Deciduous Forests

By: Diego Rivera
What are Deciduous Forests?
 The term deciduous forest is used to describe a type of forest in which
the dominant species of trees and other woody vegetation that make up
the forest are those species that shed their leaves during the cold
months of the year and re-grows new leaves the next spring in time for
the growing season.
Where are the Deciduous Forests
 Deciduous forests can be found in the eastern half of North America,
and the middle of Europe. There are many deciduous forests in Asia.
Some of the major areas that they are in are southwest Russia, Japan,
and eastern China. South America has two big areas of deciduous
forests in southern Chile and Middle East coast of Paraguay. There are
deciduous forests located in New Zealand, and southeastern Australia
Food Chain
 The food chain of the Deciduous Forests
Animals of the food chain
Harvest Mouse
Terrestrial Plants
Aquatic Plants
Fact # 1
 In deciduous forests there are five different zones. The first zone is the
Tree Stratum zone. The Tree Stratum zone contains such trees as oak,
beech, maple, chestnut hickory, elm, basswood, linden, walnut, and
sweet gum trees. This zone has height ranges between 60 feet and 100
feet. The small tree and sapling zone is the second zone. This zone has
young, and short trees. The third zone is called the shrub zone. Some
of the shrubs in this zone are rhododendrons, azaleas, mountain laurel,
and huckleberries. The Herb zone is the fourth zone. It contains short
plants such as herbal plants. The final zone is the Ground zone. It
contains lichen, club mosses, and true mosses.
Fact # 2
 The animals adapt to the climate by hibernating in the
winter and living off the land in the other three
seasons. The animals have adapted to the land by
trying the plants in the forest to see if they are good to
eat for a good supply of food. Also the trees provide
shelter for them. Animal use the trees for food and a
water sources. Most of the animals are camouflaged to
look like the ground.
Fact #3
 A lot of deciduous forests have lost land to farms and
towns. Although people are trying to protect the
forests some poachers are trying to kill the animals in
the forests. The animals are losing their homes
because of people building their homes.
Fact #4
 One thing that is interesting about this biome and its
climate is that it has four distinct seasons; spring,
summer, autumn, and winter. Most deciduous forests
have mild summers averaging about 70 °F. Summer
months usually begin in early June and end in late
August. Winter months don't begin until December.
Winter temperatures are fairly cool with an average
temperature of a little below freezing. Almost all of the
world's deciduous forest is located by an ocean. The
ocean and the wind are two big factors of why the
temperature and climate change so much in this
Videos & Pictures
 My resources where www. Deciduous Forests helped me for my facts and my locations of
where in the world the deciduous forests
 Images in Google helped me with the food chain,
videos and pictures and last my picture for my title
page of my biome project
 The last resource I used was the deciduous forests
book it helped me with most of my information

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