Autumn 1 - Getting to Know You

Understanding the World
Become familiar with the classroom environment,
Reception activity areas and outdoor learning areas.
Become familiar with the wider school environment .
Become familiar with people who are at school.
Begin to understand daily routines, which aid health and
Act out familiar scenarios in Home Corner and using
Small World.
Notice changes in our environment and comment on
them. Changes in seasons and weather.
Sound walks inside and outside.
Making and tasting different foods e.g. bread and
vegetable soup for harvest festival, vegetable curry, rice
and chapattis for Diwali, apple crumble using apples
harvested from school
Become familiar with simple computer programs,
including the drawing program 2Simple, maths games
Enjoy and learn about celebrations – Harvest Festival,
Diwali, Eid.
Expressive Arts and Design
Free painting using ready-mixed
paints, block paints and brusho.
Experiment with mixing new colours.
Use a variety of tools to mark make
Painting from stories/nursery
Make divas for Diwali.
Circle time rhythm games
self-portrait using a variety of
Introduce musical instruments and
keeping a steady beat.
Learn a variety of songs.
Learning Journey
Getting to know you!
Reception Term: Autumn 2014
Physical Development
Recognise numbers of personal significance.
Recite the number names in order to 20 (and beyond!)
Begin to count reliably up to 5, then 10 everyday objects
using 1:1 correspondence.
Introduce new mathematical terms.
Begin to say and use the number names in order in
familiar contexts.
Learn a variety of number rhymes, stories and songs.
Take part in counting activities and problem solving
Begin to recognise numerals 0-10 and 11-20 (and
Sorting a grouping a variety of objects.
Begin to name a range of 2D and 3D shapes and use the
language of shape.
Begin to use mathematical language appropriately.
Use variety of tools when exploring
with play dough e.g. rolling, cutting.
Cutting and sticking activities using a
variety of materials.
Practice dressing and undressing for
physical activities
Participating in PE lessons with SKIL
Move around the hall using different
parts of the body.
Parachute games to develop trust and
Jabadao – developmental movement
Outdoor activities; including use of
wheeled toys and bikes.
Begin to encourage hand dominance
and effective pencil grip
Construction activities both in the
indoor and outdoor environments
Communication and Language, and Literacy
Home Corner role-play – enjoying imaginative play.
Learn and enjoy a variety of Nursery Rhymes.
Retell well-known stories.
To begin to express ideas verbally, talking in a small
To begin to respond to simple instructions.
To maintain attention and to sit and listen quietly at
appropriate times.
Sharing a variety of texts during story times and in the
Book Corner. Taking real books home to share.
Beginning to recognize some environmental print.
Be able to recognise name.
Be able to recognise some print/labels in the classroom.
Develop name writing skills.
Multi-sensory handwriting activities and ‘Write Dance’
Begin to form some letters correctly.
To engage in mark making and when ready in emergent
Letters and sounds
Be able to say and recognise initial letter of own name,
extend to other letters in name and simple words.
Use ‘sound talk’ to begin to hear sounds in words.
Introduce the sounds of letters using Cued Articulation.
Begin to use phonic skills to segment and blend simple
Introduce some high frequency words.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Welcome to School
Helping hand – enabling children to know who to go
to if they need help.
Circle time activities.
Learning how to make friends and how to be a
Our School Values- what does each value mean?
Begin to take turns and share fairly.
Introduce ‘Stop It, I Don’t Like It’

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