use
of your time and capture that next big hit.
On Stage
Does your setlist consist of pop songs in E Standard, grunge songs in Drop D, an alt
metal song in D Standard, and a blues song in open G with bottle slide? There is no
need to drag along 4 guitars to the gig with Min-ETune. Quickly switch tunings
between songs with just a few strums. And it doesn’t matter how loud your
bandmates are, Min-ETune automatically adjusts by sensing the tension of the
strings, and dials in to perfect tune with an isolated piezo pickup that is immune to
outside noise.
When Writing
Sometimes songwriting happens right where the inspiration hits you —
in the back of a tour bus, on the balcony of your city apartment or
around a campfire. With Min-ETune, changing the tuning is easy, and
almost instantly a single guitar opens up the entire world of musical
expression. So when the muse strikes and you create that unique song,
save the tuning in the programmable bank of the system for safe
Keep on Rocking
Min-ETune is fast, easy, accurate and removes the inconvenience of getting in
tune. It also opens your play to more sonic opportunities of open tunings. No
need to remember how to tune to open G to sound just like Keef.
Ever tried to learn a song from your favorite artist’s CD and you just can’t get it
quite right? Chances are the track is played in an alternate tuning. The MinETune system allows you to quickly change from E to E♭ to Drop D so you can
play along with your favorite recordings.
Ready to Rock?
How many of us have struggled with pitch pipes, tuning
forks or complex electronic tuners as beginners? When
learning the guitar, time is of the essence — you want to
get playing fast. With Min-ETune, you will spend your
time learning how to rock instead of tuning your guitar.
Take the famed Onkyo sound on the road with ES-HF300 and ES-FC300 OnEar Headphones. Your passion for music is reflected in the aluminum driver
housing, its shape referencing the volume control on our iconic audio
components. The single-arm design creates a clean, elegant profile
accentuated with brushed and burnished aluminum. Soft leatherette
earpads and headband make for comfortable listening, but that's just the
beginning: two 40 mm (1 9/16˝) titanium drivers, bass reflex sub-chambers,
and rigid construction combine to present a wonderfully clear stereo image.
These headphones handle everything from Mendelssohn to metal, with
deep-reaching bass and a detailed mid-range-testament to the long hours
spent tuning the drivers to perfection. The flat elastomer cable design of the
ES-FC300 resists knots and tangles while the ES-HF300 include an
audiophile-grade copper cable, which provides almost perfect conductivity
for superior sound quality. Protected by transparent elastomer to insulate
against touch noise, the one-piece cable has gold-plated connections and is
the perfect length for travel. Details such as the flat-folding design and
detachable cable make it easier to enjoy component-quality audio
If space and budget considerations run a close second
to sound quality when choosing a home theater, then
this neat 2.1-channel package from Onkyo is worth a
close look. Your days of thin sound will be over, with
SRS processing technology creating an immersive 3D
sound field using just two speakers- perfect for movies,
music, and games. But the real beauty of the system lies
in its convenience. For example, the control center is
preprogrammed for use with most TV remote
controllers. It turns on automatically with your
television and responds to volume commands from
your TV remote. Two sculpted speakers- featuring a pair
of 2" (5 cm) drivers each- can be mounted in a variety of
ways on the wall, entertainment unit, or stand on their
own. The system is also great for music, with Bluetooth
2.1 allowing you to stream from your smart phone,
tablet, and laptop. Analog and digital connections are
available to connect a PC or CD player. Wireless
implementation extends to the powered subwoofer,
which can be placed anywhere in the room- another
handy feature in what is an exceptionally useful home
theater system.
iLunar Bluetooth Music System
Turn your whole room into a stereo playground with
the iLunar Dock Music System, featuring Absolute 3D
sound processing technology from Swiss company
Sonic Emotion. This remarkable system envelops the
listener in stereophonically balanced sound,
regardless of where they are within the room.
Getting the 3D listening party started is a just matter
of docking your iPod/iPhone- or if you prefer,
streaming wirelessly from any Bluetooth-compatible
smart phone, tablet, or personal computer- and
diving into a refreshing musical landscape. With six
precision drivers nested above a down-firing
subwoofer, the iLunar has a lot more oomph than the
average compact system. So whether you're
entertaining guests or just relaxing with the friends,
this stylish music system has the power to offer
everyone the best seat in the house.
For a stylish and modern personal audio solution, take a closer look at our CS-355. This mini system looks
and sounds great, and boasts some handy technology to cue your tunes with the minimum of fuss. Built-in
Bluetooth allows wireless streaming from smart phone, tablet, or personal computer. Plug in an iPod,
iPhone, or iPad to the front-panel USB port and use the system r emote for track selection and playback.
The system includes a front-loading drawer-type CD player and an FM/AM tuner with 30-station preset
memory. Two big 3 15/16˝ (10 cm) cone woofers drive a deep, clear mid-range, while a pair of balanceddome tweeters pick out
and enhance the details. The
rounded cabinets have subtly
angled sides to prevent internal
standing waves and the boomy
sound that can result. Much of the
Colibrino's appeal lies in its
understated design and tasteful
finish. Available in black, white,
or red, the system will enhance
the ambience of your living space
and help you to discover the hidden
depths in your music collection
BD-SP809 -THX Certified 3D Blu-ray Player
Network Hi-Fi Mini System
Now you'll never be short of content. As Onkyo's top
Blu-ray player, the THXR certified BD-SP809 provides a
wide range of playback functions to complement your
high-quality home theater. As well as playing CDs,
DVDs, and 3D-encoded BDs, the BD-SP809 handles
videos, music, and photos sent from a DLNA 1.5certified media server. On top of that, it also supports
video on demand from popular services such as
VUDU, Blockbuster, and Netflix. Image quality is
superb, whatever the source. Onboard QdeoT
technology from Marvell ensures pristine
deinterlacing, noise-reduction, and 1080p upscaling.
Twin HDMIR outputs allow you to switch between
two displays-say, your main TV for daily viewing and a
projector for movies and sports. And whether you're
playing high-def DTS and Dolby formats or
compressed MP3s, your audio benefits from a highprecision clock, separate blocks for video and audio
circuitry, and a vibration-reducing top cover. It all adds
up to a virtuoso playback solution for the dedicated
fan of quality entertainment.
Stream tracks from online music services, catch up on your
internet radio shows, and air your digital music collection with
the clarity and assurance of a high-end audio component. With
wireless-capable Ethernet and optional Bluetooth USB adapter,
you can source music from a preloaded selection of online
channels- including Pandora and or stream from your
smart phone, PC, tablet, or iPhone. Then there's the top-quality
front-loading CD player, FM/AM tuner with 40-station preset
memory, USB port for iPod/iPhone, and digital inputs linked to
the 192 kHz/24-bit DAC for playback of lossless formats stored on
computer. And because it is an Onkyo product, you're assured of
outstanding sound quality, with a deep and natural bass
Three-Stage Inverted Darlington amplifier technology is sourced
directly from our high-end audio components, and the
symmetrical channel layout and short signal pathways clean up
noise and produce a well-separated stereo sound. Solid two-way
bookshelf speakers feature N-OMF cones for extremely precise
audio reproduction. Controlled via remote app for selected smart
phones, the CS-N755 integrates your digital life and elevates
music to spectacular new heights.
TX-NR5010 9.2-Channel THX Certified Network A/V Receiver
First Class Audio Technologies & Engineering: THXR Ultra2 PlusT certified: The TX-NR5010 will recreate the
cinematic experience & give you the best sound you can experience in your own home. Gold-plated speaker and
HDMI terminals, independent anti-vibration aluminum side, bottom & top panels are integral to the top-grade
technologies' performance.
Superlative Video Technologies: Dual Core Video Engine -hailed as the best video processing system currently
available- ensures optimum video from any source, whether it's from your cell phone or a Blu-ray player.
Abundant & Straightforward Connectivity: Intuitive operation; abundant legacy and standard connections; multizone capability; and Onkyo Remote Apps give you easy control over the ultimate home theater experience.
The culmination of nearly 70 years of audio engineering experience, this flagship model celebrates Onkyo's
distinguished heritage by engaging the latest, most elite technologies. Behind the thick anti-resonant exterior
panels is immense power: a massive toroidal transformer powers the Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry,
supported by two discrete transformers dedicated to audio and video processing, fundamental to achieving THX
Ultra2 Plus certification. Crucial components (such as the premium 192 kHz/32-bit DACs, gold-plated speaker posts
and terminals, and differential DAC mode) will pique any audiophile's attention, as will the Audyssey MultEQR XT32
and DTS Neo:XT processing systems. Video processing is incomparably powerful, with technology from HQVR,
QdeoT, and ISF upscaling video sources to 4K. With HDMIR support for two displays; 11.4-channel pre-outs, and
powered audio for three zones, your entertainment system can expand its soundstage throughout your entire
home, yet is easily managed with Onkyo's convenient remote apps and HDMI-enabled GUI. A total of 11 HDMI
ports (including MHLT for smart phone), DLNA, and ample legacy connections allow your media to be played with
exhilarating power and accuracy. This iconic fusion of phenomenal sound engineering and advanced video
technologies is why exacting home theater experts own an Onkyo.
The home of Gibson electric guitars today is "Gibson USA," built in 1974 in Nashville specifically for the
production of Gibson's Les Paul guitars. Although the entire guitar industry went through a slump in the late
'70s, the spirit of innovation remained strong at Gibson. In response to a growing demand for vintage
stylings, Gibson tapped its rich history and reissued the dot-neck version of the ES-335 in 1981 and the
flametop sunburst Les Paul in 1982. At the same time, two legendary guitarists joined Gibson- B.B. King in
1980 with the Lucille model and Chet Atkins in 1982 with his new concept of a solidbody acoustic guitar.
Gibson world headquarters moved to Nashville in 1984 with the closing of the Kalamazoo plant. The
financially troubled company was rescued in January 1986 by Henry Juszkiewicz and David Berryman, and the
new owners quickly restored Gibson's reputation for quality as well as its profitability.
Today's Gibson electric guitars represent the history as well as the future of the electric guitar. The models
whose designs have become classics-the ES-175, ES-335, Flying V, Explorer, Firebird, SGs and Les Pauls-are a
testament to Gibson's wide appeal, spanning more than four decades of music styles.
Gibson's close relationship with musicians is manifest in endorsement models from King, Atkins and jazz
greats Howard Roberts and Herb Ellis, plus new Les Pauls made to the personal specifications of rock stars
Jimmy Page and Joe Perry. In 1994, Gibson's Centennial year, the new Nighthawk model won an industry
award for design, setting the stage for a second hundred years of Gibson quality and innovation.
Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., grew up in Rochester, NY.
With a passion for music and superior academic skills, he enrolled at the General Motors
Institute in Flint, MI, a five year co-op engineering college. Sponsored by GM's Delco
division, he gained experience in a variety of different jobs at Delco's 6,000-employee
electronic components plant in Rochester. Putting his musical skills to work, he worked
his way through school playing guitar - a Gibson, of course - in various rock bands
playing for parties and weddings. After graduating with honors, he worked at Delco
Products for two years as product manager while studying for an MBA in night school at
the University of Rochester. He completed his MBA at Harvard University on a General
Motors Fellowship.
Juszkiewicz then joined the New York firm of Neiderhoffer, Cross and Zeckhauser, Inc., a
pioneer in the area of middle-market deals, where he rose to the position of executive
vice president of mergers and acquisitions. He left the firm in 1981 and, with two former
Harvard classmates (David Berryman and Gary Zebrowski), acquired Phi Technologies of
Oklahoma City. Within one month he turned the struggling technology firm into a highly
profitable company.
In 1986, Juszkiewicz and his partners acquired the faltering Gibson guitar operation from
the Norlin corporation. Juszkiewicz's aggressive management style again effected an
immediate turnaround, and Gibson became profitable within a month's time. With
creative and innovative marketing tactics he concentrated on the consumer rather than
the retailer - a reflection of his personal experience as a guitar player. Refocusing the
company on achieving the highest possible standards of quality and customer service,
he drove Gibson from the brink of closing to a company that has regained worldwide
respect with annual average growth of 20 percent over the last decade.
Juszkiewicz is a committed supporter of The Rainforest Alliance and conservation. A member of the Society of International Business
Fellows and others, Juszkiewicz continues his commitment to a better world through his active participation in organizations such as
Nordoff-Robbins, which provides music therapy for severely handicapped children, to the T.J. Martell Fund for Leukemia Research, The
Environmental Defense Fund, Teenage Cancer Trust and leads numerous philanthropic endeavors
under the Gibson Foundation banner. He is a board member of the Country Music Hall of Fame,
a board member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, a board member of the
Rainforest Alliance and a board member of the We Are Family Foundation. He is a co-founder
of Music Rising, a campaign to help aid musicians, schools and churches of the Gulf Coast and is
active in the Clinton Global Initiative and numerous environmental causes. He is the recipient of
numerous awards, honors and extensive media coverage.
Juszkiewicz began fulfilling his vision of Gibson as a full-line, global musical instrument company
by acquiring other instrument companies, establishing a Gibson-owned European distribution
center with joint-venture distributors, and acquiring manufacturing facilities in China. He
dedicated a standalone division to R&D, resulting in the introduction of the worlds first digital
guitar, the HD.6X Pro and most recently, the Gibson Robot Guitar, both which represent the
biggest advance in guitar technology since the invention of the electric guitar over 70 years ago.
He continues to expand the company worldwide with new consumer electronics accessories,
the acquisition of the Wurlitzer Jukebox company and several other facilities in China.
Gibson is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted
instrument, including acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, and banjos. Founded in 1894 in
Kalamazoo, Michigan, and headquartered in Nashville since 1984, Gibson Guitar Corp.s family of brands now includes Epiphone,
Dobro, Maestro, Kramer, Steinberger, Tobias, Echoplex, Electar, Flatiron, Slingerland, Valley Arts, Maestro, Oberheim, Sunshine Piano
Take Anywhere Technology, Baldwin, J&C Fischer, Chickering, Hamilton, and Wurlitzer.
Henry Juszkiewicz resides with his wife and children in Nashville.
David Berryman is president of Gibson Guitar Corp., parent company of an entire family of
world-renowned musical instrument brands, including Gibson guitars, banjos and mandolins,
Epiphone fretted instruments, Dobro® resonator guitars and Baldwin pianos.
Dave has had oversight of the Gibson Foundation since 2008, is a member of the Board of
Directors of the Gibson Foundation, is on the Executive Board of TJ Martell Foundation /
Nashville, Chairman of the International Business Council of the Nashville Chamber of
Commerce and a member of the District Export Council of the US Dept. of Commerce.
Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Berryman studied finance and accounting at Boston
College, graduating in 1974. After three years as a CPA for Price Waterhouse & Co., he earned
an MBA from Harvard. In 1981 he teamed up with former Harvard classmates Henry
Juszkiewicz and Gary Zebrowski to acquire Phi Technologies of Oklahoma City. They turned the
struggling technology firm into a highly profitable company in their first month of ownership.
Seeking high growth through acquisitions, they acquired Gibson and Epiphone (which had been the fretted instrument
division of Norlin Industries) in 1986. One of the most-respected names in the fretted instrument world since 1894, Gibson’s
reputation had fallen in the 1970s. With Berryman as president and Juskiewicz as chairman, the new owners immediately
restored Gibson’s prestige and profitability.
Since 1992, Berryman has also headed Gibson’s Epiphone division, which encompasses all of the company’s import activity.
Under Berryman’s leadership, Epiphone instruments became the most highly respected import brand, earning a reputation
for the best combination of quality and value. By 1999, with Epiphone firmly established with its own identity and artist base
separate from Gibson, Berryman expanded Gibson’s import business by implementing an internet-only sales arm, MusicYo,
to deal in a variety of brands, including Kramer, Steinberger and Maestro. In 2002, Berryman secured greater control of
Epiphone’s manufacturing sources through Gibson’s pioneering acquisition of an instrument factory in Qingdao, China. The
division further expanded in 2004 with the addition of Baldwin Piano’s import brands, Wurlitzer and Hamilton, and once
again a reliable supply of instruments was secured by a partnership with a Chinese manufacturer.
Through Dave Berryman’s efforts, Gibson’s Epiphone division has grown from an obscure line of import
products to become a worldwide force in the musical instrument inudstry and a vital part of Gibson Guitar
Corp.’s continued growth.
As part of its continued expansion as a lifestyle brand, Gibson Guitar, the world's premier musical instrument manufacturer,
today announced the creation of its pro audio division through the acquisition of the platform assets of the Stanton Group.
One of the oldest, most widely recognized and respected designers and marketers of audio products, Stanton Group is
comprised of KRK Systems, Cerwin-Vega! and Stanton DJ and makes superior products for consumers and professionals.
Together, the companies will form Gibson Pro Audio division, which will be headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.
The closing of this acquisition marks Gibson's further expansion into the pro audio market with loudspeaker, monitor and
electronics technology. In addition, Stanton Group gives Gibson the ability to leverage its existing research and development
"Right now we have an extremely powerful brand that people recognize and value, but the musical instrument category is
inherently limited because people who purchase instruments also need to know how to play them," says Henry Juszkiewicz,
Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. "This new division is perfectly aligned with our core. It expands our reach to fellow music
lovers and allows us access to 20 in 20 consumers instead of the one in 20 we currently hit."
Juszkiewicz adds, "Stanton produces some of the best pro audio equipment in the world and we're incredibly excited to be
working with the very talented team at Stanton as we take Gibson into the future."
"We are very excited to be joining the Gibson family," says Timothy Dorwart, CEO of the Stanton Group. "This partnership will
allow our brands and core management team to continue our growth and momentum in the marketplace within our shared
channel while the association with the iconic Gibson brand gives us the opportunity to quickly expand our customer base.
Moreover, we bring technical resources that will enhance the R&D capabilities of both companies."
Cerwin-Vega! Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture, and
distribution of loudspeakers for the home and professional audio
markets. Designed in the pursuit of dynamic, accurate sound
reproduction since 1954, Cerwin-Vega! products are distributed
throughout the world via a network of distributors and dealers in
more than 75 countries.
@CerwinVegaHome @CerwinVegaPro
KRK Systems is a leading provider of accurate and reliable monitors and control room
solutions. Founded in 1986, KRK has remained true to its mission of providing and
developing products that meet the needs of its customers. During that time, KRK's studio
monitors, subwoofers, headphones and accessories have become synonymous with
quality design and unparalleled performance. With a wide range of monitoring systems,
available in multiple sizes and configurations, KRK offers products that meet the diverse
needs of professionals and audio enthusiasts across the globe.
Stanton is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of
professional audio products for DJs. Founded in 1946 by Walter O.
Stanton, the inventor of an easily replaceable phonograph stylus, Stanton
Magnetics has grown from being one of the first American companies to
make and sell magnetic cartridges to offering a complete line of DJ
products, which include turntables, high-performance cartridges, CD
players, DJ mixers, accessories and digital controllers.
Since 1946 Onkyo has been passionately committed to developing audio
products that deliver uncommon performance, quality and value. Bundling
proprietary technologies and innovations with other sound-enhancing
exclusives, Onkyo continues to created award winning products that are
lauded by many of the industry leading audio publications. The company's
philosophy is to deliver products that are superbly designed and built to a
consistently outstanding standard of excellence. The results can be seen in
the obviously high quality of any Onkyo-manufactured product, even before
it is turned on.
Les Paul, a true legend of popular music, had one of the most successful and diverse careers in the history of entertainment.
During his 80 years on stage, screen and in the studio, Paul was a solo performer, jazz bandleader, virtuoso guitarist, radio
personality, TV star, engineer, producer and inventor.
But Les is probably best known for the solid body guitar that bears his name.
Les Paul and Gibson Guitars first collaborated 60 years ago, and the guitars that followed have represented the most successful
partnership between artist and manufacturer in the history of the electric guitar.
In honor of the occasion, Gibson USA is celebrating a year-long tribute—2013 The Year of Les Paul—with a run of special Les
Paul and SG ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and Future Tribute models, while rolling out great new specs and features for its full range of Les
Paul and SG guitars.
Check out the 2013 The Year of Les Paul site to discover more about Les’s fascinating story.
And, in keeping with Les Paul’s legacy of innovation, Gibson’s exclusive new Min-ETune™ tuning system is available on many
2013 guitars straight from the factory, as Gibson roars into the 21st century.
Founded in 2002, the Gibson Foundation is committed to making the world a
better place for children by creating, developing and supporting programs and
other non-profit organizations in their efforts to advance education, music and the
arts, the environment and health & welfare causes.
Music Rising
Music Rising is a campaign that was launched in 2005 as a post-Katrina effort to rescue and preserve the musical culture of the Central
Gulf region of the United States by replacing the musical instruments lost or destroyed in the deluge. The program was founded by
U2's The Edge, legendary producer Bob Ezrin and Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz. To date Music Rising has replaced more than 3000
instruments to individual musicians and 10s of thousands more to schools and churches, impacting more than 250,000 people.
GuitarTown Project, a public arts project that features 10-foot tall fiberglass Gibson Les Paul or Chet Atkins model guitars was launched
in April 2004. The guitar sculptures are artistically designed by local and nationally acclaimed visual artists and displayed throughout
Nashville in front of the city's landmarks and businesses. Many guitar sculptures are partnered with a country music celebrity and
backed by a corporate sponsor. The GuitarTown Project has united the Nashville art, music and business communities behind the cause
of raising money for four worthy charitable organizations: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The
DISTRICT, and the United Way of Nashville.
Click here to see all Gibson Guitartowns!
The Perfect Blend of Art, Music and Technology Benefiting Gibson Foundation Charities
Gibson Foundation is the official partner of the "Soundwaves" project with renowned British artist, Tim Wakefield. Tim developed the
process of capturing the sound images of iconic songs off a soundboard, manipulating and colorizing them through a computerized
process, and transferring them to large 40"x40" canvas. The art work is then signed by Tim and the artist who either wrote or
performed the song and auctioned off to benefit Gibson Foundation charities. Some of the artworks that have been created and signed
by the performers and musicians include: Paul McCartney, Band on the Run; Gregg Allman, Midnight Rider; Robert Plant & Alison
Krauss, Gone, Gone, Gone; Tina Turner, Private Dancer; Eric Clapton, River of Tears; Jay Z, Empire State of Mind ; Pink Floyd, Wish You
Were Here; Rod Stewart, Maggie Mae; Dolly Parton, Jolene and dozens more.
Visit our tent located at: CP-30
Gibson’s legendary Happy Hour: 4pm-7pm daily
Kelly LeBrock Appearance at Gibson Tent - January 8th from 3:00-4:00
Living in Digital Times, FashionWare Show – Featuring ONKYO
January 10th at 7pm in the Venetian Ballroom
January 8th
Frankie Moreno
Jason Hook – Five Finger Death
Felicia Day
Carrot Top
Rick Harrison – Pawn Stars
Kelly LeBrock
January 9th
Frankie Moreno
January 10th
Frankie Moreno
DJ Ashba – Guns and Roses
Felicia Day
Additional Guests May Include
Danny Koker – Counting Cars
Bill Kelliher – Mastodon
Joe Bonamassa
Dweezil Zappa
Michael Grimm
Brendon Small
Mickey Dolenz
Ace Frehely
Brian Wilson
Rick Dale – American Restoration
BB King
Kelly LeBrock
Please contact Jamie Joffe for up to date appearance times
We have entered the age of personalized technology, where the technology you wear reflects who you are.
With your body as the showcase, high tech fashion can be expressed in the beauty of an LED skirt powered by
your movements or in the pure utility of gloves that don’t need to be removed when texting. High Tech
Fashion is a new sneaker that sense the body’s movements, or a sensor driven dress that changes with the
wearer’s mood. It’s the ability to charge your electronics from your handbag, using the sun’s energy, or the
ability to have a loved one notified in case of an emergency directly from a handsome bracelet.
Traditionally, fashion changed with the season. Styles come in and out, but we’re about to see an entire new
industry based on high tech fashion that will remain a constant couture.
FashionWare show celebrates these new ideas. They come from all over the world, from students and
seasoned designers, from techies, makers and artists alike.
The new headphone line by ONKYO USA will be featured in the FashionWare Show
In the Venetian Ballroom on January 10th at 7pm
With a flair for style and an inner beauty, model and actress
Kelly LeBrock began her career as a model at the age of
sixteen. She went on to appear on thousands of magazine
covers and in fashion spreads, including a Christian Dior
campaign, and became one of Eileen Ford’s most sought-after
models. She also gained notoriety as the Pantene shampoo
commercial spokeswoman whose line "Don't hate me because
I'm beautiful" became a pop-culture catchphrase.
Her film career cast her as the perfect "fantasy" woman in
films such as The Woman in Red (1984) and Weird Science
(1985). Dozens of popular songs have been written for her
through her career from "Maneater" to "The Women In Red".
Today LeBrock is an outspoken advocate for a number of
philanthropic causes. In the last year she has done over a
dozen charity events to benefit childhood cancer and autism
charities. She owns and runs a 700 acre ranch, grows her own
foods and rides horse-back for 17 miles each day. She stopped
acting at the peak of her career to raise her kids and is now
coming back with a major motion picture- and is the celebrity
spokesperson for "The Museum of Motherhood" in NYC.

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