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9th Grade Registration
Marvin Ridge High School
Registration Materials
School Counseling Page:
Program of Study
Registration Card
4-Year Plan
Waiver Form
What is a
Program of
Graduation Requirements
 4 English (1, 2, 3, and 4)
 4 Math
 4 Social Studies
 3 Science
 1 Health/PE
 12 electives
 Must have 28 credits to graduate
Foreign Languages
 Foreign Language is NOT required for graduation
 Almost all NC colleges require at least 2 years of the
same foreign language. Most recommend 3 years.
 Some SC colleges require 3.
 If you want to go to a particular college, look on their
website to see what classes are required.
What is a
High School Schedule
2 semesters
4 classes per semester
8 classes per year
8 classes x 4 years of high
school = ___ Number of
possible credits?
This means you have
room to fail 4 classes
and still graduate on
What classes do 9th graders take?
What classes do 9th graders take?
 English 1 or English 2
 Math (Math 1, Math 2 or Math 3)
 Earth Science
 World History
 Health/PE
 3 electives
 Fill these in on your 4-year plan for 9th grade
College Prep vs. Honors Classes
 Most core classes have the option of being taken as
College Prep (or CP) or Honors level.
 Honors level classes are more work, writing, and move
 Starting your sophomore year, you can also take AP
classes (college level classes for college credit)
 Junior year, can enroll in the IB program
College Prep vs. Honors Classes
 GPA = Grade Point Average
 Used by colleges for admissions
 Average of all your high school grades
 Quality Points
 All final grades receive a point
Quality Points
College Prep
Quality Points
College Prep
 A=5
 B=4
 C=3
 D=2
 F=0
Quality Points
 A=5
 A=6
 B=4
 B=5
 C=3
 C=4
 D=2
 D=3
 F=0
 F=0
College Prep
How do I sign up for Honors?
 Must be RECOMMENDED by your current teachers
 Have them sign on your GREEN registration card next to the
“CP” or “Honors” level course
 Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Year- long Spanish
 If you get recommended for an honors level course, you are
not stuck taking honors. You can go down to CP if you would
like to.
 No Math 1 Honors class, only CP.
 If you need a little more practice in pre-algebra before taking
Math 1, we offer Foundations of Math 1. Your teacher can also
recommend this for you.
What if I am recommended for
CP but I want to take honors?
 If your teacher recommends you for CP, we HIGHLY
recommend you take the CP level course.
 If you still want to go to honors, you can have your
parents sign a waiver to place you into honors level.
 The students who waive into classes are usually the ones
that struggle.
 It is better to take a CP level course and make an A than
take a Honors level course and make a C (remember
your quality points!)
 Middle School Counselors will have these forms if you
need one (also online)
 Once you sign the waiver, you will NOT be allowed to
drop the class in the fall, even if you are struggling!
 Some electives are honors courses and will require a
waiver. Please pay attention to this in your program of
study as you’re choosing electives later on.
Doubling Up in Classes
 Taking two math or science courses in one school year:
 Not recommended
 Only for those planning on taking IB or AP courses Junior
and Senior year
 Colleges want you to take at least 1 math class per year
 Possibility of some classes being in the same semester
 Must be recommended for or waive into doubling up
 You will take 3 EOCs in high school:
 Math 1
 English 2
 Biology
For College:
 9th – 12th grade courses are all listed on your transcript
Transcript is a summary of all the courses and final grades from high
Grades are cumulative
 On your transcript is your GPA (comes from your quality
 SAT/ACT scores
 Community Service
 Extracurricular Activities
Differences Between
Middle School and High
Attendance Policy
 7 days for fall semester & 7 days for spring semester
 Once you hit 8 absences, you have to go to recovery or
else you automatically fail
 Exceptions: doctor’s notes, court, or funeral
 Keeping up with make up work
Other differences
 No Study Hall
 Lunches
Athletic Eligibility
 Attendance
 Must pass 3 out of 4 classes to be eligible to play sports
 Fall of Freshman year – all eligible as long as they are
promoted to 9th grade
 Spring of Freshman year – based off of Fall semester grades
Prerequisites & Corequisites
 What is a prerequisite?
 Turn to page 36 and look at Math II
Prerequisites & Corequisites
 What is a prerequisite?
 Turn to page 36 and look at Geometry
 A class you must take BEFORE you are allowed to take a
particular course
Prerequisites & Corequisites
 What is a prerequisite?
 Turn to page 36 and look at Geometry
 A class you must take BEFORE you are allowed to take a
particular course
 What is a corequisite?
 Turn to page 39 and look at Chemistry
Prerequisites & Corequisites
 What is a prerequisite?
 Turn to page 36 and look at Geometry
 A class you must take BEFORE you are allowed to take a
particular course
 What is a corequisite?
 Turn to page 39 and look at Chemistry
 A class you must take DURING or BEFORE you are allowed
to take a particular course
 Band is a semester long course
 You can take it year-long if you would like to
 Write down band in two spots for electives on your 4-year
plan if you want to take year-long
 If you are interested in marching band, sign up for fall
 If you only want to do concert band, sign up for spring
 You do not have to be recommended for band
 Some classes will be full and you will not be able to take
them until your sophomore, junior or senior year.
 You will need to choose 3 classes you wouldn’t mind
taking if you can’t get one of the electives you choose
Marking your Registration Card
 Go home and talk to your parents about the classes you
wrote down on your 4-year plan
 After they approve it and your get your teacher
 Mark the 8 classes you want to take with a “X”
 Mark the 3 classes you want as alternates with an “A” or list
them at the bottom of your registration card, clearly labeled
as “Alternates”
Important Dates
April 3rd, 6:30pm in the HS auditorium
Rising 9th grader Parent Information Night
April 7th, Math Class
Turn in your registration cards and waiver
April 8-10th
Meet with HS counselors to go over your classes
April 22nd
Waiver deadline
Choosing Electives
 Fill in your 4-year plan with your 3 electives and 3
 Electives should match your interests: art, drama,
computers, animals, fashion, etc.
 If you are unsure if you can take a class or not, look at your
green registration card. It will be listed if you are allowed to
take it as a freshman.
Choosing Electives
 Foreign Languages: Chinese, German, French, Spanish,
Latin (online).
 Visual Arts 1 = Art 1
 You must take Visual Arts 1 in order to take Photography or
Important Pages
 Core courses start on page 29, Math on page 35,
Science on page 39, Social Studies on page 42,
Languages on page 48.
 Fine Arts courses start on page 52
 CTE courses start on page 89

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