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Import and Implement QuartusII
Megawizard library to modelsim
First Part : generate PLL/FIFO by megawizard
Generate PLL using megawizard
Choose megaWizard
Phase-locked loop
This is our simulation
library file
So we have to find this file
to generate library
Next generate FIFO by megawizard
Open FIFO.v and you will see the I/O
Second part: add library to modelsim and
simulate PLL/FIFO
1.Find altera_mf.v from path
2.Create a new modelsim project and Copy altera_mf.v
to this project
3.Compile altera_mf.v then we have the work folder.
4.The work folder is our library, you can rename as
altera_mf folder
We can rename this folder as altera_mf
Choose Library and add altera_mf folder
which we had built
We use 80MHz oscillator, so using 10ns
as time scale is enough
If you have error during simulation,
disable optimization function
Right click the model and signal
you want to see
Add signal to see the waveform

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